BudBuddy Vs BudMail Vs BuyWeedOnline.ca


BudBuddy, BudMail and BuyWeedOnline.ca – top of the growing list of mail order marijuana services in Canada, but what ones are Scams and who is legit?

So you’re sitting on a couch with your bud buddy somewhere in eastern Canada, the snow is piling up outside and you’re running low on bud. It’s a good thing then that today Canadians can buy bud online and have bud delivered by Canada Post from dozens of online bud mail order services. Services like BudBuddy, BudMail and BuyWeedOnline.ca which have been in the mail order marijuana business for several years offer a good selection of bud strains and good delivery times.

We have nothing negative to say about any of these services and wish them as much business as we are currently enjoying.  But there are some important issues to be aware of when deciding where you will be buying your bud online and we at BuyWeedOnline.ca try to always stay on the right side of these issues – making sure that we will be here when you need us.Buy Weed Online

What to be Aware of When Buying Bud by Mail Buddy

While our good old Canada Post service firing people left right and centre, even shutting down locations across the country since their services are in less and less demand these days, there is one business sector that is growing fast for Canada Post – Bud by mail. Canada Post is being used more and more for delivering bud by mail. Marijuana is by far the number one illegal substance seized by Canada Post over the past three years. Literally tonnes of bud are crossing this great country of ours each year in Canada Post packages. How is this even possible you ask? Well, as of 2008 tens of thousands of Canadians have been given the legal right to use marijuana for medical reasons and, after a rethink on who is allowed to grow the bud for these people, a majority of this legal bud is being sent to these legal users via Canada Post Xpress Post and other mail services. Given this state of affairs, and the reduction in personnel at their sorting facilities, it should come as no surprise that Bud by Mail is a growing business in Canada.

Hand Writen McChroanalds Ard

Things to Consider When Buying Bud by Mail

How to Pay for Bud Online: The first thing you should be wary of is how to send your money. Let’s be honest, the Internet is awash with rip-off artists and fake sites. Buying anything off the Internet needs to be done with caution. Never send cash or even checks in the mail – that’s an obvious one. Sending a money order is one step better. But electronic money transfer is by far the safest, fastest and easiest way to send money for buying bud online. In Canada we have Interac eTransfer which I use exclusively. I don’t want anyone sending money or checks in the mail.. Too much can go wrong if it gets lost. Any online bud seller is taking a risk to accept such payment methods.

Bitcoin is a good way to go and I would have that as an option if the banks up here in Canada would jump on the bandwagon. But sorry to say Buddy, it’s not here yet. If the Bud by Mail service you are looking at using only offers Bitcoin as payment method and is hiding out in the “dark web” of Tor infamy, then I’d suggest you stay away. Too shady usually means you are dealing with nefarious characters or even worse ass holes who are just out to rip off the masses and disappear. There are dozens of examples of such fly-by-night outlets that are no longer around. So stick to the daylight world.

Delivery Options For BudBuddy by Mail

Canada Post Xpress Post service is the preferred way you should have bud by mail delivered in Canada. It is fast and it is guaranteed. https://www.canadapost.ca/web/business/mailing-and-shipping.page? How fast? If you live in or close to any large city then you are looking at 1 to 2 days delivery. If you live in Nunavut, the Yukon or the Northwest Territories then you know you have to add a few days to that. Canada Post Xpress Post service also includes what they call “on time delivery guarantee”, tracking and delivery confirmation, online delivery updates, and up to $100 liability coverage. Pretty good service if you ask me. FedEx, Purolator and DHL are all more costly and more risky since they have more advanced techniques for checking contents and they are not short on people to do that kind of work. But even more important to keep in mind is that FedEx and the like will have your package sent over international borders and then back again, specifically, the mail order bud will go over the US border and come back to Canada. This is so stupid to do. Trust me you want nothing to do with bud crossing the US border. Stay clear of private courier services for getting budbuddy weed for this reason alone!

