You Get What You Pay For

You pay more for premium products and services with any major brand.

Buy Weed Online From Me & Me Only “Save yourself the hassle or 99.9% chance of being taken for a fool and getting turned off before you have experienced McChronald’s.”

I heard a few misinformed friends mentioning in forums that McChronald’s weed prices are too high. Some compared the price to what they pay at home or what other sites offer. I take personal offense to this. If you consider all the facts, you are paying too little. So, let me pose some questions to you friends. Let’s consider some facts. Let’s do a reality check.  You can buy weed online and have it delivered directly to your home.

In your hometown, what do you pay your ‘supplier’ for a weighed gram of Bud, or hash or extracts (if by some miracle you can connect for wax or shatter or oil or hash)?

What’s the count on that Dime bag you got downtown from that shady dude for ten bucks? 0.7? If you’re lucky, maybe 0.8g.

How many times have you been short counted?

How many times has your weed contained big ass sticks/stems, cut with the shake?

Does your weed man ever sell you herb with a 20% plus THC count?

Does your main man offer several varieties of strains, Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids (many that feature on reputable sites, such as High Times)? Does he/she even know the strain name he is trying to pawn off on you? How many times have you heard “It’s Kush man, it’s good shit man, Kush”? And after trying it, was it Kush? Have you ever tried a pure Kush strain? The weed you get where you live, do you know what strains are sold to you? Can I get the professionally grown elite strains that McChronald’s stocks where I live?

Learn how to buy weed online in Canada

Can you get weed delivered to your door wherever you are at in this great country of ours, say on a business trip, to a hotel, or visiting relatives or buddies?

Is your weed packaged properly by your online marijuana guy, involving among other things, vacuum sealed, so that no one will smell you wreaking of pot for all to know before you get home?

Is your Pot dealer featured in High Times? McChronalds is!

Is your weed dealer knowledgeable enough to answer ANY question you might have about cannabis products?

Are you connected for Wax, Shatter, Hash, Indica strains, top quality Indica, or an exotic, celebrated hybrid?

They might act like your a friend, but, would you bring this stranger home for dinner?

I know that it’s tough when you can’t find a spot to buy weed, so when you venture downtown, and you do connect with some shady person for a dime bag or two, what’s the count, what’s the quality?

How many times have you bought low-grade, bunk weed, bush weed?

Have you ever had some street punk ask for the money upfront, then leave you to get your weed, and then, surprise, not return?

Bottom line, Have you ever been ripped off buying weed?

Have you ever been ripped off just trying anyone online, maybe because of a slick looking website, or your just desperate for a toke, just hoping it will all be cool?

Do I know for sure that the herb I am ingesting into my body is uncontaminated from the fertilizers and liquid nutrients used to grow it, was it bleached? What about mold, mildew, fungus, or even unseen creepy bugs?

Is my weed laced?

First of all, HELL NO!  And if it ever were, it would be a competitor or jealous bypasser trying to take me out of the game.  And I know you all know me good enough to know I would never do such a thing.  Plus, it’s just one of the reasons I invested in a University Grade 2400X Trinocular Microscope to inspect all the weed before I pay for it.   I have made some friends unfriendly since I spent over $1000 last year on one about a year ago.  Wonder why?

Has some MF’r ever sold you synthetic marijuana (It’s cheaper than the real thing, dangerous stuff, keep away!) without your knowledge?

Be aware of this, like I said, they all say its Kush, or Skunk, ‘The Bomb, man! Or something to impress you to buy. Be wary of them saying it’s a strain that is so called ‘Dead Strains’ such as “Columbian Gold” or “Acapulco Gold” or “Panama Red.” These strains are from the 70’s, and not seen in over 20 years, “Lost Strains,” lost before the seed banks started saving all known strains if they are lying about the strain names what else are they lying about?

Does your dealer offer a guarantee?

Do I know what strain I am ingesting?

Does your dealer care enough about your health? Does he/she sell to underage people? McChronalds is vigilant, uses due diligence to make sure you old enough and mature enough to be our client.

Other sites I will not name, and this is why he insists on an initial personal telephone consultation before you can buy weed from Ron. What does this tell you about the man, well, to me, he cares. It’s not all about money with him, It’s providing a needed service, and this takes balls. And I know Ron, His word is gold, and he has balls. Another thing, he will not ship to college campuses, university dorms, or any other morally fucked up places. McChronald’s separates its self apart from all the others. So I ask you my brethren’s, who would you want to do business with?

