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173 thoughts on “Buy Weed Online In Canada”

  1. Hey,
    I left my info, name, number and email. I have since received my consultation call and proceeded to create an account. I’ve placed an order and sent the money. It has been received and my account is showing as payment received.
    Do I have to call to activate the account and/or have the order “released”?


  2. Ron and team @ McCronalds – just got my second order and I’m a believer… OG & Blueberry Kush excellent — for years bought my weed the traditional Canadian method i.e. friend of a friend – $200 – 250 oz range – quality med – good – You and your team have it beat – clean buds, no stock – high quality – value (quality) over price for me everyday… Keep it going – Question any holiday season deals coming up ??

  3. Thanks Ronald, made my first order and it is shipped and tracking! Much appreciated. Spread the word that is a super scam and is the real deal. Thanks all!

  4. I ordered last week on Thursday and tracking system says i’ll be receiving it this Thursday…. why is it taking 1 week to come? I thought it was Xpress post!

    1. Whats up with this? I have had a couple ppl ask me why their orders are taking longer? I think its cause of the volume of packages I send now. The post office dreads when i show up… Maybe they take breaks on them now… Ill look into this. RM>

    2. Not one of my packages tracked properly on the Canada Post website for the 3 purchases I’ve made. They still arrived fine but I wouldn’t waste my time using CP’s tracking as its horrible. That bad tracking got me all bothered on my first order for no reason.

      1. I’ve noticed the same thing. I even got my last package before tracking made it onto the CP website.

        Almost don’t even bother checking the tracking now since it’s been bogus for the last couple of months (for me).

          1. Oddly, my package was marked as “out for delivery” yesterday, and come 8pm it still hadn’t arrived.

            Checked Canada Post and it said that it was rescheduled for the next day.

            I think CP is getting a bit lazy; sometimes we don’t get mail for days.

  5. Well what can I say other than Ron came though on time & with quality bud so thank you for that. I do have a question, I ordered the Pink Kush & overall it was great but it didn’t get me stoned , it got me high don’t get me wrong but I’m looking to get really high so high that I can touch the sky 😉 so what can u recommend? I’m only into herbs btw ……& for the people out there who have doubts about this service all I can say is try out & Ron will make u a believer …. In the words of John Lennon ” Give Ron a chance ” ✌🏻

  6. Just got my first order in today. WOW! you cant find quality product like this any where in Edmonton. I will be a customer here for a long time to come.

  7. Thanks so much…very happy GAL….top quality,n fast descrete deliervery.. will be ordering again .SOON…KUSH LOVER!!! Im very impressed with your grade A PRODUCT.. BIG UP BIG MAC….

  8. hi. I placed an order today. how long do I have to wait to receive it? this is my first time ordering through snail mail. I believe I filled out the forms correctly. do you have any seeds, if so, how much are they?
    thank you

  9. Tried to email with no response, lol. You are probably super busy. We have tons of parent friends trying to find a supplier outside of the street. Can you send out a bunch of business cards with our next order?

    Also, can we get oil or crystals from you?

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