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Buy Weed For 10 Bucks

Buy Weed For 10 Bucks

All orders over $100 between Sept 24th – Sept 30th will be $10 dollars per gram.  Order now if you want your strain guaranteed.  This is only while supplies last.

Buy Weed 10 DollarsView Available Strains Here.

Every time McChronalds gets down to the ends of the bags, we usually go for new strains to freshen things up for you all.  Now what do you you think we do with all those extra buds?  Well, we either turn them into THC Extracts or offer them to you for $10 per gram of orders over $100 + your Xpress Shipping.  Minimum order is $115 for BC/AB and $118 for the rest of Canada.

Pre order now

Ultra Strong Hash Brownies Recipe

Recipe For Ultra Strong Hash Brownies

In order to easily make the worlds best hash brownies you need them to be very strong, but taste good at the same time.  When making hash brownies the main ingredient and most important part is making the hash butter.  Hash butter is super easy to make, and regardless of what any one else tells you on line, this is the best method for keeping the strength to a maximum.

The effects from hash brownies can make a person very uncomfortable if you ingest too much.  This is a type of treat you really need to be careful with, but if taken in the proper manor, its delightfully enjoyable and the healthiest way to ingest your cannabis.

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Mail Order Marijuana: 410 Bucks McChronalds

Mail Order Marijuana 410 Bucks

10 Bucks!

weed for 10 bucks

All orders over $100 will be $10 per gram for as much as you want to order. You must include extra for Xpress Post or 1st Class Priority.


All 4 strains below are $10 bucks.  Just complete your order and send 10 bucks for every gram over $100 + Xpress Post Doe.  $12 For BC and AB, and $18 for the rest of the country.

When you order your marijuana from McChronalds its properly packaged for the mail and sent to you the next day if not that day.  All orders are weighed, packaged, and delivered to Canada Post by Ronald McChronald his self and has not help at all.  Please be patient if you require any additional customer service requests.