Buy Dabs Online

Buy Dabs Online

Buy dabs online and have them delivered directly to your door.  Enjoy of all kinds of THC dabs from 98% THC weed wax, shatter, BHO, hash oil, weed oil, CBD oil, and honeycomb wax, bubble hash, and more.  All our THC dabs are professionally made by trained technicians.  All dabs for sale are made with the highest grade 5X or 7X filtered butane, raw Propane, and Grain Alcohol.  Purging takes place with a professional grade heated vacuum chamber specifically designed for purging large amounts of cannabis wax and THC extracts.

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Canada Marijuana Mail Order Market Place

Canada Marijuana Mail Order Marketplace; Now with New Functionality for Faster Service

World Wide Web – March 25th, 2015 Buy weed online is Canada’s leader in mail order marijuana for recreational, mature, adult users. Recently the Company has been redeveloping the website to include new functionality and design, in order to address security concerns.

Times have certainly progressed and with the evolution of the internet and all its goodness comes a brand new way of obtaining top quality cannabis with the click of a mouse. is the new online web portal providing choices and simplicity in marijuana selection. The neatly organized eye catching website has multiple strains and available weed selections categorized into easy to understand groups like medium grade and high grade.

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Is Eating Weed Our Constitutional Right?

Eat This Supreme Court!

Today the Supreme Court will decide whether it is prescribed Canadian’s constitutional right to consume edibles containing medical use marijuana.

Are Edibles A Better Way To Medicate?

These edibles include but are not limited to: oils, cookies, brownies etc. Currently the regulations limit medical marijuana users to consuming dried buds only. Should these physician-prescribed users choose to transform their dried buds in other edible forms such as oils and/or baked goods, they could be charged with possession of narcotics under the current Controlled Drugs and Substance Act. Why should marijuana be treated differently than other drug? There are people across the country taking their prescription medication in the way they deem most effective. Different methods of taking oral medications include crushing the pills or emptying the capsules. This allows the patient to incorporate the drug into their food or drink for easier consumption.

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New License Fees For Marijuana Growers

New License Fees For Marijuana Growers in Mississauga Ontario

With the federal court ruling of the case regarding the elimination of small-scale producers looming.
Medical Marijuana Grow op in Mississauga Ontaro
Medical Marijuana grow ops in Mississauga will be forced to pay a new licensing fee to ensure all grow ops are inspected regularly to ensure public safety concerns are taken seriously.

Municipalities are cracking down on these private grow-ops. Residents and businesses neighbouring these types of operations are sending in complaints to their city councils about the smell emitting from these locations. Although the owners of these legal operations were not directly contacted, it is believed that they are operating in accordance to laws in place. Residents and business owners are not arguing the legality/existence of the operations, just that they be relocated to rural or industrial areas.

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