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Well ..technically it could be quite possible. If you type in marijuana ALIEN DNA into Google you may come across several dozen links all leading to a similar click-bait-article. The article is just there to get you to click on it and prove that  people will just about click or share anything prior to even lets say reading the actual article.

We here at BUYWEEDONLINE.CA, on the other hand, are actually going to take a closer look at whether or not marijuana contains “ALIEN DNA”.

Essentially it all comes down to how you think of life propagating throughout the Universe.  Most scientists today will agree that  life didn’t begin here on Earth, rather it “arrived” via a comet or meteorite.

Life had to have began somewhere but odds are that it wasn’t good ol’ planet Earth. Instead it was probably another galaxy or solar system (much older then our own) where the first living organisms (single-celled organisms) came into existence in some-sort-of primordial soup.

Believe it or not marijuana is a living and breathing organism. If you have enjoyed some of the many highs or benefits this plant has to offer you will probably agree that it is something from out of this world-perhaps even this galaxy!

AND since life probably didn’t begin here on Earth, every living organism on this planet, marijuana and us alike-contain some form of ALIEN DNA!

As a matter of fact we just got some BRAND NEW PRODUCT in actually called ALIEN DAWG.

It’s a high-grade indica/sativa and is best for day-time use. It is a favorite among most sativa users. Light-green with red/orange hairs. Has an amazing earthy aroma. Very up-lifting high; but does get you very stoned.

Possesses genes from both Northern California and Afghani strains.  Because of its quality heritage and genetic it possesses high quanitities of THC. Generally around the 20% mark.

Many users have reported feelings of euphoria, relaxation, happy, up-lifted after smoking/vaping.



The Evolution of Marijuana in the 21st Century

The Evolution of Marijuana in the 21st Century

Marijuana the turn-around

Some of us may remember a time not too long ago, when marijuana was something that was extremely frowned upon. From incarceration to severe punishment, fines or penalties and in parts of the world even facing death; being the consequence of getting caught with it.

Luckily today things seem to be quite different from weed legalization to general overall acceptance of it, things are looking up for “Mary”.


The marijuana that is available to us today, whether through medicinal dispensaries or any other means; isn’t what was being passed around during the “hippie” days.

As a matter of fact, the weed that floats around now-a-days has been genetically modified by means of either cloning and hybridization.

From various strains of kush to earthy or floral sativas there seems to be a whole lot more variety available to us, then years passed.

Generally speaking most strains available today whether be it indica or sativa all are hybrids. There are really slim-to-none chances of finding a 100% pure indica or 100% pure sativa. Most are combinations of the two,  and usually 10-30% one over the other. (Congolese however is a one-of-a-kind marijuana that can be found in 100% pure sativa; though searching for it may prove to be quite difficult, perhaps even futile)


Looking Ahead

Looking ahead into the future,  it seems like more and more people will enjoy the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Scientists may possibly find cures or perhaps even more benefits of the plant (as the genetic research has only just reached the tip of the iceberg). Old ways of thinking about marijuana are changing and the world is becoming more and more amazed at the wonders behind this God-sent plant -as science sheds new light on it with each passing day.

Keep your Head up! If things keep unfolding as they do soon medicinal marijuana will be available to all those truly need it and readily accessible –at lower costs then EVER before!



Top 20 Jamaican/Blazing Riddims

Top 20 Jamaican/Blazing Riddims

Here’s our compilation of top 20 Jamaican/Blazing Riddims: (Perfect for when you’re smoking a joint or simply just laying back relaxing)

  •  Welcome to Jamrock – Damian Marley                                                            This is a classic weed song – most will know it but if you haven’t heard it definitely check it out! Unfortunately we couldn’t find a non-censored version of it, but it’s still great!
  • Stir it Up – Bob Marley                                                                                        Can’t have a Jamaican playlist without good ol’ Bob Marley.
  • Protoje – Rasta Love                                                                                                Just a good vibes, love filled song. Perfect when you’re smoking with your significant other.
  • Patience – Damian Marley ft. Nas                                                                      Deep song, lots of meaning to it. Asking some serious questions.
  • Skrillex – Ragga Bomb                                                                                           This song is so intense. It takes the Jamaican vibe to a whole new level. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, there a sweet little surprise near the end of the video.
  • Bob Marley – One Love                                                                                     Another classic by our main man. One love.
  • Richie Spice – Ghetto Girl                                                                                           If you liked Rasta Love by Protoje, you will probably like this one too! Good vibes.
  • Gyptian – Hold Yuh (remix)                                                                                        This one is also great for listening to with your partner. One love.


Hope You ENJOY!