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    8 Surprising Health Benefits of Marijuana

    Most anti-drug activists opine that a few puffs of a marijuana will take you from being a successful and confident person to a red-eyed and unemployed drain on society. This drug gets a bad rap, whenever its name is mentioned.

    But is cannabis really bad for you? We like to think otherwise. Many parts of the world have decriminalized the use of this herb and a number of studies are being conducted to see how this drug can transform the lives of people. Marijuana actually has some surprising health benefits. Here are a few.

    1. Alzheimer’s

    According to a latest report by the Scripps Research Institute, marijuana can help slow the progression of age related ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is thought to result from brain inflammation and marijuana is one of the safest anti-inflammatories that can work wonders for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s.

    2. Anxiety

    Harvard Medical School discovered that this herb may possess anti-anxiety effects. It is hence used to alleviate anxiety disorders by several doctors and naturopaths.

    3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    Studies suggest that patients suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease can benefit greatly from marijuana use. Cannabidiol and THC in marijuana react with cells in the body that play a very important role in gut function. These compounds help in tightening the intestinal cell bonds.

    4. Arthritis

    Marijuana is proven to have an incredible effect in alleviating pain and inflammation linked to arthritis. THC and CBD in conjunction with other cannabinoids can help sufferers deal with acute pain.

    5. Nausea

    As per studies marijuana consists of over 60 cannabinoids. THC is the primary chemical ingredient in marijuana and finds use in the treatment of nausea. The herb can also be used to treat drug- or chemotherapy-induced nausea.

    6. Aids in treating Hepatitis C

    Hepatitis C is a dreaded disease and its treatment is often harsh. Side effects such as nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, and depression tend to last for several months. Most people do not finish the course of treatment owing to the side effects of the treatment. The sparkling news is that pot can be used to lessen these side effects and improve the efficacy of hepatitis C therapy.

    According to tests conducted, close to 54 percent of patients suffering from hepatitis C could bring their viral levels down by smoking marijuana when compared to a mere 8 percent of non-smokers.

    7. Helps lose weight

    Marijuana can help you lose weight. Yes, you heard it right. Cannabis helps the body in regulating the production of insulin and thus helps manage caloric intake more efficiently which in turn will make you slimmer than non-users.

    8. Bones
    Another exciting find about the controversial drug is that it can actually mend and repair broken bones. CBD reacts with collagen and spurs the healing process.

    Marijuana has more health benefits than meets the eye. As long as this drug is consumed in moderation you do not have to worry about an addiction. Remember to buy high quality marijuana online from a reputed portal and do not smoke marijuana while you are driving or if you are to operate heavy machinery and so on.

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    5 Tips to Buy Marvelous Marijuana

    Setting out to bring home a pot of weed? Marijuana can have a long shelf life provided it is stored correctly in air tight containers.

    If your cannabis provider pulls out an old bottle from a dusty rack and the seal is broken, you are being duped. So, how do you know if you are paying the right price for the weed? Here are a few pointers from the mouth of a knowledgeable bud-tender that can help you with your buy.

    Good and potent weed smells good. And, yes, bad weed smells bad.

    The aroma that emanates from weed comes from the small molecules such as terpenes and thiols that easily evaporate. These compounds have a characteristic fragrance similar to lime and mint that comes from its terpene composition. Thiols account for the skunk like odor that certain varieties of cannabis emit. When you take a whiff, if the smell is rather pungent and wickedly strong, the weed is fresh.

    If the weed smells wet, the likelihood that it is moldy is high. Be sure to sniff at the leaves and lookout for smells similar to that of rotting fish. Get a proper explanation for the smell from an expert before you buy the bottle. No matter what, do not buy weed that smells fishy to you, even if you are an absolute novice.

    Fresh and potent weed has a glossy appearance.

    It is important to know what crappy and old weed looks like. Old cannabis easily breaks apart into a fine powder. The seeds and stems of the plant can indicate if the weed is good to buy. Good weed has a lot of trichomes on its surface. Trichomes have a glassy crystal like appearance and is home to CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. If you weed is moldy, you will see cotton fibers growing straight out of the trichomes.

    Feel the weed to know if it is good.

    Is it easy to pry the nugs apart? Or, are they badly compressed? Does the weed feel very moist? Does it fall apart when you touch? These are a few tests you should conduct before buying weed. Notice its feel and texture and look for traits of good weed in it.

