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Good Weed Vs Bad Weed

Difference Between Good and Bad Weed (Good Weed Vs Bad Weed)

Let’s face it. When you are a pot smoker, either new or veteran, you always want to buy good quality weed. Quality is always a must and we all know that there is a price to pay for a good quality weed and here at Mc Chronalds this is something that we value. The weed that we sell and give our customers are being selected personally by Ron to ensure that all of you get the quality that you truly deserve.


The question is, how can we distinguish the good weed from the bad weed? Here are some pointers to consider when selecting a good quality weed.

  1. Also called as trichome. When you closely look at the weed and you see a lot of crystals in it, then it’s a good sign that the weed is going to give you a pretty high. If you have a grinder, then you can catch the crystals and make sure to never miss it once you roll a joint or whoever way you smoke the weed.


  2. The buds are not too dry nor too wet.

    A sign of a good weed is that you can feel that it is a little bit sticky when you break it. It should not be too dry that it just crumbles when you break it. On the other side, if your weed is too wet then it is not also a good thing.  You should be able to stretch the weed in the most possible way you can.

  3. Color.

    Good weed should always be green in color with a touch of purple, red or orange hairs in it. BROWN color is a bad weed. Look also for hairs on the buds, a good sign of a Primo weed is that is has a lot of hairs.


  4. SMELL

    Dank weed usually smells so strong that you could even smell it right from the bag. You might also notice the fruity aroma from those strains like grapefruit or bubble gum. Bad weed smells like dried leaves or sometimes doesn’t have smell at all.


    If you have been smoking weed for some time, then probably you have an idea that the one you have is either good or bad. The more and more you buy, the better are your chances of being a pro when it comes to identifying what is good or not.


UBC Chemo Marijuana

UBC Chemo Marijuana : Everything You Need To Know About This Strain


UBC Chemo was developed at the University of British Columbia and is the best strain of marijuana to combat the sickness caused by chemotherapy.  There are many different strains of marijuana that have gained a following from users being satisfied by their results. That is not the case with the UBC Chemo Marijuana Strain. This particular Indica strain has been renowned for its uniqueness since it was developed almost forty years ago. Its namesake of UBC comes from the University of British Columbia, where the strain was conceived and developed as a treatment for severe nausea and pain that occurs with chemotherapy. Now the UBC Chemo Marijuana Strain is being used widely for its medical capabilities, which we will explore here.

Basic Properties

One of the first things that many people comment upon with the UBC Chemo Marijuana Strain is that it is a very dense bud with UBC Chemo Marijuanaexpressions that range between green and the darker hues of purple. When it is smelled in its unlit form, this particular strain has a very distinct smell that is often described as earthy, rich, and woody. While the smell of the UBC Chemo Marijuana Strain is not nearly as overwhelming as other strains it is definitely noticeable, which is important if that is a concern of yours.

When it is being smoked it assumes a taste that is easily described as hashy and pungent, but tends to vary between users. Some people have even said that the taste can border on lemon, which has been seen positively as contributing to the woodsy flavor, but others have said reminds them of cleaning products.


The UBC Chemo Marijuana Strain is well-known for its potency when being used for medical purposes. The reason that it was developed to be so strong was so that it could quickly and effectively counteract the pain and nausea that is experienced by chemotherapy patients. Most people who smoke this particular strain are feeling the effects within fifteen to twenty minutes. For this reason, it is well-known that people can take in too much of this drug and “over-do” it to the point where it can become difficult to coordinate yourself enough to walk properly. Still, the overwhelmingly positive benefits outweigh the time that a person will need to adjust to the effects of the UBC Chemo Marijuana Strain.

Overall Effects

The UBC Chemo Marijuana Strain is one of the most effective means of combating nausea and other symptoms from chemotherapy. It is a strain that can certainly help induce a person’s appetite so that they are able to eat enough to nurture their body through times of medical turmoil. The UBC Chemo Marijuana Strain is described as a wonderful sleep aid for people who suffer from pain and general discomfort. One of the drawbacks that is absent in this particular strain is a feeling of paranoia or being closed in upon. Instead, it is a great way to treat insomnia and has the ability to help people with a wide range of medical problems.

Top Benefits of Using Weed

Using WeedThere are multiple benefits of using weed. It is grown and found everywhere in the world. It is also called pot, grass, cannabis, ganja or marijuana. It is taken out from seeds, leaves and flowers of cannabis plants. The effects of smoking weed depend upon two things. Firstly, it depends upon the strain. It can be either weak or potent. Therefore, the kind of weed plays an important role in determining the strength of weed for the person smoking it. Secondly, it also depends on where the weed plant was cultivated and how it was grown. This helps in determining the strength of weed in potency and flavor.

Types Of Weeds

The benefits of using weed mainly depend on the type of weed plant. Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indicia are the two types of weed plants that are usually bred together. This results in an exclusive blend having properties of both plants. Cannabis Indica is popular for its mental benefits where as Cannabis Stiva is famous for its calming effects to the human body.

The consumption of weed has 5-12 effect on the human system, however, smoking weed has 3-4 hours effect on the human body. The usage of weed is different for everybody. It depends on your stamina, mind state and health.

Benefits of Using Weed To Human Body

The basic reactions by using weed include, dryness of mouth, increased blood pressure, redness of eyes, slower reflexes, rapid breathing, increased heart beat and increased in appetite. However, there are enormous benefits of using weed also. These include the following.

  • It helps in reducing anxiety
  • It helps in relieving physical pain of the body
  • It increases libido
  • It gives you a feeling of light weight
  • The usage of weed heightened the sense of touch, hearing and smell
  • It relaxes your body.

Medicinal Uses of Weed

The benefits of using weed is not only limited for relaxing your body. It has also several medical benefits. It helps in the treatment of glaucoma, asthma, alcohol abuse, depression, anorexia nervosa, gliomas epilepsy, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, sleep apnea and many more.

Not only this, Weed also helps in curing major health conditions, such as AIDS, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer and brain cancer.

Using WeedConclusively, weed is a safe drug to inhale or consume for most individuals. The benefits of using weed are enormous, since it is an important drug that helps in the treatment of many diseases.

High Grade Marijuana

High Grade Marijuana

McChronald’s high grade marijuana is some of the best in the country.  McChronald’s Master Kushprides it’s self on having the highest grade marijuana available for Canadians all the time.   You can simply order online after having your telephone consultation.  You can register for that here.

Why Is High Grade Marijuana More Expensive?

High Grade marijuana is simply taken care of much more intensely then just some plants that are thrown in dirt and allowed to grow.  High Grade bud takes 400% more man hours to grow then just some regular buds you get in your closet.  Many factors go into ensuring the bud is top quality from the plant food PPM, to the temperature, CO2, UVB, humidity, and so many other factors that regular buds just don’t have and is clearly seen in at the very first sight of the bud.  A high grade bud will be loaded with crystal, and get you stones off less then a whole joint.  High grade bud also has a lot to do with the flushing, clipping, and curing process.  This can sometimes be as much work as growing the plant its self.  You can use machines to take the leaves off your bud, but if you do that, you end up with lower grade bud and is the absolute opposite result we want to achieve.  So any high grade marijuana you get from McChronalds will definitely be hand trimmed.

Bubble hash is a high grade marijuana extract taking the essential oils from the marijuana plant and compressing them into a solid without the plant matter.  I personally feel this is a much more healthy choice as marijuana’s plant matter does produce carcinogens when burned like any other plant matter does.  Just burning the essential oils “Hashish” you are only smoking the best part of the plant while leaving most of the bad smoke out of your lungs.