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Buy Weed Online BC Canada

Buy Weed Online BC Canada

Buy Weed Online Canada and never experience the frustrations of dealing with an unprofessional street level weed dealer again.  Subscribe now and start ordering today, and leave that street thug in the dark corner all by their self.

Buy Weed Online Canada

Do you use weed with your own reasons? People use weed for different purposes such as for medical purposes and more. Whatever your reason is and whether it is valid or not, for sure you find it hard to buy weed. In Canada, buying and selling weed is a very controversial issue. There are people who tolerate buying and selling weed while there are also some people who condemn buying and selling weed.

Bud Buddy Review

BudBuddy was roasted, Literally… Totally burnt now from selling weed to kids and ripping off others.

However, looks like there were some changes in the context of buying and selling weed online in Canada. If you are a weed seller or buyer then looks like that you’ll love to know that you can now buy and sell weed in Canada via online. No doubt that use of internet made it possible for everyone to set their weed orders. Setting weed order via email is a great relief for many people in Canada who find it hard to buy weed. With this modern weed ordering system, you are guaranteed that ordering weed is not a problem any more. Set aside all your worries and anxieties since this system made it easier for everyone to buy weed in Canada. Buying weed in Canada enables weed users to order weed using websites such as budbuddy, budmail, meryjanemail, McChronalds, and

Overview on Licensed Dispensaries

Well, selling and buying Marijuana in Canada became a national controversy because of certain dispensaries particularly in different parts of Canada such as in Toronto and Vancouver. There were several legal arguments and hearings regarding on buying and selling Marijuana in Canada. They found out that there were some minors who tend to use and buy weed. As a result, there are some people who disapprove on the legality of buying and selling weed in Canada. However, there were also some people who show so much support on pushing the legality of buying and selling weed in Canada.

Based from a recent study, Vancouver was considered as Canada’s first province where first dispensaries were shown. Explosion or massive boom of dispensaries was not a surprise for Vancouver Police Department. There were mix of shady pop ups and best practice that greatly show transparency of dispensaries. There are also some provinces in Canada than keep having their different dispensaries shut down because of certain factors. In Toronto, there are almost 13 dispensaries and Vancouver has six times greater number of dispensaries than Toronto.

Mail Ordering System in Licensed Dispensaries at Canada

Having your medical weed card, you are guaranteed that you can easily set your order to buy weed in Canada. By means of using this mail weed ordering system, weed users can easily find weed dispensaries and get weed delivery. No doubt, that this system is a great relief for more weed users. This system makes weed buying and selling more accessible to weed users in Canada. Licensed dispensaries and mail weed order system are interconnected to each other. These two things will help more people who use weed for medical purposes.

Canada is considered as the very first country to legalize medical marijuana last 2001 across the globe. Since then, the demands for weed have increased rapidly and many people are now buying weed for various purposes. If you are one of those who are planning to buy weed in Canada, there are ways on how you can do it.

How to Buy Weed Online in Canada?

These days, it is a bit risky to buy weed on the streets. The main reason behind it is that you do not know where the weed came from and you have clues if it is any good. You will also find weed in different sports around the area of Canada, specifically in Toronto. But, where can you get weed fast?

Buy Weed Online Canada

Today, buying weed online in Canada is now the first choice of many people. The best thing about buying online is that you will be able to experience convenience and you have the freedom to choose which type of weed you should buy.

Kinds of Weed Offered In Canada

There are different kinds of weed that you can purchase online. Some of them are:

  • Indica

This consists a variety of Kush, which is known as the most potent Indica that was grown in BC. The previous BC skunk is good, yet it is not as potent as Kush. Several Kush in British Columbia has up to 1 percent CBD and 26 percent THC. The ability to purchase high grade Kush around Toronto is open to anyone.

  • Sativa

Typically, most providers of weed have at least 1 Sativa in stock. These are popular with people who are energetic and artistic. With the use of Sativa marijuana, this will provide you an uplifting high, which energizes you and will fill your head with the different kinds of creative thoughts and will inspire you to do them actually rather than just thinking of those things. Having this little Sativa during weekends or in the morning can be a good way to seize the day.

  • Hash

This is considered as the highest quality taken from little buds and clean trimmings. More often than not, the keif is separated and some providers use high grade crystals with dark colour indicating high content of CBD or THC. Hash is made with cold water, different sized mesh, and ice. There are no chemicals used and hundred percent natural. Smoking hash is the most preferred method for many people due to its efficiency and might takes up lesser space.