Don’t be fooled into what competitive sites offer regarding strains, they take some of us for fools friends, selling one particular strain, and calling it by several names thinking you would be wise to nothing, but its the same stuff. And some, if they believe that they can scam you, they will. Disrespect for my fellow weed imbibers that just pisses me off.

McChronalds has NEVER had a customer suffer a legal problem due to ordering from them, NEVER, and they have been operating for years. However, marijuana is still illegal in Canada, and there is always some potential risk. So that being said, does your dealer give a rats ass if you get busted? Only if he thinks you will rat him out, otherwise, he does not care crap about you. Your only a mark to him, no respect except for your wallet.

How many times has your connection(s) gone dry? How many times could you just not connect? Frustrating isn’t it? McChronalds always has, and always a selection to impress.

At McChronalds, they believe in legalization, ending the immoral war on pot, would your connection want weed legalized? Nope, bad for business, he would probably have to resort to selling to kids to keep his business alive when legalization occurs soon, do you think he has ethics, morals, I would say not, so why deal with these creeps who might be willing to damage our youths minds, permanently?

They donate a small portion of revenue to carefully selected worthy organizations whose activism Ron believes would make a difference in making marijuana products legal and available to all, does your connection where you live to do this?

They believe that cannabis should be made legal (and it will soon) and so do the majority of Canadians. It should be your sovereign right to possess a plant that naturally grows on planet earth as long as you do not harm others. If you are not yet a repeat customer, you might be thinking, Is this real? It must be a scam. Well, my friends, they are very real and there to help you and your friends acquire the finest bud, wax, shatter, hash, and other cannabis products that might be difficult to find in your local city or town in Canada.

Does you dealer offer any substance other than cannabis? If yes, do they care about your health?

McChronalds is a professionally run, legitimate business to buy weed online and whose goal is to provide high-quality products and excellent customer service. They have an exceptional reputation for being honorable, upright, trustworthy, ethical, honest and reliable. Google them; you won’t find one negative review. They believe that cannabis products should be available to all mature Canadians in a safe and responsible way. Their motto is to provide a service for personal use only, and, very discreet in shipping and operations; they do not seek publicity, promote mainly through word of mouth. So far, Canadian police have had higher priorities than going after them. However, there is certainly a risk involved for them doing this. They have never had a customer suffer a legal problem due to ordering from them. However, marijuana is still illegal in Canada, and there is always some potential risk. But consider this, where do our pot smoking politicians, cops, lawyers, judges, priests, pastors, or any individual in a professional position who demands extreme discretion, privacy buy their weed. They can’t go asking the downtown man, the answer is mail order from a trusted company my friends, a needed service, so, that being said, who the hell is going to try shutting this honorable and essential service down, nobody.

Why would my friends go back to buying weed from people on the street or friends who usually have one kind of weed to sell? The count might be low, quality sucks, and forget about the variety of Grade AAAA strains and products such as flower, shatter, wax, extracts/dabs and hash. Mail Order is now the best option. Free shipping to new customers with coupon code – ‘72162’ at checkout. McChronalds is the best in the Country, envied by the competition, and customer service that is incomparable to any other online operation. Email or phone them, ask anything, you will get a solid answer to any inquiry, they are professionals, unequaled in the industry. Excellent customer service is just good business, and good business is McChronalds middle name.

Friends, you get what you pay for, and to get the best, you pay a premium. Bottom line. So do your math, calculate the actual cost per gram of what McChronalds provides, is it that bad, considering all that I have written above, I would say, ‘it’s a bargain.’ Also, there are occasional promotions, discounts of several types, and, you get weed points (That’s like Canadian Tire money in a sense, to spend on future purchases) when you buy weed from us. Shipping fee, the cheapest in the industry. You pay more for premium products as with any other brand. Can you buy a Ferrari for the price of a Volkswagon Bug?