    Snap, crackle, and pop – and it is good.

    Well cured buds make a nice crisp snap when they are pried apart. This means that the moisture content in it is low, which means that the weed is suitable. Overtly moist buds can be harder to pull apart and won’t make much of a sound.

    Good weed tastes great, and bad weed real crappy

    Once you are done with sniffing and feeling the weed it is time to sample a bit. If the weed you plan to buy looks and smells majestic, you are in luck. If you get that wonderful snap sensation, you can smoke a bit to be sure it is good. The very first puff will and you will know if you the weed is decent or sensational.

    If you are still unsure as to how to buy weed from a nearby dispensary, worry not. Buying weed online is simple and hassle free. You do not have to taste, feel, or smell the weed before you buy it. Our store sells A-grade marijuana at highly affordable rates.

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    The Highest THC Cannabis Strains that Money can Buy

    Leafly users across the globe, often wonder what the strongest strains of cannabis are. The answer is simple. The strongest strains without a doubt are the ones that contain higher percentages of THC. If the strain or variety of weed contains at least 20% THC, it is considered to be pretty potent.

    About as potent as LeBron James’s dunking capabilities and much more potent than Kevin Durant’s class or character but these are other topics.

    Differences in environmental conditions, selective breeding, genetic phenotypes, and growing techniques, strains tend to express different levels of THC. Let us take a look at some of the champions in THC heavyweights that have garnered great user reviews that testify their strength and potency.

    Tutankhamun (King Tut): 30% THC

    Named after one of the greatest rulers of Egypt, this is one of the most potent marijuana strains you can lay your hands on. It contains a whopping 30% of THC and is a Sativa dominant strain that exudes a citrus or skunk like aroma.
    No, this has nothing to do with Apocalypse from the X-Men movie!

    Chiquita Banana: 33% THC

    The Chiquita Banana has hit the headlines as one of the strongest strains man has known. This strain is not for the faint of heart. The THC levels in this variety can reach a soaring 33%, which is nearly 10% higher than the concentration of THC in commonly found varieties.

    This again is a sativa dominant herb. A few puffs are all you need to get your creative juices flowing. Some manufacturers throw in a bit of OG Kush to keep you from getting way too heady. This is the perfect strain that gives you the right balance of mental stimulation and relaxation.

    Girl Scout Cookies: 28% THC

    This herb is a salient favorite among users across the United States. It is one of the strongest strains on the market. If you haven’t tried it already, do not let its name fool you. The THC levels in this herb can touch a hefty 28%. It is a well-balanced hybrid that is said to have an Indica lineage and produces intense cerebral effects.

    Y Griega: 27% THC

    The THC levels in this herb touches an impressive 27%. The THC levels in the herb is known for its nearly psychedelic effects. Though it is hybrid, its sativa lineage dominates by a good 80%. Its flavor and aroma is pleasant and relaxing and the herb has a floral and tropical taste. It renders creative, energetic, and euphoric effects on the

    Bruce Banner 3: 20-28% THC

    This is a herb that is strictly for experienced users. While it may seem like an average variety, it is not a strain to play around with. Some varieties of the strain can have a THC percentage of up to 30%. Other varieties record a 20-28% THC level. Bruce Banner #3 is one of the three main variations of the Banner family. This is the third and best variation and can keep you buzzing all day long. It has a Strawberry Diesel heritage and OG Kush lineage which speaks for its pleasant spicy and sweet aroma and flavor.

    These are a few of the best strains of weed available on the market. If you are a new user, ensure that you check its potency before you smoke it.



    Top 5 Varieties of Weed that Sell Online

    Marijuana is legal in many states of the US, and is still prohibited in most. It is not always easy to get your dose of weed in your state and it might not always be possible to drive to a legal state to get some. And, this is why hundreds of users are resorting to the Internet to buy cannabis. Just do not buy the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Even the best weed will not help you enjoy that debacle! Like most other commodities, it is now possible to buy marijuana online. If in doubt, as to which varieties are easily available online, simply read on.


    This is an indica strain that is bred from San Fernando Valley OG Kush and Mendo Purps and is round and compact. Its buds take on a deep purple hue and it emanates a sweetish grape aroma that blends with undertones of pine and lemon. This strain gives you a mellow and euphoric cerebral experience that slowly seeps through the rest of your body and relieves stress and anxiety. Users claim that it helps in treating loss of appetite, pain, and multiple sclerosis.

