Cannabis and the Youth

Cannabis and the Youth

Chapter 4:

Medical marijuana may in some ways be beneficial, it cannot be denies that carries huge risk. With that fact that its abuse is prevalent across the world, surely the risk of marijuana abuse cannot be overlooked. When you asked the parents of the youth who have marijuana problems, you will find out how adverse its effects

Of course, the effect of marijuana to the youth and their minds varies in degree. Some might be minimal, while some might get caught up with short term side effects. While some of these youth smoke marijuana occasionally, several times a week or daily perhaps, when parents see the effect that its abuse to their children can only be nothing but heartbreaking.

Negative Effects Of Marijuana

The negative effects of marijuana to the youth can only be described like a flower wilting and losing its bloom every single day. Medical marijuana is helpful in alleviating symptoms and treating certain diseases, but street or recreational marijuana is another case. It is much more potent and without proper administration, it could prove to be lethal to the minds of the youth, particularly.

To give definition to the other side of marijuana, described below are the adverse effects and consequences that comes with heavy use of marijuana. What will be described is the use of street or recreational marijuana, in contrast to the medical use of marijuana.

Concerns of Adolescents Using Recreational Marijuana

Adolescence is a time period wherein many developmental changes occur. This time, brain functions are developing and it is also the time wherein their friends and peers are more influential than the family. As such, it is easy for the youth to be influenced in using marijuana if they choose wrong friends or if not properly guided.

Marijuana Abuse

The abuse of marijuana has been linked to a range of social as well as developmental problems to the youth. Studies have shown that persistent use of recreational cannabis is associated in the decline of certain neuropsychological functions such as IQ, cognition and memory. Furthermore, other negative effects of marijuana include indifference and lack of motivation, easily forgetting things and poor stewardship and others which can greatly affect their relationship with others as well as their studies.

But what could a parent do in this situation? How can they prevent such a thing to happen to their child? What is important is that you should never lose hope for your child. They may have wasted a year or two, but that does not mean they can’t recover. It may be a hard time helping your child goes back to his old self, but if you act quickly and with love, surely you can help your child into growing out of his marijuana dependency.

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    Cannabis and the Youth Chapter 4: Medical marijuana may in some ways be beneficial, it cannot be denies that carries huge risk. With that fact that it
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