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Order Weed Online


Order weed online from a real source in Vancouver British Columbia taking quality over quantity seriously. You can ensure 100% high grade marijuana from Canada’s leader in Mail order Marijuana.

If you don’t read everything below and ask a question that is already answered, you may get blacklisted for 30 days.

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  1. You must be 21+ years of age

  2. You must have your own mailing address or post office box

  3. You must have a Canadian Bank account and be working in Canada.

  4. You must be a mature adult

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101 thoughts on “Order Weed Online”

  1. Amazing Bud, the best I ever smoked, WOW, shit, I am a customer for life. Anyone hesitant about ordering, this is the place, Man, I am so stoned, great bud

  2. Hi I’m Dylan,
    its been around 4 months since I ordered 3 AMAZING strains
    from canada’s best online chronic website!!! Based in BC, the
    province that produces the best herb in canada! Maybe even the
    world. Anyway its been way too long!! I deffinatly recommend
    the shatter wax, and any of those pricey kush strains. Just make
    sure you have no plans that afternoon. Thanks Ron an your team
    for your hardwork an speedy deliveries. And making canada
    proud with the premo weed!! I’ll be calling soon. Dylan

  3. After I sent the question below, someone phoned me with the screening call. I went from having serious doubts about the reliability of the site to 85% confident after I talked to the guy on the other end. It arrived today (4th day) and I’m 100% confident now and so impressed with the professionalism of the site and the service. So impressed that I’ll have to write a separate review. I’m looking forward to many more orders to come.

  4. Greatly looking forward to your service. I ordered and am awaiting your phone call. Let me know the e-transfer Security Question/Answer and Recipient Name you like to use and I’ll E-Transfer it now! :)))))

  5. Hello everyone, I just wanted to post here to rave about Ronald.
    I have only ordered here 2 times but the bud was premo and arrived swiftly, I had one issue that was of no fault of “BuyWeedOnline” and they swiftly helped sort it out. If anyone is feeling a bit weary, I just want to let you know that if you order here, you are in good hands. Thanks Ronald and Natasha and “BuyWeedOnline”!

  6. Received my 7g of God bud. Bud looks awesome, and the packaging is very good and secure, no odor from it whatsoever while sealed.

    Thanks Ronald and Tasha for this awesome service.

  7. I received my order today, very impressed. I’ve ordered last year from “the other guys” and there’s a big difference. Mcchronalds gives you a real “Happy Meal”

  8. Placed my order on the 29th received the package today with the rest of my mail. May take a bit to get the activation call but it’s well worth the wait. Order on a monday and get what you need b4 the weekend. Thank you for the awesome service.

  9. Hi there, I am on the last step of my order which is “Call 1-888-314-5827 to activate your account and have your order released”. No answer so far, should I keep trying throughout the day or leave a message and wait for a callback?


      1. Yes, sorry… Sometimes it can take a few days. Those of you who are feening can move on, but if you want the best of the best this Country has to offer…. Waiting a few days is well worth having the best BC bud connection in the country! :)

          1. Yes you do… Sorry, sometimes it can take a day or 2 to get to you. Also, its Saturday and super nice out. We are always here Monday – Friday 10am PST – 6pm PST

  10. Hey there,
    I registered myself several hours ago but haven’t received a call yet! However I had already place an order yesterday, e-transfered you and I saw you withdrawed.
    Tho while yesterday my order was “processing” now is “on hold”.. Can you help please?

  11. Greatly looking forward to your service. I ordered and am awaiting your phone call. Let me know the e-transfer Security Question/Answer and Recipient Name you like to use and I’ll E-Transfer it now! :)))))

      1. Thank you Ron. Saw the e-transfer confirmed by bank as deposited last night and greatly looking forward to GSC! Am curious as to how quickly it gets here though. LOL 😉 Will order that Champagne next once all da cookies are in my tummy! :))))

    1. Call me or email me… 1-888-314-5827 Im just a little behind right now on calls cause im on the orders at the very moment… Call me this evening, that is best if you want me to answer :)


    1. Much safer then buying weed from street dealers. Not only is it a professionally grown and cured product but your getting it direct from legitimate BC marijuana farmers. The pictures are the actual product you get and everything is 100% discrete and professionally packaged.

