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Follow the instructions in the subscription process, once completed you will be redirected to the account setup page.  This will get your account set up.

“If you make an order and do not meet the order release rules, we have the authority to keep your payment depending on the situation."  21+ ONLY + Other Restrictions.

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Authentic Strains

All our strains of marijuana are of the highest quality and are 100% authentic strains.  The pictures are real, and the comments are real.

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Why Is McChronald's The Best Value?

Quality control is Ronald's top priority.  We do not ever put an order together without 100% love and respect for everyone's privacy and considering discreetly packaged goodies professionally sealed with an invoice.

McChronald's is the only mail order marijuana company they have ever endorsed or promoted for the Canadian public.  McChronald's is your #1 source for trustworthy speedy weed delivery anywhere in Canada.

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