McChronalds does its best to get the primo stuff of fame, excellent quality control, He gets the hard to find Sativa’s, he has the Kush you want, he even has the wax and shatter and hash. McChronalds weed is the Rolls Royce of cars, the French Champagne of wines, the Rolex of watches. Most of the weed strains he sells are the parent, child of many of the winning strains at the ‘High Times Cannabis Cup’ events, The strains you get at McChronalds has much greater value than the shit you get where you are living in Canada.

Ronald is offering free shipping to new customers, Canada Post Xpresspost courier, 1-3 days to your mailbox (you will get a tracking code emailed, no signature upon delivery), use coupon code 72162 at checkout. Use this on top of any other promo offered at the time, because McChronalds knows, once you taste his Bud, you will be back. And the pricing, well, now you understand.

On a personal note, I think these pricings and the menu are fricking great. The Bud we get here in Burlington, Ontario does not compare to the quality and potency of my favorite strains that McChronalds carry. Yes, I know I must pay the price for premium weed, especially if it is unavailable where I live in Canada. I can’t personally find Sativa here, let alone extracts, it would be hard to connect on that, I can’t get a product of the quality McChronalds sells here locally where I live. McChronalds never sells shit. He has a policy, never sell a sub-standard product. He has a reputation to uphold. He supplies only the best, the 12/10, Grade AAA+ top shelf. He doesn’t do business with a grower who grows B-grade weed.

Ron’s business associates are top professional, experienced growers; these guys do not grow B-grade weed. They know how to grow Bud to its perfection. You will be extatic, and no need to roll a fatty, a pinner will kick the ass out any locally grown fatty you bought at home, which proves that, yes, If you think about it since I don’t need much to catch the buzz I want, IT”S CHEAPER!!!!! I can stretch my bag.

High prices you think? Bottom line, Those are fantastic prices for what you get! And the reviews on his site are from real people, unlike other website locations with their fake reviews. All I ask of you is to Google, Google, and Google.

Ron is with real people behind the scenes, and all they want is the best for all of us, happy customers, and customers who are loyal. Try the others if you wish, you will be back. They all comeback. With Ron, it’s not just business; it’s a passion.



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285 thoughts on “You Get What You Pay For”

  1. Hey Ron, I am a paying customer who been receiving shitty below average service…… I have been buying for the last year and everything was fine….. Now the service is shit your employee daisy is not helpful @ all the my orders 3 times in a row have been late and not what I ordered….. Who the hell is this person…. Every time I call in no one answers…. I came to you cause you offered a guarantee…. Guess your employee daisy dose not have the same standard as you or your previous employees… My email is and c
    Cantact # is 41661…………
    Sooooooooo Kool not happy with the bullshit service especially when I pay this kind of money

    1. Im getting new poeple. And yeah, the other girl is gone now and im rebuilding everything all over again from me and hopefully bringing on a few new people soon. Im really sorry for this, but growing pains and the pains of me having to let go of people who really did do a good job sucks. But as you know, i will make right and fix everything better and better every time. Best regards

      1. Thanks for letting us know Ron. I’ve had some frustrating experiences lately too, but I’ve had really great service mostly and the bud is, gosh, … Simply amazing. I’ve recommended others to your site based on how satisfied I’ve been. Hopefully you can get back on track soon. We need you, Ron! Much love.

    2. Daisy is fantastic in my eyes. She always shipped my orders the day I ordered, the packaging is impresssive, almost artful, you can tell she puts love into her work by the packaging, the presentation is impressive,.. Daisy is doing the job of 3 people right now. She is a hard working, dedicated employee, putting in 14 hour days, 6 to 7 days a week, a person any other company would want on their payroll. As you will read in the forums, Ron had to let go a couple of people, for whatever reason, but was is important here is Daisy is working her ass off to get good people their packages. Please never again put Daisy in an unfavorable light again, thank you

    3. Im sorry you are so upset. If their is anything I can do I would have. We were short staffed and were not able to take or make any phone calls either. We have everything under control now and have our service back to being the best in the industry. We are remodeling the office, adding two new people this week hopefully.

  2. Hey what happen to my order? I placed it last night and I already sent u the money and u already accept it, and my order status it’s still processing. So it means that it hasn’t been shipped yet. So then it will take until next week to get my order. I was expecting to be shipped today. You should ship the order as fast as you got the money man. Don’t let me down with your service Ronald.