  • THC Weed Wax

Weed wax is a concentrated THC typically about eighty to ninety-eight percent and referred to term Dabs, which means you only require a little. It’s true because the high concentration of THC will surely get people high. Due to this, it is considered as the most potent type of weed extract and very in demand.

Searching Weed in Toronto

Toronto is the second most pot inviting city for buying weed online in Canada. It is still illicit, yet it’s not implemented unless you are bringing on inconvenience or individuals are grumbling about you. You can discover weed in the city of down town in numerous ranges, however the Kensington business sector is the most secure spot where you can get weed from numerous merchants who seek your business.

On the off chance that you take as much time as required and don’t purchase from the first individual who offers, you can normally simply kick back and sit tight for the right pack to come your direction. In any case, the other piece of this is that a considerable measure of the merchants are from the infamous Jane & Finch territory. Presently this does not mean only on the grounds that if you’re from that point you are consequently conveying a weapon, yet its really likely. It just takes one error and you can end up into a bad situation with the underworld of the biggest city in Canada.

The more develop approach to buy your weed in any significant city is to utilize an online weed merchant, for example, Weed managing destinations, for example, this one are situated up by somebody with a strong association in the cannabis business. They use mail order because of some reasons and these are as follows:

  • Your weed is conveyed by reinforced mail transporters who are paid exceptionally well to convey your bundle 100% the way it was proposed for you.

  • Your conveyance is safeguarded and 100% ensured; on the off chance that it ever turns up gone it’s supplanted no inquiries asked.

  • You never need to hazard meeting somebody that will recall your face and think they are a companion now.

  • You will ALWAYS get the most elevated quality cannabis, hash, and THC concentrates made and developed by experts in British Columbia.

  • You get the opportunity to pick what kind you need and have the capacity to see high determination pictures of it before you choose to buy.

  • You have the capacity to see audits from different clients who purchased and devoured that strain of weed to help your decisions.

  • You can arrange your weed straightforwardly from your PC, pda, tablet, or whatever other electronic gadget that will unite with the Internet and sent email

Think about this, you go away on a long business trip and before the end of it you are drained, pushed, and simply can’t hold up to return home. However, when you return home its likely going to be late at near and nothing will be open. So why not buy weed online Canada so you can arrange yourself some treats, when you return home amidst the night, you have a super pleasant amazement sitting tight for you in your post office box. Presently, that isn’t possible by a nearby weed merchant seriously? Also, who is going to steel your mail right? All things considered, a few regions are superior to others for this.

Shouldn’t something be said about that long business gathering that is enduring a whole week, you can’t bring weed with you, however you can have it conveyed to you at the Hotel. Guarantee you have it sent 1st Class Priority with a mark obliged and your inn attendant will sign for your bundle at the front work area and have it sitting tight for you after your difficult day of listening to some old fart discuss deals projections or new approaches in IT.

BudMail versus – The Best Providers of Weed Online

Budmail conveys weed everywhere throughout the world the length of you can utilize a PC and send an email. McChronald’s has an extremely far reaching enrolment and 21+ age confirmation process.

There has been a developing pattern with buying weed online in Canada, through Canada’s marijuana mail order service request administrations regularly get weed delivered to work. Purchasing weed online has turned into an obvious and adequate practice, yet people still need to pay consideration on being capable purchasers. It would be best to submit with an asset that is centred around their monetary benefit, as well as think of some as key components concerning the purchasers. With the increment on requests, weeds offered online are currently on the ascent. Actually, there is a top developing run down of mail request pot benefits in Canada.

With the hordes of choices, it got to be very mistaking for Canadians to figure out which ones are genuine and which are tricks. BudMail cannabis administration and are incorporated in this top developing run down. One day, you are presumably sitting on the love seat with your bud mate originating from a certain spot in Canada understanding that you are using up bud. Sadly, you can’t go out to purchase some on the grounds that the snow is heaping up outside.

It’s fortunate that Canadians can now buy weed online and have this thing conveyed by Canada Post originating from online mail request administrations. BudMail maryjane administration and have been on the way arrange weed business for a long time now giving great choices of pot bud strains and being perceived for their amazing conveyance times.