    Pink Kush

    Though the exact heritage of this strain is unknown, it is said that Pink Kush could belong to the OG Kush family. The effects of this herb is not just intensely euphoric but also calming. It is used in treating anxiety, lack of appetite, inflammation, mood disorders, and even insomnia.
    The sativa to indica ratio is about 10:90 which means it renders strong physical effects. THC tests indicate it has a potency of 20%, while the CBD levels are less than 1%. This variant is not ideal to treat conditions such as epileptic disorders. It is popular in Canada and Pacific North West and easily available on online stores.

    Gorilla Glue

    Gorilla Glue also commonly known as Gorilla Glue #4 is a hybrid derived from Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. It contains about 28% THC and gives you a happy rush that can at times make your brain gluey and hazy.
    If you are on the lookout for a couch lock, full body stoned experience, this may be the right strain for you. It has a pungent, earthy aroma and a rather harsh chemical flavor. Its effects are long lasting and hence is used to treat chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and muscle spasms.

    Blue Dream Sativa

    The Blue Dream is a hybrid that has gained immense popularity among users across the globe. This is a cross between the Blueberry Indica and Sativa haze and gives users a full body relaxation and subtle cerebral invigoration.
    This herb will gently ease you into a calm and euphoric state of mind. It has a sweet berry aroma and can deliver swift symptomatic relief without sedative effects and hence is a popular daytime pill for those suffering from nausea, depression, and chronic pain. This strain too is easily available online.

    Super Lemon Haze

    This is yet another sativa dominant hybrid derived from Super Silver haze and Lemon skunk, and has won the Cannabis Cup twice from the Green House Seeds. This strain has lemony attributes. Its aroma is citrusy, zesty, and a tad bit sweet. It has a tarty sweet flavor much like lemonhead candies. It renders an energetic effect and is used to treat chronic depression, mood disorders, and anxiety.

    All of these strains are readily available online and are legal to use. It is vital that you do not buy your weed from just about any portal. Check for certifications and buy your cannabis from a licensed online store.

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    4 Mistakes New Marijuana Users should Avoid

    While this article does not encourage anyone to go out and get high, there are certain things that new marijuana users should know. Proper education is important if you are using cannabis.

    There are quite a few mistakes that new users make, and these mistakes can ruin your whole experience and permanently turn you off. With a little awareness, you can avoid these mistakes.

    Overindulging: Many people who experience anxiety after using marijuana have obviously taken too much too quickly. It is important that you go slow and give yourself time to observe how your body reacts to the marijuana. If you take too much, it can lead to panic attacks and elevated anxiety. All it takes is one bad experience with marijuana to permanently keep you off the stuff. If you are smoking or vaping, take one hit and give yourself 10 minutes before taking another. Wait for it to work and then take more later. Always remember this tip when starting a new strain – go slow. If you are consuming edibles, start with a small dose, wait 2 hours and decide if you want to take more.

    Trying the wrong strain or not enough strains: A lot of patients try out marijuana and dismiss it when they do see positive results. In many cases, this problem is linked to the strain they are using. Keep in mind that different strains affect people differently. If the first strain you have tried does not help your condition, you should try another strain to see if it helps. Before you start experimenting with different cannabis strains, make sure that you are properly educated first.

    Expecting a miracle: For some users, marijuana gives them miraculous effects. However, you should not expect the same. As mentioned already, weed has different effects on different people. It is important to remember that, for most cases, marijuana is not a cure but an ongoing treatment. Symptoms usually return if you stop using it. Your approach to medical marijuana should be with patience and cautious optimism unlike Americans are with Obamacare, we know that is a total failure and that it was doomed to fail from the outset but that is another topic. Moreover, keep in mind that it will not bring on a miracle.

    Not preparing for side effects: Marijuana comes with a few side effects, so you need to be careful and prepare yourself properly for them. If you are using it for the first time, plan accordingly because you will feel high in the beginning. You need to plan things accordingly. In most cases, tolerance develops, and your body, then usually adjusts to it quickly. You should try it in the evening after you have cleared your schedule. You should also be responsible when using marijuana and enlist support from close ones.