  12. Hi I think your service is great I am a sativa smoker and in the past I had cotton candy and green crack they are a good sativa and indica hybrid sativa dominate If you could find a pure sativa it would be great. But your service is excellent with the quality of your products and the quality of your service and I am confident that it is going to get better compared to bud buddy your service is 110% better and one time I asked you for a sativa strain in the past and you found it for me that told me a lot about your service.You were on the ball and you got in contact with me in only 48 hours that told me that your customers came first. So all I can say is keep up this quality service to all of us Canadians keep Medicating.Thanks.

  13. I inadvertently ordered oil from a dispensary, thinking it was the type you put in an atomizer and use it with a vap pen, however I received 3 small vials with a very thick oil, the type I used to dip a pin in and wipe it on a paper, add weed or tobacco and roll it up and smoke away. I have since been diagnosed with Lung cancer and do NOT want to smoke it with tobacco. Is there any way to thin it down in order to put it in a carbonizor so I can use it! You can call me if you need more info. Thanks

    1. Hi Beth, maybe I can help you.
      All that is necessary to make this tincture is heating a small quantity of “Food Grade” propylene glycol, melting a bit of your bho into the heated PG (Use about 0.7 ml PG to 1/3 gram BHO), mixing a bit, and injecting the resulting tincture into the cartomizer. Again, use food grade PG.
      Heat the PG/BHO combination to 140f in a small jar on a double boiler placed atop a hot plate, and then mix,…when the wax is completely dissolved in the PG, then the combination/tincture is ready to be injected into a blank cartomizer (melting usually occurs within 2-3 mins) , hope this helps,

    1. Hopefully someone else will reply to you. Ill send this page out today and see if I can get anyone to reply. Ive been told earlier today that my Wax isnt that great taste wise and that my shatter is WAY tastier. Both get you stoned out your tree though.

  14. can’t wait to talk with you. i suffer from a schwanomma spinal cord tumor, adrenal gland tumor, defective right hip replacement, right shoulder rebuilt, chills, sweats. i have a team of 6 physicians. also use cane and other medication. marijuana provides reduced suffering. i am legally disabled and suffer daily. the team of doctors say i may need another workup because of tumor growth. i feel like a criminal when i have to buy off the street. thank you for providing such a welcomed service. i am medicallly retired after 28 years as a rehabilitation counselor and correction counselor, and former nys parole officer. don’t let that scare you off. i am simply now a chronically debilitated civilian. medical personnel have even recommended smoking marijuana to relieve daily breakthrough pain. if i am not available when you call please leave a message for i have many clinic, doctor.and chemo appoinments. all of this information can be verified if need be. thank you again. hope to hear from you soon.

  15. I hope you can help me out. I cant take the med’s that the doctor’s have been giving me. Terrible side effects plus my meds do not help my pain at all.

    1. Hey man I just registered so Im New to this site. I live in the State. Im also in the same Boat as you. Im diagnosed with severe anxiety/Depression, Bipolar, ADHD and I hate taking what the doctor wanna give me, Medical Helps with all my issues and I own a Brand Clothing as well as do Custom clothing orders, Put anything on a shirt for you bc goes straight from computer to printers. But ? was, have you heard anyone or anything about outsiders of Canada?

    1. Hey I saw you live in States. I do too On the East Coast, Have you had any luck with this? Iv’e had great sources but 2 went down, Still have some good ones, but I want to find somewhere that I know is legit and discrete.

      Have you had luck here or anywhere else?

  16. McChronald is the man!!!! No lies…..fake reviews….bullshit…..what he tells you is what you get and when you get it! :-) 10/10 from an Ontario customer!!!!! Keep on medicating the public!!!!! Doctors wont.

    1. Yea I agree, I had just been burned by Mom’s weed the motherfucker, but yea I was Leary about trying it again but when Ron called and I spoke to him I could tell he’s old school and I like that.

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