Do you put your real name on the budbuddy order? I mean, for decades we have all been dealing in the dark alleys of society to get our hands on this innocent plant. How is it we can now put our name on a box full of bud and have that box hand delivered to our homes without the fear of being caught out? It comes down to one simple word – priorities. No one wants to waist their limited resources to bust small individual users of weed. Considering that a large amount of the bud sent by mail in Canada is legitimately going to legally licensed medical marijuana users, this is not a priority. So don’t go putting a fake name on your order since all that does is risk the chance that Canada Post won’t deliver to your address: often if the name and address do not add up in their database then they return the mail to sender and you don’t get your bud by mail.

Cross Border Shipping: You will find that all three of the top mail order marijuana services in Canada – BuyWeedOnline.ca, BudBuddy and BudMail – refuse to sell weed online to anyone outside of Canada. That is a critical business decision. Imagine how much more bud they could sell online if they accepted US orders. It must be hard to say no to the green-backs. But there is a very good reason to say no to US orders. Up here in Canada we are enjoying a period of growing public acceptance and inevitable decriminalization and legalization (especially if there is a change of government in Ottawa). But in the US, Washington State and Colorado aside, all levels of government and policing authorities still see weed as a highly illegal substance. Sending marijuana over an international border, or any product derived from it, or even seeds (as Marc Emery’s budbuddy service has learned the hard way), is not a good idea if you sell to under age kids. If the online bud seller says he will sell to people in the USA then you can be sure that outfit will not be around for too long. Don’t deal with such idiots. When they go down you never know what client information may be seized by the FBI or what have you. Stay clear buddy.

Age Checking before purchasing budbuddy products:

BudBuddy does not check age their for must not care if your kids have easy access to weed.  Bubuddy makes it as simple as pie for under age Canadians to get access to weed if they even send it.

This one is really important in my opinion. In fact, BuyWeedOnline.ca may be the only bud by mail service that religiously and strictly adheres to a no-minors policy online. Why is this important? If you have been following all the stories about dispensaries and compassion clubs being shut down across the country, you will notice that the number one reason they got caught out is selling to under age customers. Here in Canada nineteen is the age you can buy alcohol. But I refuse to let anyone buy bud from me who is under twenty one. I require that all new customers have a 1 to 2 minute consulting call with me one-on-one to make sure that they are of age. Trust me I can tell by phone a lot better than just having them click a box on the web site. If the bud by mail service you are thinking of using seems to sell to anyone in Canada regardless of age then think twice before becoming a customer. Will they be around much longer? Will they cause some kid to cross into schizophrenia? Do you want to deal with irresponsible people? We are learning more and more about the developing human brain and it seems we’re kind of idiots and very susceptible to mental illness until at least 20 for males (a bit younger for the girls – they are smarter than us buddy. Duh!).

Our Bud is the Best Quality Buddy Boi

Quality and Selection: Here’s where BuyWeedOnline.ca is heads and shoulders above the pack – product quality. A lot of bud mail order services sell whatever they get their hands on. I am one picky bastard when it comes to buds. Every marijuana strain and product I offer has had to go through me first. If it isn’t something I would be personally pleased with then it doesn’t show up on my site. Quality is job one as they say. I believe it is quality of bud and top rate professional service that will have my customers turn into clients – for life. Sure you can get cheaper buds somewhere on the Internet but if that’s how you think then I don’t really want you as a customer. Quality goes both ways you know. Quality customers want and deserve quality bud. All my weed and the THC extracts from them are made with 100% BC Bud – developed, grown, harvested and processed by British Columbia’s finest producers. Yes, the famous strains of BC Bud are now the feed stock to almost all other growers globally, but to know that the bud you buy online comes directly from these master growers, people who have been doing this for over twenty or even thirty years, means that the bud you buy from me is as good as it could ever get. No unwanted chemicals in the final product. No substandard growing conditions. No beginners armed with great seed stock but no experience in growing. Smoke my buds, dab my shatter or blaze my hash and you will agree I am loud and proud for good reason.