Some don’t generally have nothing against these administrations and now that it’s out in the open, they see these administrations as something that they are shortly getting a charge out of. Notwithstanding, there are sure imperative issues to be given close thoughtfulness regarding when choosing where you truly need to buy bud on the web. At, they concentrate on these things and they verify that they keep focused right half of these matters. This is their method for guaranteeing that they will be here at whatever point purchasers and clients need them.

Things You Should Be Aware of When Purchasing at BudMail

Bud via sends is irrefutably turning into a developing business in Canada. Despite the fact that Canada Post administration began to flame people and close down areas everywhere throughout the nation on the grounds that their administrations are getting to be less popular these days, there is still one viewpoint where Canada Post is developing quick and that is the bud via mail. This is currently being broadly utilized as a part of the conveyance of weeds via mail.

Pot is one of the unlawful substances seized by the Canada Post for over three years, yet actually, huge amounts of buds are presently crossing the visitors of this nation every year. This is presumably on account of the way that Canadians are currently given the lawful right to utilize weed for medicinal purposes. Upon some making sense of, one can consider who truly are permitted to develop these weeds for the individuals.

Dominant part of legitimate transport are currently being conveyed to lawful clients through Canada Post or other accessible mail administrations. Given these situations and situation, bud via sends as a developing business in Canada is no more an astonishment.

Shopping Weed Using BudMail Marijuana System

BudMail Marijuana Service offers quality cannabis at the most sensible costs. This gives magnificent determinations of value items that you can appreciate. This pot administration dispatches in diverse parts of Canada guaranteeing a safe and quick administration. The run down of cannabis items incorporates weed buds, edibles, separates and numerous more. BudMail Marijuana Service offers top evaluation, mid review and poor quality pot buds.

Top evaluation buds are said to be well-developed with higher-end strains. These are wonderful, clean smoldering, fragrant and intense. You can even demands for blended assortments of strains. Mid evaluation buds ensure OK quality and more basic strains. Mid evaluation accompanies less strength and flavour than top evaluation. Stand out or two Mi evaluation sorts are generally accessible at a given time.

The poor quality buds BudMail Marijuana Service offers are outside developed and lower-quality indoor buds. They likewise offer Shake Blend as lower evaluation choices. This is the blend of all their pack from mid evaluation to top evaluation strains. This administration supplier acknowledges instalment through email cash exchanges and cash orders.

Buying weeds from BudMail maryjane administration can really be an exceptionally significant choice, however you need to verify that your needs will totally be fulfilled when you benefit their administrations and that the welfare of others particularly the children are not bargained. For the individuals who detest pot, they have all the motivations to do as such, however the way that you aversion weed does not stop the development. Maryjane has gotten to be mainstream and boundless and you can even buy it with no bother at BudMail pot administration.

In any case, you have your piece of directing its development by method for guaranteeing that children are not given snappy access to weeds. We imagine that this is the part where BudMail maryjane administration is deficient. This administration supplier is not by any means looking out for the period of purchasers. This implies that they are not by any stretch of the imagination focusing if the purchasers are children and on the off chance that they are offered access to these.

Many people accept that this perspective is imperative. For a pot administration supplier, it is an absolute necessity to guarantee the welfare of the children and verify that weeds are just sold to people, who are normal, ready to manage the cost of these weeds and won’t be harmed in any capacity on account of acquiring these.

BudMail weed administration is noted as one of the freshest mail-request pot benefits in Canada, however not wire tapping age before acquiring items connotes that they don’t generally care regardless of the fact that it is the children who are getting to weeds. The length of they get sends, they are all the more on conveying them to purchasers without notwithstanding considering the ones getting to the weeds, on the off chance that they are now to their right side age or not.

The Edge of B may be the one and only bud via mail benefit that entirely and religiously holds fast to no-minors tenet or approach on the web. Is this truly imperative?

Indeed, in the event that you find the opportunity to take after and read stories about sympathy and dispensaries clubs being shut or close down all through the nation, you will perceive that one of the real reasons they got is offering to minors or under age purchasers. In Canada, an individual matured 19 years of age is as of now permitted to buy liquor, however regarding purchasing weed, we decline to permit anybody buy bud from us on the off chance that they are beneath 21.

They oblige clients to at any rate have one to two minutes one on one counseling call to verify that they are at the right age to be permitted to make their buys. In the event that the bud via mail administration you are wanting to utilize offers weeds to just about everybody without considering the period of purchasers, then better reconsider before being a client.