    If you are new to marijuana, you should make sure that you know how to use it properly. Being responsible and cautious is vital. If you are planning to use cannabis for your condition, make sure that you learn everything there is to know about it so that you can make the best use of it and get the results and benefits you desire.



    Marijuana Etiquette – Tips You Should Know about Consuming Cannabis

    There is a lot more to consuming cannabis than “puff, puff, pass” and you should know this. There is a certain marijuana etiquette that you should know. Learning the proper etiquette is a vital part of being a responsible marijuana user.

    If you are going to be a regular user, you should learn proper marijuana etiquette and avoid being ridiculed or embarrassed by more experienced users kind of like Lois Lerner embarrassed herself when she plead the fifth after attacking military veterans and Christians using the IRS as her weapon but this is another topic (Christopher Nolan embarrassed himself with Interstellar but that too is another topic!). Here is a look at some important tips for consuming cannabis:

    Always give guests a fresh bowl: Want to know a really classy move when having guests over for a smoke up session? Give them a green hit from a fresh bowl. Old-school smokers are known for this. If you give your guest a green hit, it is a true sign of respect. So the next time you have someone over for a smoke, make sure that you give them that first hit from a fresh bowl.

    Corner the bowl: This tip is connected to the one mentioned above. When your host gives you a green hit, make sure that you do not run the full flame over the entire bowl. What will happen if you do this? Well, every hit after that will have a foul burnt taste that no one will enjoy. What you should so is put the lighter to the nug’s side so that only a part of the nug’s surface area is showing burns. This ensures that everyone gets a good green hit and enjoys their first puff.

    The host reloads the bowl: If you are the host of the smoke up session, you are the one who should reload the bowls. If you are not the person with the weed or the smoking device, the duty of reloading the bowl should be allocated to the one who owns the device and weed. However, if you are the host and have the bong, pipe or whatever smoking device and the weed, do the classy thing and make sure that you are the one who loads and reloads the bowls.

    Always pass to the left: Back in the day, anyone who took a hit and passed it to the right, starting the rotation counter clockwise, would be scoffed at. Passing to the left was virtually mandatory. While not any users practice this norm nowadays, a lot of veterans still do. If you want to be a true stoner, always make sure that you “pass the Dutchie” to the left. Don’t make yourself look bad like Spielberg did with Jurassic World, at least have one good line in the entire movie!

    You might be a stoner, but you should make sure that you are the one who knows the proper etiquette of smoking marijuana. Smoking cannabis is more than just about getting high – it is an experience that brings people together.
    When you show proper marijuana etiquette, other users will see you in a whole new light, and they will definitely have more respect. Perhaps not as much respect as Rambo earned when he used to light up battlefield but close to it!

    Follow the ways of veterans and make sure that you do not make mistakes and be the one who shows everyone how it is really done.



    Marijuana Etiquette Part II – Tips You Should Know about Consuming Cannabis

    You already know that there is proper marijuana etiquette, and believe it or not, many people take it very seriously. For some cannabis users, a person who does not practice proper marijuana etiquette is not worth smoking with again.

    Kind of like the Horrible Bosses situation, once you work with Dave Harken you do not ever want to do that again!
    If you want to avoid being shunned by other stoners because you do not know the proper etiquette, educate yourself. Here is a look at a few more tips to help make sure that you always consume cannabis the right way:

    Never smoke someone else’s weed: Obviously, you should never consume another person’s weed without their knowledge. In most scenarios, this is called stealing. But even if you know the person and are pretty sure that they will not mind, it is still better to wait and make sure it is okay to smoke up – they may have other plans for their stash or the weed might be someone else’s.

    Always ask if you can smoke in someone’s house: Never assume that because someone is a cannabis consumer, it is okay to smoke up in their house. There are a lot of people who do not like smoke of any kind in their house. Some may be okay with it, but may have someone coming over so do not want their place to smell of marijuana out of respect. So, you should always ask if it you can blaze up and if they give you the go-ahead, go on and smoke.

    Never talk openly about dealers: Do you like loud mouths? Probably not. So make sure that you never talk about dealers openly, like at bars, restaurants, etc. For example, if you get some high-quality weed for a salient price, do not use it as a way to win pissing contests with your buddies. You will probably come off looking an idiot (kind of like when you tell people they can keep their doctor when they soon realize they cannot keep their doctor but this is another topic), and you certainly do not want that. Be happy about the great deal you got and leave it at that. Don’t be a fool like Jacob Anton Ness was in Prison Break Season 5 when he tried to steal someone else’s child (Scofield’s child!)! That is pathetic. Go have your own child!