Quality Control For our Budbuddy Buds

Budbuddy’s Quality control is nothing compared to McChroanlds. www.BuyWeedOnline.ca doesn’t just stop at the strains and growers for quality control. The processing of bud into THC extracts is done with the utmost consideration of purity. For example, all hash on my site is made only with the best BC Bud, filtered water and ice and different sized meshes. No additives at all! Trust me, you don’t want to know what is found in hash from other dealers out there. Shoe polish is one additive that comes to mind. So please, Buddy, try the best and f%^* the rest. Same can be said for the THC Weed Wax or shatter I carry. Pure and as high THC content as anyone out there can make. If you are going to purchase budbuddy concentrates, be aware that they need to be made right, otherwise, there are all sorts of unwanted chemicals that could end up in the final product.  BuyWeedOnline.ca THC extracts are made by professionals with industrial grade purging machines.  If someone uses Butane for refillable lighters in making their BHO (Butane Honey Oil) products like shatter, dab, oil, then there may very well be some Benzene still in the final product. Not good.

One thing buying anything online offers is a greater selection than any brick and mortar store can carry.  Same should be true of buying bud online. If the service only carries a few varieties of weed then you are probably dealing with a small time outfit. I will always carry a large selection of Kush Indica’s as well as a couple or more of the hottest Sativa’s. Quality and selection usually go hand in hand.

I hope the info above has helped you to make the right choice when you and your budbuddies do decide to buy weed online. If you have been stung in the past then please do give BuyWeedOnline.ca a try and let us show you how it is supposed to work.

Ron DonHappy Smoking,

Ron Don

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    BudBuddy BudBuddy, BudMail and BuyWeedOnline.ca – top of the growing list of mail order marijuana services in Canada, but what ones are Scams and who
    [See the full post at: BudBuddy Vs BudMail Vs McChronalds]



    I have tried a few different online ordering options. I may be lucky, but every package arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Clearly the changing situation at Canada Post is something for people to consider when making their online purchases. I personally prefer that vacuum sealed bags. They lock in the smell as well as keep the quality and freshness of the bud. Personally I am looking forward to giving buyweedonline a try. I think the poster of the above article shows that he has given a good deal of consideration into his article and makes good arguments and presents well reasoned considerations. Also it seems that this site offers the widest selection of strains. I would like if they would offer smaller orders so that one doesn’t have to put out so much cash when testing out a new provider. But, if the quality is as good as it looks and is described, it going to be worth it!


    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you very much for your comment. I am currently working on providing smaller priced orders. Than you very much for asking that because its been coming up quite regularly. I should have this done by the end of the month.

    Contact me any time with quesitons and concerns.




    I recently stumbled upon an online weed shop while I was looking for the easiest way to mail tincture or edibles to myself at a hotel in Vancouver (I don’t have time to hit up a dispensary) and other domestic cities I travel too. I searched for reviews because it seemed too good to be true and I didn’t want to get scammed.

    One great review of the major players like BudBuddy and BudMail was right here on buyweedonline.ca (although now I can’t find that article, but its here somewhere). After reading it I decided to sign up for a consultation with Ronald and buy some weed! Some reasons for choosing McChronalds:

    It’s Personal. As in, you actually get to speak to someone rather than just email a faceless entity. Unlike BudBuddy or MOMCanada, Mr. McChronald really does give you call! It made me feel much less like it was a risk to send money to a business with a human on the other end. Furthermore, there are enough comments from people here and ZERO negative reviews about buyweedonline.ca that it removed all skepticism about whether it was real or not.

    Quality and Selection. I looked at the selection at all of these other places, and they don’t even show a picture! BudBuddy might have good quality, and they have a few varieties, but nothing compared to the selection at buyweedonline.ca! And the descriptions are better here as well as the bonus of having pictures so you have an idea on what the strain/hash/wax looks like.

    Marketing. Not like billboard advertisements or shit like that. But Ronald has Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. A nice wordpress site with comments enabled. Obviously a lot of work put into his mail order business! Sort of goes had-in-hand with the “personal” factor, but I like that buyweedonline.ca is passionate about the business 🙂

    I admit as I filled out the consultation request that I fully intended on ordering from BudBuddy at the same time as a comparison. However, a short time after hitting submit Ronald phoned me! Unfortunately a dropper full of homemade green dragon tincture had kicked in and I don’t recall our conversation overly much LOL! But he really did ask my age to make sure I wasn’t some kid. Respect for that.

