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“Tell Me Your Story” -DONATION

We are in need of real-life stories from medical marijuana users. Our goal is to create awareness about the use of cannabis and how this affect people’s lives. We need inspiring stories on how you found out that the use of cannabis is helpful in your present medical ailment.

Qualifications FOR DONATION:

  1. Must be a valid Canadian resident.
  2. Must be a medical marijuana patient.
  3. Must prove that the resources he/she have is not enough to sustain their budget in purchasing cannabis.
  4. Must be willing to publish their own story at any (including budding media) social media websites. ( will only publish your story and we will keep your identity confidential. If at any point, we would need to present a video, we will still keep your identity confidential.)
  5. Must not be a present or former customer.



  1. Send your inspiring story through email in a form of letter or video via Your story should indicate how you started using cannabis as treatment for your medical aliment.
  2. Include in your email, a copy of your medical marijuana card (we will not keep this, we just want to make sure that you are a valid medical marijuana user as we will raise funds to finance this cause.), your phone number and one reference person and your reference’s phone number (can either be a friend or a family member)
  3. Wait for an email reply from budding media confirming the receipt of your story. Budding media is going to send you a confidentiality agreement to protect your identity.
  4. Budding media will contact you for verification purposes in which might also be done by Ronald McChronald. Budding media will also call the person you have identified as your reference.
  5. Once all information is verified and Ron approved your story, you are entitled to receive $2,500 worth of marijuana products we have in stock.
  6. Budding media is going to choose 2 valid stories per month.
  7. Budding media is responsible in letting you know any decision that has transpired to the story submitted.
  8. Once your story is selected, budding media will contact you before your story is published on any of our social media accounts. Once you agree with the final lay out of your story, we will send you $2,500.00 worth of any products we have in stock.

This weed donation campaign is done for a cause. We support the advocacy of legalization of marijuana use and your inspiring stories will motivate and help us in spreading the good benefit that marijuana is giving us. Rest assured, your stories will be treated in a sensitive way and we will value all stories shared to us so please take this seriously and make sure you qualify with our requirements.


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