Can You Get High And Drunk At The Same Time

Can you Get High and Drunk at the Same Time?

Can you Get high and drunk at the same time? Some people may have experienced smoking weed and drinking alcoholic beverages at the same time. It may be an enjoyable experience for some, while others may find them selves puking in the bathroom and swearing that they will never mix the two again.

Can you Get high and drunk at the same time


What happens when you get drunk and smoke weed?

Have you ever wondered what happens to you’re  body when the result of getting high and drunk are mixed up in you’re system?  We can provide you with a reason why.

Scientifically, the combined effect or “getting cross-faded” is not that explored but the intoxicating effects of alcohol and marijuana have been widely studied. Marijuana contains THC  which acts on the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, while alcohol on the other hand depresses the central nervous system.

Research about getting drunk and high at the same time

A professor of psychology and neuroscience named Gary Wenk stated that comparing the two substances isn’t even like comparing apples and oranges. He said that “It’s apples and vegetables. They are very different drugs.” Based on the effects, THC largely affects our cognitive skills, like getting paranoid and you may notice that you are on a time zone warp while alcohol affects our motor skills, which gives you a hard time walking straight and making your speech clear.

Harvard Drunk and High Research

Scott Lukas, who teaches at Harvard Medical School conducted research regarding the interaction of various drugs in 2001. He found that after individuals smoke marijuana and drink a large dose of alcohol their THC levels in their blood plasma nearly double, compared to people who smoked weed and consumed a placebo drink.

Effects Of Drinking And Getting High : In This Research Test

The effects of marijuana on those who drank alcohol got stoned sooner than those who only smoked it and marked their experience as subjectively “better”. This means that getting drunk causes more THC to reach the brain through the bloodstream within the few minutes of absorption, it is also said that alcohol may cause changes in blood vessels that increases the absorption of inhaled THC in marijuana.

Lukas also stated that he is not worried that the combination of both substances could be lethal but getting cross-faded could be riskier than just getting drunk or high alone because the effect of both will be much stronger which means that accidents are most likely to happen. He also points out that the amount of drugs that he used for his research were lower than the levels that people often use while on a party.

Plan To Get Drunk And High At The Same Time

If you are planning on getting high and consuming alcohol at the same time, you need to be very cautious of what you are doing. Know you’re limit play with in it. Indulge yourself so you know how your body handles the effects of both. Based on my own experience,  when I started to smoke a joint then drink after getting high, I ended up feeling just fine which makes me enjoy doing both at the same time. All is for you to find out!!!

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    I fully agree–you can smoke weed, then start drinking, but God help you when you’re intoxicated on alcohol, and then smoke a big bowl of weed, cuz your ass is headed to the washroom to puke–if you’re lucky to get that far. I have been forced to puke in my office wastebasket! It doesn’t take many experiences like this to get smartened up, and stop doing it…


    Can you Get High and Drunk at the Same Time? Can you Get high and drunk at the same time? Some people may have experienced smoking weed and drinking a
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