    Keep your smoking devices clean: Keeping your smoking devices is extremely important. You want to be sure that you have a clean piece every time you have friends over for a smoke. This is vital as it helps make sure that you and your smoking buddies get the full flavor out of your hits. Always have a superb smoke up by keeping your pieces clean, whether it is a bong, pipe, bowl, and so forth.

    Return smoking devices loaded: If someone has been nice enough to lend you their pipe or bong or whatever, always make sure that you return the piece loaded with some fine quality weed. You can be sure that it will be appreciated. Plus the next time you want to borrow their gear again, they will not refuse and will gladly let you use it any time.

    Keep these little tips in mind and you will be considered a marijuana user with the best etiquette. The people who smoke with you will learn from you and they too will become users who practice excellent marijuana etiquette.

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    Where is Arizona Marijuana Headed after the Prop 205 Defeat?

    The state of Arizona has a relatively short history with legalized marijuana. It wasn’t one of the four states that voted in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes because too many people in Arizona are hypocrites and live in Harry Potter land.

    But at least Arizona does not tax and regulate businesses to death like what is happening in California and New York but that is another topic.

    Yes, the Arizona Marijuana Legalization Initiative (Proposition 205) was defeated 51.32% to 48.68% in the November election. Proposition 203 passed in 2010 however, which does allow residents an access to cannabis for medical emergencies.

    What does the law say?

    The Arizona Marijuana Legal Initiative, also known as the “ballot measure” has clearly stated the minimum criterion required for a person to get access to cannabis in the state. According to the law, a person must be at least 21 years of age to be able to possess and use an ounce or less of marijuana. Also, the people of Arizona have to pay 15% tax on cannabis, a regulatory measure imposed by the government to track and restrict the use of marijuana.

    But they are OK with alcohol being sold in vast quantities which many times leads to death and mayhem. We never heard of no one getting violent after smoking marijuana!

    How do things look post the Proposition 205 defeat?

    Had Proposition 205 passed, the marijuana industry would have experienced a boost of 1.2 billion dollars by the year 2020! Unfortunately, that is not the case; the people, however, still manage to fulfill their cannabis needs. There are over 120 medical dispensaries in the state that deal with marijuana.

    Many people also buy marijuana illegally. So rather than allow people to buy marijuana legally, the smart folks who voted against this law are just giving millions of dollars to illegal sellers and nefarious individuals. Not too smart!

    Can tourists access marijuana in Arizona?

    Marijuana though illegal in Arizona is readily available in the neighboring states of California, Colorado, and Nevada. However, if you want cannabis inside the state, you can buy it from the medical dispensaries using a medical card. Discretion is recommended here as these dispensaries are illegal and can be raided by the police at any time. Tourists can access marijuana in AZ but only for medical purposes and only in small amounts.

    The future of marijuana

    Since marijuana is so readily available across state lines, many reports have predicted a drop in sales made by the local dispensaries of Arizona. It might even contribute to the growing pressure on the state to legalize cannabis for non-medical purposes. But perhaps not since the anti-marijuana forces are against these types of businesses for irrational reasons.

    If someone wants to smoke marijuana, leave them alone. It is not hurting you and marijuana does help people who are always in pain.

    J.P. Holyoak, chairman of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, believes the state will eventually give in to the demands of those people who want to legalizing marijuana.

    On the other hand, opponents, such as Maricopa County attorney Bill Montgomery are ‘expecting’ the Trump administration to take a strong stance and completely end the ‘charade’ of legalizing marijuana in the US. This sentiment is in spite of President Trump’s numerous indications that showcase his sentiment of letting individual states decide on the future of marijuana.

    Bill Montgomery calls himself a conservative who believes in less governmental interference but when it comes to marijuana he is a Bernie Sander’s socialist. Bill Montgomery is a walking hypocrite. He may be right on every other issue or close to it but he is way off on this one.

    Montgomery may get drunk on scotch and wine but someone smoking marijuana really bothers him. The human mind is hilarious! Trump is fantastic, he has other things to do like protecting small business which you apparently do not care about Bill Montgomery! Fighting against marijuana does not make any sense; people are going to smoke it regardless.