    So I sent the order and screwed up the payment, but Ronald emailed and said if I hurried he’d send the order that very day, so I fixed the e-transfer. Sure enough, only 2 days later (I live in northern BC), a package was in my mailbox. There was like 3 envelopes (with a bit of perfume or something sprayed on them to mask the smell) and everything was vacuum sealed. First of all, Ronald was kind enough to add some free edibles to my order which totally made my day because I love the effect of edibles and tinctures, and my 7g of Candy Jack.

    Second: WOW! The aroma was amazing. It still makes me drool just thinking of it! I get no-name weed here that I vape or make green dragon with. I will DEFINITELY be getting a pipe or bong because I want to see what this shit smokes like. I’ve never smelled anything like this stuff 🙂 I grabbed my loupe and took a look, and the mass of crystals was outstanding. Trichome covered goodness. Dense? Hell ya, the nugs are hard as rocks!

    Anyway, sorry for the really long comment LOL I got carried away! Wanted to share my awesome experience. If anyone reads this far and you’re still on the fence, get the hell off it and give Ronald a call. You’ll never be dry again. Just place an online order and a few days later, there it is in your mail.

    Simply Brilliant!


    Wow, thank you so much James. I do the best I can to stay moral and ensure that I’m not being a bad influence on our younger generation. Most teen agers will smoke pot, or already do, but I’m having no part of that and was simply common sense when I started this adventure. I don’t see marijuana EVER being on the same lines of alcohol, simply because alcohol is down right dangerous. But its true, younger people can make smoking weed and getting high more important then getting up in the morning to go to work. I think once you finish or are almost successfully threw college or university you have proven you can finish something you start regardless of a little weed. Anything less then that you will need to have a really good story why you need to order directly from me or I will simply refer you to budbuddy or budmail.



    I had never really considered buying weed online before, thinking that it just wasn’t possible or legitimate. But I decided to try it out when supply at home ran low…

    I tried a couple of sites that seemed legit, but after trying to place a couple of orders, I never received any reply from them. So after a little research, I heard about Ronald McChronalds. The fact that he actually calls you to talk about your smoking habits and everything he offers proved to me that he was on the level.

    So after receiving my first order, I was convinced that Ronald McChronalds is the place to shop. So many different types of high quality smoke to try out…Absolutely the best pot I have ever smoked. Excellent hash and wax is also available…Service is excellent, courteous and helpful…Orders shipped and delivered within a couple of business days. How much easier can it get?

    There are a lot of MOM scammer sites out there – Ronald McChronalds is NOT one of them. I have been nothing but impressed by the service and incredibly consistent quality of the product. Getting a bad batch of weed is something you never have to worry about when you purchase from him.


    I believe that marijuana use has many benefits. Medicinal, personal, and yes, even social. I also believe it requires the maturity of a responsible adult to make the decision to use weed safely. My research has shown that buyweedonline.ca holds the same morals. A personal consultation phone call assured the owner of my age of majority, and I shared a little of my background. My bud buddy was able to give some recommendations according to my personal needs, and soon thereafter I placed an order.

    My order, the best that BC has to offer, was in my mailbox within two days. Discreet packaging, and multiple envelopes to layer the purchase, including an air-tight seal. Quality product, convenient online service, the anonymity of getting my marijuana from my mailbox – a preference at my age – and the accessibility of the owner, along with the company’s beliefs and discretion, have propelled me to recommend this site to all my smoking friends. McChronald’s is professional, responsible, Canadian, and best of all… it really works!



    Budbuddy.com.. I don’t even know where too start. I placed an order a while back, maybe 2 months now. And I came too the conclusion I would never use or recommend them too anyone. They are marketed towards teens/underage. The price is low because highschool students dont usually have as much money as adults . The site is super simple so young people can use it with no issue, and it looks kinda “cool” with the menu lists but I my self am no pics, no purches kind of guy. I decided to try it any ways and I was pretty disappointed. They didn’t want too know anything but how much and where it was going. I sent the money and they didn’t send the pack for 3 days. I thought I got scammed, and then when they did finally send it was too the wrong address. it took 3 weeks too get 3 g of mixed bho that I could tell wasn’t purged up too health standards. id rather my organic home grown before going back that site.


    Manny Kudlak

    Well I have made several orders from all the sites available in Canada. There truly is no comparison between McChronalds and all the rest of these faceless email accounts.