    1. your order was sent out today as what you have expected. as so you know, we are in BC and we are 3 hrs behind so please wait for the tracking number. rest assured your order went out as expected. regards, daisy

  3. Seems like the bud stays fresh (i.e. not drying out) for about a month or maybe two once opened – Is there an estimate for the shelf-life/best-before date for an unopened package?

    1. To keep your buds fresh and to prevent them from deteriorating use an air tight container (glass jars work well) and keep it in a cool, dark place. You want to keep them cool and in the dark because heat and light work to break down THC. You also want to make sure that your buds are properly cured before storing them since if they are very fresh (with lots of moisture) mold can develop.

    2. You mean your weed lasts for over a month?! I usually keep them in the plastic bags they come in, and put it in a second bag, and place the bags in a glass jar with a tight clip-lid. the interior of the glass jar is black so no light comes through, and I keep it in a cool place (not a fridge). The bud tends to stay fresh longer that way.

    1. Hi.. Kuldeep and i already settled the issue on a private email.. I also want to apologize if you feel the same way too.. Technically we are trying our best to make things work.. I already processed your order and its going out tomorrow.. Thank you.. Daisy..

  4. This is the first time I’ve seen this article above, and I wanted to put in my review of the service overall. I’ve ordered 6 times from Ron since May of this year, and always multiple items at a time, and I never had any problems in quality, service, or delivery. Although I wish Ron would also add Edibles to his product list, I do understand his concerns about it (see video posted above).

    I’ve come to count on Ron’s speedy and quality service.

    Yes, there are other options out there to buy-online, and for less prices, but at the end of the day, you get the quality you pay for.

    I don’t know about you, I have zero interest in giving any site a photocopy of my government issue ID’s while not knowing who has access to it, and how they store that information. It’s a huge risk to do this, as ultimately, if used illegally, you are responsible for providing it.

    You also have to factor in the fact Ron gives us points for purchasing and for reviewing the product, which adds additional savings. He also offers additional seasonal discounts and double-points, so that is something you don’t get elsewhere as far as I know.

    Ron takes out of the equation all the negative aspects associated with buying off the street and getting ripped off. Thanks to Ron’s service, there’s no more unreliable and shady connections, and worst of all below average quality products. If you want cheap buds, you have plenty of options elsewhere, but if you want quality, speedy service, reliability, and trust worthy person to count on, Ron is the man.

    1. Hey, great review. Regarding Edibles, We are in the process of providing our customers one step better, we shall soon have a section, a recipe/ how-to Page, to teach you all how to make your own edibles, with ‘known ingredients’, you can make your Cannabis munchies as you would like them, it is not difficult, we will soon teach you, just another of many new features to come, from McChronalds only, because, we care.
      For now, this is why McChronalds does not deal in Edibles,

  5. Just a heads up friends, Ron is presently short staffed compounded by the fact business is booming since we are the best in the industry, so, that being said, you might have difficulties getting through on the phone for a week or so. Keep in mind that Ron hires only the best, and finding the best in this ‘industry’ is a challenge, I am sure you can understand, we thank you for your loyalty, things will be all good again soon, but better, thank you friends for your patronage.

  6. that joseph guy really needs friends lol .
    i ordered grape god because it said 10 for 150 and after i placed my order it said 7 and im only getting the 7 grams all i get is weed points? thats how people keep their customers “heres weed points to help yourself on future discounts” . pfft i like this sites bud but i also want what i paid for not even getting contacted about it at all . last order i didnt even get the bud i wanted. it was good weed tho but i like trying new things not the same fucken thing as last time. my friends asked me about this site i was honest now they’re sticking with bcbudexpress why?because they get what they ordered.

    1. lol.. i was asking if you would agree with the weed points ashley. if not, then I could send you another 3 grams of grape god. that is not a problem. and you should have sent an email when you received a different strain from what you ordered. you have to tell me what you want in order for us to satisfy what you need. daisy

  7. Hey ron and daisy!(and the others i just dont know your names). Ive been ordering since about march. Mchronalds was a game changer for me.

    I love your indica shatters… Theyve all been Aaaa+. Sativa and hybrids have been great too, but just arent my preference.

    Please tell me youll have more indica to try sometime soon! I know youre short staffed and good help is hard to find, but just keep on doing what your doing And remember you folks have the best thing going.

    Have an awesome week

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