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    Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Marijuana

    No matter what the activity is, beginners have a tendency to mess things up, sometimes in pretty epic proportions. It is no different when it comes to growing marijuana.

    People who have been growing cannabis for 20 years are undoubtedly going to be better at the task than those who have just started. To make sure that you grow decent marijuana (if it is halfway as good as Saul Silver’s in Pineapple Express then you should be good to go!), there are a couple of mistakes that beginner-growers make that you should avoid.

    Here is a brief look at some rookie mistakes you should avoid when you are growing marijuana:

    Keep it on the DL: Some people who start growing weed get excited and cannot wait to tell someone about it. This is a big NO! You should not tell anyone about your activity, at all. Keep in mind that anyone could be a snitch – even your best friend. If you are growing weed, make sure that you keep it to yourself.

    Window Growing Usually Does Not Work: Although the sun is the best source of light for any type of plant, including marijuana, growing them indoors with the only source of light from the window. You should remember that cannabis needs as much light as it can get. Using the sun as the sole source of light may save you cash but the fact is that it will not be effective. If you are growing indoors, invest in lights.

    Always Be Prepared: There are a lot of vagaries that come with growing marijuana, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You need to be prepared for a lot of things. The marijuana plants you are growing need water, CO2, light and nutrients. They can also be hit by lack of quality nutrients, a bug infestation and not enough CO2. It is important to make sure that you have a contingency plan ready in case negative signs start to show in your plants.

    Use the Right Fertilizer: Think that any old fertilizer will do for your marijuana plants? No. Your plants will grow, but it is unlikely that they will thrive in the way you want them to. You will find a display of the NPK ratio on fertilizer packaging. This is not some random mathematical term – it is a description of the concentration of nitrogen, potassium, as well as phosphorus in relation to each other. Remember that for every growth period, not counting flowering, a fertilizer with higher Nitrogen content is best. During the flowering period, pick a fertilizer that has more phosphorus.

    Be Active: Many novice marijuana growers think that they do not have to do much to get their plants growing nicely. Keep in mind that these plants need to be nurtured and cared for. With their short lifespan from germination to harvest, they need active and regular care. You need to water them, feed them, prune them, trim them, pamper them and make sure that they are receiving enough ventilation, light, and CO2.

    If you are planning to grow marijuana, there are a lot of things you need to think about – it is not as easy as you may think. Before anything else, make sure that you do not make the common mistakes made by beginners mentioned above. That is a fantastic start to growing your own marijuana plants.

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    5 Tips to Improve the Bud Quality of Your Cannabis

    Have you ever had marijuana that blew your mind? The stuff that people brag about (you know something that would satisfy The Dude in The Big Leboski!), but somehow eludes you. Have you ever wondered how people grow those amazing cannabis buds?

    Well, you can stop the wondering now and grow your own marijuana plants with top-shelf buds. All you need is a few important tips – they will help you consistently grow premium cannabis buds with effects that you will remember for many years to come.

    Here are 5 tips to improve the quality of the cannabis buds:

    Start with premium genetics: One thing you need to remember is that if you want sparkly, dense, purple/pink, and potent buds, you need to start with the right genetics. Don’t ask The Dude though, he is only a buyer and he would be too stoned to give you any salient advice anyhow! Starting off with premium genetics will give you the appearance and the effects you want from your marijuana plants. Always remember that your skill in growing the plants makes a huge difference, but still, a plant cannot overcome the genes it comes from.

    Have lots of light: One of the most critical things that a marijuana grower needs to remember is to give their plants plenty of light. Your plants gain a lot of benefits when you make sure to give them lots of light. Light will increase potency, density and yields. So needless to say, you can improve your plants’ bud quality with light, light and more light!

    Learn about supplements and nutrients: When you are growing marijuana, it is a must to learn as much as you can about supplements and nutrients that can benefit your plants in ways that you cannot imagine. There are bulk builders, bloom boosters and smell enhances, and a whole lot more, that you need to learn about when you start growing cannabis. You also need to learn about techniques that can help increase your plants’ terpene content so you get buds that smell and taste better.