    First is the phone interview to weed out the kiddies. It is a brief interview where we basicly exchange pleasantries and Ron does his super secret assessment of your age. I doan wanna give away too much, but the questions are those that any adult with bills should know without thought.

    The important part. The product! You will definitely notice a difference with the product that you receive from Ron. From the taste, to the smell and most importantly the high. It is top shelf stuff that you will never regret buying. Unlike some of these other MOM’s where you wonder, is this the guys first time growing? I have made several orders, from here and I have never regretted a single order. While I have been sent some nasty tasting and hard to burn stuff from Budbuddy the 2 times I did try them. And they substituted both my orders for completely different strains. Unlike Ron if the strain you want no longer becomes available he will send you something with in the same family. Like I love Indicas, sativas not so much. To each their own, I guess. But if I order an Indica strain and you doan have it. Why would you send me a sativa? when there are clearly 3 other indicas on your menu…. Well with Ron he will make sure you like what you get.

    But the thing I find really wrong with Budbuddy is that there are 2 price lists. WTF is up with that? Just because I live in the north, do you have to gouge me? That is some 2 tier second class citizen BS, if you ask me. Now Ron knows that an express post envelope, or sticker, cost the same if you are sending it to P.E.I. or to the north. And he does NOT have a 2 tier price list to rip off a whole geographical section of Canada. Thanks for that Ron, you are the best. If you are supporting budbuddy. That means you support a MOM that thinks, it is OK to jack up the price of the same product, just because I live up north. I may make more, than my southern Canadians, but I do also pay $4.50 a Pop and $7 a litre of milk.

    You could say I am a bit biased with buyweedonline. I have entered some of his contests and walked away with a $200 bong, courtesy of sharing some facebook posts. No other MOM provides that level of gratitude with its customers. Keep up the good work Ron.



    Up until 2 months ago I had NO idea you could buy weed online in Ontario but was very interested in the idea. So online I went. I found Budbuddy.com checked it out sounded good so I placed a small order still a little skeptical this was online with someone I did not know but low and behold 8 days later it arrived and I sighed and rolled one up hell this sure was not primo weed it was street weed and it could hardly stay lit probably not flushed at all dark black ashes on a zig-zag white.The wax was not even purged. A friend popped in and as I told himabout my eexperience with Budbuddy.com we burned another and he told me of a site he heard of through a friend called buyweedonline.ca so I grab my phone punch it in and what pops up blows me away hell great name Ronald McChronalds and even the Green Arches it had me interested actually it had me by the balls. I signed up but had to what for my call before I could buy one of the 14+ amazing looking strains another bonus from that other site. The next day that call came and I actually felt excited this was really Ronald McChronald. He asked me a few questions to figure out my age and then got to know a bit about me and my medical problems. Hell he has morals not just about making a buckhe aactually cares and adults only NO kiddie land at this McChronalds!!! He made a few suggestions for my medical problems. In that 5-10 minute call he made me feel like a friendship had started he really cares and you can tell. I went right to the site and made my order, 2 days later it was here in my mail box and was packaged so very well even vacum sealed, triple packaged for safety, no smell at all. Then I opened the bag and the smell hit me B.C.’s finest!!! I smoked it and the rest is history, they have a loyal customer to say the least… You know how that famous commercial goes. Da-da-da-da-da I’m loving it!!!!!!!



    Once you find http://www.buyweedonline.ca. There is no other. The best bud money can buy, and Ronnie is the man. I remember my second order he didn’t get to the post office on time. I was surprised with 150$ worth of dabs and bubble hash. He treats you better than any company, and no more sketchy dealer’s. I know I’m getting what I ordered. By by gateway hello legalization. McCronalds is what Canada needed. Why try anywhere else Ronnie takes care of ya.


    Man… no boasting valid and to the point…



    I am a nube with online anything, and after a full day of research Ronald seems loved and appreciated. Thats a damn fine start for my nervous nerves!!! Oh by the way WATC H OUT for a company called BUYWEEDSONLINE.CA Its the “S” in the name that will get ya!! Watch out for the clones. Love and peace my brothers from other mothers

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