The soundness of the children and their welfare matters to us. In this way, at, they look out for purchasers’ age before issuing clients the items they are really paying for. They do this to help them abstain from managing unreliable people who are just focused on offering weeds and profiting out of it.

Top Notch Buds Offered at

Aside from religiously and entirely sticking to age rules, is likewise dedicated to giving best quality buds.

Selection and Quality

Item quality is the place gets to be generally known. Various bud mail request administrations offer and offer anything they get in their grasp. They are totally diverse in the matter of weeds.

Each item or pot strain they offer is initially checked by and by. On the off chance that these neglect to satisfy some clients actually, then there is no purpose behind these items to be showcased in the site.

Every one weed and concentrate is made with a hundred percent BC Bud that is developed, created, reaped and afterwards prepared by finest makers. Buy Weed Online Canada has a  few prominent strains of buds that are presently the essential food stock to numerous worldwide cultivators. The buds you can purchase online really come specifically from expert producers. They are people who have been developing buds for more than 20 to 30 years now. This basically implies that the buds you buy from are decently well ever get.

They verify that these to quality buds are just made accessible for the right purchasers and not to minors. Their last items contain no undesirable chemicals and no substandard developing routines and conditions.

Quality Control of our Buds

Their quality control is top notch. does not simply concentrate on cultivators and strains when checking quality. The preparing of buds is encouraged with extreme thought to quality.

The buds contain no added substances dissimilar to different buds offered by different merchants that accompany superfluous segments. It would be best to buy from and drop the rest. They offer immaculate extracts and high grade marijuana.

When you buy these weeds from them, you are really doing things right and you are sparing yourself from winding up with buds that are just made out of undesirable chemicals. Their buds are solely made by specialists with cutting edge and modern evaluation cleansing hardware and machine.

Apart from verifying that children don’t have entry to weeds, there are numerous different advantages you can get when you buy weed on the web. They offer the best choices than what customary block and mortar stores can offer. If the administration conveys constrained decisions or alternatives, then you are maybe managing a little time online supplier. They generally convey complete and wide choices to verify that the needs of clients are totally met. Awesome determination and quality comes as one.

Requesting weed from McChronalds aka BWO

Purchase request and purchase weeds online from and have the things conveyed by a specialist fortified convey driver originating from their select Canadian Postal Service.

They help guarantee that you will no more need to purchase weeds in the city once more. You can now put in your request at home while appreciating your home’s solace and security and have the best buds conveyed comfortable doorstep.

They just indulge the needs and requests of 21 years of age or more purchasers and they don’t serve kids. In this way, on the off chance that you have no charge cards to affirm or check your age, then it would be perfect to say that they need to see you in couple of years time when you are as of now at the right age to use buy weed online Canada ‘s website. totally legitimizes and kills the accompanying myths about online weed:

•Marijuana Bought Online is of Poor Quality offers weeds that are AAA+BC BUD.

•Online Marijuana is Ultimately Expensive or Over Priced

Their weed is sensibly estimated and they give 100% cash back assurance.

•Online Marijuana is not Secure or Safe to Purchase

Their weed is conveyed secretly and circumspectly and accompanies secured and watchful bundling.

Obtaining Weeds Made Easy For Canadians

In spite of the fact that we don’t concede simple access of weeds to children, they unquestionably make it a breeze for grown-ups and all purchasers who are more than 21years of age.

You should simply to go to, register for conference, submit your requests and the shipment will be en route. They are your most trusted wellspring of genuine pot conveyed on mail to your entryway paying little respect to your area in Canada.

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    Buy Weed Online BC Canada Buy Weed Online Canada and never experience the frustrations of dealing with an unprofessional street level weed dealer agai
    [See the full post at: Buy Weed Online BC Canada]


    Tim Boles

    I have sampled several of Ronalds products and can honestly say quality is 100%, quantity is 100% and service has been 100%. Thank you for providing a safe and secure place to access some of the worlds best medical grade marijuana products. You offer an outstanding variety of some of the best of the best. Thank you Ron for helping me find some relief from the chronic pain that has plagued me for years. I have also been able to greatly reduce the amount and number of prescription medications i need to take. Finding the right medication has improved my quality of life greatly. Do not underestimate the healing properties of marijuana. It is currently being used to heal many health problems including cancer, yes curing cancer! It also addresses the symptoms of many common ailments including chronic pain. Marijuana is a miracle drug that has improved many lives. Thanks again Ron. Keep up the great work! Peace TSB


    It was my first time purchasing so i was a little worried. But everything went well. FAST EASY purchasing with high quality products.



