Client Services Manager

Hello Valued Customers!  Nice to E- Meet you!

My name is Samantha and as of now I am going to be taking over as the new  Client Services Manager here at McChronald’s.   I will be something like the first mate to our Captain Ron.  I am a west coast girl born in Vancouver, and although I have never worked in this specific industry before, I am very aware of the importance of purchasing a consistent and superior product like the ones we provide.

I have a strong professional background in office administration, management, and customer service, and I know that the success of a business can only be qualified by the consistent satisfaction of its customers.   So going forward in this position I will be on the other end of the phone and email account to further ensure that you are getting the best product in the most efficient and timely manner.  And probably telling a few bad jokes from time to time.  :)

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Earn Weed Points For Discounts & Free Weed

How To Earn Weed Points

You can now earn weed points from towards purchases, and for free orders.  Earn 50 weed points and get 1 free order with shipping costs included.  You can also use points to get partial discounts using the value of the points.  Each point is worth about $2.75.

Earning Weed Points From Your Friends

Think of it this way.  If you have 50 friends that you order wee for then you get free weed all the time.  Obviously, we recommend that you simply direct them straight to us for a telephone consultation.  But, if you do decide to get some weed for your pal because he doesn’t want anything to do with a computer or cellular telephone then you will at least now get rewarded every time they want weed.

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Earn Money With Me

Make Money With McChronald’s

That’ right, it’s finally came time to do this.  I have all the bugs worked out “I hope”, and its ready for you to start earning.

Please follow these  3 simple instructions:

1.  Register below using your 100% correct information.


2. Setup a Free WordPress blog here, and make it called something to do with Marijuana, Weed, Hash, or Dabs. NO ACTIVISM CRAP!!!a

3. Use your franchise link and share it everywhere on the internet where is deemed fit for marijuana.

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