BC Marijuana Websites Popping Up Like Potcorn

BC Bud Websites Are Popping Up Everywhere

I’m finding a whole lot of new mail order marijuana websites coming online almost every day now.  It seams like ever since I hired someone about a year ago and had to fire them new weed sites have been popping up left right and center.  Now this doesn’t mean any of them have been any more successful then distributing marijuana for literally free.  They are not making any money, and their for provide a low grade product and even worse customer service.  With the budding online recreational marijuana industry in Canada taking no back seat to the “Legal” marijuana business.

Vancouver Leads The Pot Charge

Vancouver is and will remain the leader in the recreational marijuana distribution for Canada, but Toronto is showing a huge passion for its Vape lounges and pot friendly restaurants/coffee shops.  We are even now seeing a little budding industry in between the 2 big cannabis friendly cities.  Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and maybe a couple other cities and towns here in Canada are getting dispensaries that have stayed open longer then in the past.  When will they be shut down?  Well, hopefully if the run their businesses responsibly hopefully they will be left alone all together.  You are totally 100% guaranteed for sure to be shut down if you are running an “Illegal” marijuana business in RCMP territory.  They are federal dah, they have to, where City Police are more about the city.  Are you hurting the city or helping it?  Well, that is all up for interpretation unfortunately.  The important thing to me is that these new mail order marijuana websites are 100% responsible and have a business structure, procedures, and rules that are followed religiously like here at McChroanlds.  It makes me sad when I’m in the CC store and hear Mark talking about how people that press the matter on kids not getting pot is ridiculous.  Its pretty darn clean that guy has never had kids of his own.  Now freaking clue doe he.  So, after you reading this part of my rant.  How the heck do we keep these new online marijuana websites that are no responsible from gaining any steam in the industry?  You take their ability to advertise away.As you can see here, ButtBuddy and the others are actually all the same people.  If you read the reviews for ButtBuddy ie: BudBuddy lol 🙂  they have nothing but terrible reviews bad reputation, and a sleazy business practice that involves moving you from one site to another once they find out if they want to keep you as a customer and not just rip you off BC BudMail is the exact same people as BudBuddy, MerryJane Mail, BC Bud, and a whack others.  I will keep updating you about them so you can keep your self safe.  They all have the same reputation, some incidents more documented then others.  It all comes down to the same things.  Getting ripped off, no communication, bad weed, low counts, slow service, mail not showing, bags of seeds, and the list goes on.  Save your  self the trouble, and don’t even bother lol.  They even have went as far as to move people to some other site called 13friends that will all gang up and bull shit online.  So you really need to be aware of the online marijuana websites im telling you about.

McChronalds does have a pretty colorful setup with cartoon looking figures.  But how far is too far?  Is making a childrens book to be a marijuana educational guide moral?  When i think of Dr Seuss, I don’t think of weed, i think of my kids?  Like WTF!  BudBuddy isn’t only selling weed to kids, now he is trying to educate them about it in preschool?

And now you follow up the preschool marijuana education with middle school and high school marijuana education.  Like they don’t have enough influence already at school for weed and alcohol, lets just make an all time worlds most popular novel a weed novel.  Im sure if any of my kids saw this they would actually want to read it simply because it portrays Harry Potter.  Stupid Idea in my personal opinion.

These new rules coming down from Canada’s Heath Minister Rona Ambrose will help get rid of the marijuana companies that are selling weed to kids like BudBuddy, Budmail, Momcanada, MerryJane Mail, BC Bud, and the countless others.  McChronalds is the only mail order marijuana website in Canada that is responsible, respectful, and reliable.  While these new rules may scare some, McChronalds has been nothing but responsible and this will allow us to grow into Canada’s overall leader in marijuana distribution and one day Globally.

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