    I was hesitant at first – buying weed online. Ronnie gave me a call, and I’m glad I got a small order first time. I wasn’t used to the quality of bud I received. I am always happy with the service I get, for Ron takes care of his customers. He sent me a dab and a gram of kush for not getting my order out the same day. Even with his melt downs from over work. I honestly have not had a need to try anyother sites. McCronalds aka absolutely takes care of all my bud, dab, hash, etc needs. It’s always to the mg vacuum packed, and the best bud Ronnie can find. Awesome company
    (I love it) .



    I have used Ron’s service a few times. The products are always top quality, but customer service is bad. I had 2 mishap endings with orders. In one of them Ron had made it up very honestly but on the second one not. The problem is that he always blamed on me, the customer, and his response e-mails were often rude. I have tried. Budbuddy a few times. Their product is similar and their customer service is way better. But that is only my experience and I believe that in every field mistakes happen and maybe I was unfortunate, but again, my experience. Just to conclude, bad customer service but top notch product. If he fixes customer service bugs this will be top leader in the industry….


    Hi Ed,

    I first want to say I truly am sorry for being short and rude. I truly am sorry Ed.

    One large difference between me and budbuddy is that they are 10+ people doing the work. I was doing everything for 3 years straight with not a day off, if so maybe a sick day or broken car day or something like that. I have been on the brink of a nervous break down for a while. I got my self into a situation where i was forced to work literally 18 hrs a day 7 days a week for over a year and for the first year it was fine.. But as things got busier and my time shortened i got so burnt out i was getting crazy thoughts. I have had the dream of my life come into the business now and have let her take the rains for about 95% of the business. She doesnt smoke weed, “One of those SUPER HAPPY people without anything”, and i nabbed her from getting a job at the bank in stead. My customer service is at the best its ever been. All the customers love her to death. I can promise you if you give us another opportunity Ed you will see im back to being happy again. And the business runs 10 times better then it ever has.

    Regardless if you ever decide to come back to me big guy, I wanted to take this opportunity to apologize for being rude in front of everyone. You are a good person, and Yes.. I did kinda snap on you for no reason.

    Please accept my apology and take care.

    Best of luck 🙂

    Your old buddy Ron.



    I’ve made a few orders from this website, all turned out very well. Package arrived discreetly and small in my mailbox. I love the weed that I’ve gotten here, discovered I don’t have much of a taste for hash though. I’ve never had any problems with this site. Order always arrives quick and it always smells like heaven.
    I use marijuana for nausea, vomitting, appetite loss, and anxiety. Nothing fixes all these problems with only one (easily managed) side effect, dehydration. Drink plenty of water and you will feel like healthiest person in your neighborhood in no time at all.
    Marijuana is my cure-all and this is the only place I will buy it online.



    I live in Ontario and i was searching online for weed for the hell of it and came across bud buddy and buyweedonline,To be honest i never really planned on buying anything just wanted to check it out the sites and see what they offered, So i looked at bud buddy ,they had a bunch of nice product but no pic;s or anything like that and all you could do was e-mail them and wait for them to get back to you, I then decided to look at buyweedonline’s web site and right off the hop it got my attention, nice pic’s good info and a phone number, I never really had any plans on ordering anything cause i did’nt feel like getting ripped off, So for the hell of it i called the phone ,number,Well someone answers the phone coughing there head off (It was Ron lol ) I asked him a few questions and he talked to me for a bit , I felt comfortable taking to Ron enough so that once we were done i signed up and ordered so nice bubble hash, and it was best hash i’ve smoke in a very very long time,I got my ordered in a few days since it had to come to Ontario. YES i was not positive if i’d get it but i took the chance. And glad i did, I have also told alot of my buddies about buy weed line and they plan to order from here. and another thing Ron has incentives that bud buddy don;t have, point system to earn free weed and contests (which i won free weed for a yr) and i did get the package i wanted. So that being said I want to say Ron and buyweedonline is for real and i am glad i decided to make that call and talk to Ron in person. By the way it don;t matter what you buy online if it;s concert tickets to weed ,It’s a risk but so is crossing the street,So go buyweedonline and have a great day Cheers,