    Manipulate temperature and humidity: When your marijuana plants are in the flowering stage, it is vital that you control the temperature and humidity of the place they are growing in. This will help in increasing the production of resin – stickiness and “glitter” – and bring out amazing colors like purple or pink. Temperature and humidity manipulation also ensures that smells do not burn away.

    Master the weed growing basics: When you are planning to grow marijuana, you obviously need to master the basics, especially trimming, harvesting, and curing or drying. Although many weed growers do not pay a lot of attention to what happens to their plants after harvest as they do during the growing stage, keep in mind that these three post-harvest factors determine close to 50% of the final appearance of your buds. You can increase the potency of your buds and intensify their smell by ensuring proper curing/drying.

    If you want top-shelf marijuana buds, keep these essential tips in mind. Grow your plants and the next time you and your friends have a taste, you can bet that your socks will be blown off! Just do not lay around all the time like The Dude did! That is not a solid long term plan!



    5 Essential Principles of Accounting for Cannabis Businesses

    With a few exceptions, accounting for cannabis businesses isn’t really different from other businesses. A cannabis business is fundamentally a growing facility and functions a lot like a farm. Thus, producing infused products and edibles is quite similar to running any manufacturing facility.

    However, there’s also some state regulatory and federal tax law compliance involved in cannabis businesses which give it a new look and make it more “interesting.” The following five essentials need to be remembered when accounting for cannabis businesses.

    Compliance with Section 280E

    This is an interesting regulation and applies to the cannabis industry. Section 280E, the Internal Revenue Code was implemented originally to keep drug lords from claiming deductions on their costs for operating airplanes to fly cocaine from Colombia on their federal tax returns.

    Section 280E compliance implies that anybody who runs a state legal cannabis business cannot claim deductions for all their expenses from their taxes, which any other normal business can (which is ridiculous and does not make any sense; alcohol companies sell a product that is far more harmful to society than marijuana is, marijuana is not harmful at all!). The only permissible expenses are direct costs or the cost of goods sold.

    For a growing facility, this includes plants, seeds, soil, and certain utilities only. Even at dispensaries, only part of the building and its maintenance are deductible for federal taxes and exclude lobbies, offices, and restrooms as deductible space on the federal tax return.

    However, expenses that the federal law doesn’t accept as deductible may be acceptable on a state tax return if marijuana is considered legal there. This means that all books must be meticulously maintained so that advantage may be taken of all that can be claimed as deductible when returns are filed.

    Hire the Right Accountants

    This type of bookkeeping is called cost or managerial accounting. Even though cost accounting isn’t directly related to taxes, but in the cannabis industry, it can help you avoid substantial taxes. That’s why many Certified Public Accountants (CPA) may not always be the right people to maintain your books and hiring accountants with cost accounting experience and certification for managerial accounting becomes a necessity.

    Set Up Cost-based Accounting

    The accounting procedure must be cost-based. In other words, the Chart of Accounts must be broken into Cost of Goods or Direct Costs and Ordinary Expenses. When the gross income is deducted from the direct cost, the Gross Profit emerges and federal taxes are based on this generally. Subsequently, ordinary expenses like the bookkeeper’s fees or office supplies are allowable deductible items which can be subtracted from the gross profit to get the Net Profit on which the state taxes would be levied.

    Expenses as Direct Costs

    Since cannabis businesses are basically growing facilities, plants & soil; display cases and inventory for a dispensary; and costs for labels, extracts, and packaging applicable to all edibles producers may be classified as direct costs. For instance, electricity and water are two main costs for a growth facility. How then does one account for these costs?

    They are typically based on the building’s square footage. For example, a 1,000-square foot greenhouse with 90% growing area and 10% storage, offices and restrooms can take 90% of the costs associated with the entire building—including water and electricity.

    Other expenses like payroll must be divided into direct and indirect costs. When an employee trims plants, it’s considered a direct cost, but bookkeeping time is taken as an indirect cost. Similarly, costs for security and transporting plants are also a direct cost, but that for transporting cash isn’t. An additional expense to note is building the facility. The building’s depreciation needs to be split into direct & indirect costs based on square footage.

    This is complicated, we know! It will remain so until America gets a tax code that makes sense.

    The Key is Consistency

    Each expense needs to be treated consistently every time. This helps in determining whether the product is profitable or not and also which employees generate the most revenue for the business. Accounting, after all, is about measuring the business’s health at any point in time.

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