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In order to buy weed online in Canada from McChronald’s located in Vancouver BC, you will need the following.

  • Living Resident Of Canada
  • Canadian Bank Account
  • Of Legal Age
  • Your Own Personal Mailing Address


Vancouver’s Thriving Weed Scene

Buy Weed Vancouver

Vancouver BC has always been the hub for “BC Bud” that is world known for its potency and high quality.  Over the past 4  years their has been an uprising in marijuana dealers taking to the internet in many ways shapes and forums. Everything from the dark web buying weed from who knows what, to getting ripped off by the group here in Vancouver that just keeps making new websites and ripping off sometimes the same people twice before they shut down and move shop. has been serving its customers faithfully for over 4 years with the best customer service rating in the Canadian Marijuana Industry.

Gold Standard Customer Service

I pride my self in taking care of our customers the same way any fancy hotel would with their guests.  If you are not tech savvy we will be your liaison to helping you learn the fun and efficient world of online ordering and Interac e-Transfers.

We offer you the help you Vancouverites who need the discreteness of a mailed order of fresh BC marijuana arriving in less then 24 hrs in you are in the lower main land.  You can always trust your Local McChronald’s to do right by you and have integrity with every order and every call we make.

Who We Serve In Canada

McChronald’s now serves over 10,000 customers  Canada wide and is the #1 Respected and most positively reviewed recreational marijuana delivery service in Canada.  We stand by our customers and put them first every day.  The most important thing to us is that orders go out every day early and then again once or twice more if we have to in order to keep your packages arriving on time and faster then any other service can provide you with.

We have the staff to handle the large amounts of growth in this industry that has been crushing businesses because of their improper structuring.  We are the best choice for you appreciate this wonderful service that has been serving good wholesome mature adult Canadians for the past 4 years.

Best regards,

Ronald McChronald

Ronald J. McChronald