    I would like to say I just heard about the service a few weeks ago called. In talked to Ron on phone for about 10 min really nice dude, still have to place my first order. Love how he cares about his clients, the only thing is and I mean only is his prices are higher than bud buddy , like you could get. Ounce dilver red from bud buddy for 290 a grade, With Ronald it’s like north of 400


    Manny Kudlak

    With over 1 year(almost 2) of being a satisfied McChronalds customer. I can completely agree with everything in this article. Ron has been a cornerstone of how I explain the ordering process, to my older friends. I have tried other sites(in fact all mjm, budbuddy, bcbudmail, THC, MOM and even bbseyes). While each has one thing in common, price. Except for MOM who seems happy to charge an arm and a leg for mid grade stuff and call it high grade. I find that McChronalds offers one thing that I find the most important. Consistency! High grade is ALWAYS top notch stuff. If not Ron will make you aware that it is not and give you a reduced and fair price. McChronalds is the best there is.



    So, at first I was really worried about ordering online. I did my research and checked out every single site available to us in Canada. Then I was ready to order from bud buddy and had emailed them my questions, although when they got back to me they sent me back an email not answering any of my questions I had, what they sent me was just an email that they send to all their customers about how to order so i felt that they were not that professional. Then the same night i stumbled on this site and was very interested, as well I saw some of your videos you posted and you just sounded super friendly to me and someone i felt i could trust. So I signed up and you gave me a call the following night but i couldn’t answer, it was a bit late for me. So we ended up speaking i think a day later when I phoned you and i was super impressed about how you actually call your customers before we place orders, that procedure to me just made me feel that i can trust you. Anyhow, he spoke on the phone and we had a great convo, although near the end of our conversation i think I ticked you off a bit and you kind of got upset with me. I honestly felt so bad and was worried that you were not going to have me as a customer but it didn’t end up that way and I understand why you kind of got upset with me, im sorry again Ron for that day.

    So i finally placed my first order and everything was so professional from the ordering, to the delivery and the arrival of the product. My first strain I tried was Ambrosia, very good quality although the high was a bit light for me. So ive ordered a few times after that and i couldn’t be more pleased with every aspect of all the buds i received, i mean the taste, how it smokes, how it looks, the high etc Ive tried Ambrosia, Green Crack, Black Tuna, Champagne and Girl scout cookie. As I mentioned the Ambrosia as well as the champagne felt light in terms of the high. The other 3 strains ive tried the high was amazing and i was satisfied. All I could say is that Ron provides his customers with the best quality of bud available to him, ive been smoking forever and I’m very experienced and his bud is great!

    Ive asked Ron a few times along with my order in the comment section to try a sample of either an edible or shatter and I understand that everything costs money so im ok that I didnt receive anything. The only thing I could say is that I find the prices of your products a bit high and it can get very pricey for us customers. actually i cant speak for others but with my budget and the amount i burn its expensive for me. Dont get me wrong im very satisfied with the products you provide us with. but, again I understand the risk you take for us so its understandable the prices you have and you always try to send us different promotions for discounts.

    Anyhow, im so glad i found this place and thank you Ron for providing us this service.



    Hi Ron. As i wrote in our final email. I wish you the best of luck as your work is important no only for people who want to have a good time, but also for people with chronic pain condiions, like myself, who want to get the right medication without being exposed or ripped off in the Streets. Keep up the good work my friend. I know you mean well…



    Semi new to this way of getting my favorite “material”. Fully reccomend this to anybody who wants quality and attention to detail in service. Honestly. Better than Santa Clause!



    The service I have received from this site has been Great!

    I have used around 3 or 4 other sites in the past and I have yet to find a site that will provide weed wax/shatter concentrates of this quality or variety that this site offers.

    Some advice to anyone new…
    Read the site and comments
    most questions you may have will be there

    Thanks for everything Ron
    your service is the definition of Awesome
    cheers and happy toking everyone!



    This service is a dream come true.

    Always hoping to grab something decent is not how I want to live.

    Being able to choose EXACTLY what I want , KNOWING it’s incredible, is invaluable.

    Finally, I can now be the marijuana connoisseur I have always wanted to be without any worry!.

    Thank you Ron.

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