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Buy Weed Online

Buy weed from over 10 available strains including high grade hash, and THC weed wax. Find the top strains BC has to offer below such as Pink Kush, Candy Jack, Chemo, and more .  If the button below the picture says Read More “Its Because Its NOT in Stock”.


Mail Order Kush

Kush is a sub-strain of Indica marijuana originating from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. It was one of the first strains of weed you could buy used in official medical research in the U.K. way back.  When you think about how far its come it sure is nice to know you can order it online and have it delivered directly to you anywhere in Canada by professional, insured and bonded drivers. Mail order Kush from McChronalds and we will have it delivered to you anywhere in Canada by Canada Post Express Post service.  For most major cities that is a 2 day service (sometimes 1 day when it’s Calgary or Vancouver) and it costs $15.  If not in BC or AB then it goes up to $18.

Mail Order Sativa

Sativa marijuana strains have a green grassy odor and provide an energetic and enthusiastic high perfect for daytime use.  Inspiring and energizing, Sativa strains or hybrids that are predominantly Sativa are used by artists and musicians alike to get in the creative mindset and get to work.  Sativa strains will give you a feeling of at ease comfort with up-lifting and cerebral thoughts. It is used by many to energize them, to increase focus and fight depression.  It will also help with lack of appetite and ennui.

Why Buying Weed Online Is Safer

There are so many good reasons to buy weed online.  For starters it’s so convenient.  Where ever you are in Canada you will have access to the best BC Bud at very reasonable prices delivered to you by an professional bonded driver.  It is all done with upmost discretion and professionalism.  There are no hidden costs, just the product cost and the shipping fees.  Are you having a hard time getting your hands on quality and variety of weed where you live? Would you rather not have to deal with street dealers and the ugly world that is part of?  Do you want to have product you can trust and depend on again and again?  Then ordering weed online is for you.  IT IS SAFER.  All our products, from the Indicas to the Sativas to the hybrids to the THC extracts, are grown by professional hydroponic farms.  No closet production here; only standardized industry norm techniques and processes.  Every strain we offer is grown by the best growers and from the best parentage in British Columbia – No more worrying about additives or chemicals you don’t know are there or not.  “Streets are mean and eventually they sting.”

Buy Dabs Online

Buy Dabs Online

Buy dabs online and have them delivered directly to your door.  Enjoy of all kinds of THC dabs from 98% THC weed wax, shatter, BHO, hash oil, weed oil, CBD oil, and honeycomb wax, bubble hash, and more.  All our THC dabs are professionally made by trained technicians.  All dabs for sale are made with the highest grade 5X or 7X filtered butane, raw Propane, and Grain Alcohol.  Purging takes place with a professional grade heated vacuum chamber specifically designed for purging large amounts of cannabis wax and THC extracts.

Types Of Dabs We Sell

McChronald’s mail order marijuana service tries our best to stock a vast selection of high grade THC extracts or formally known as “dabs”.  All our products are professionally purged with industry leading equipment.


1. 98% THC Weed Wax Dabs

THC weed wax is the most popular THC extract and is the most flavourful in my personal opinion.  THC wax must not have a milky tint to it as this simply means a presence of solvent still in the extracted THC.  Buy 98% THC Weed Wax here.

2.  99% Weed Shatter Dabs

Weed shatter is the same as THC weed wax but involves one more extra step of adding pure grain alcohol to the mixture of liquid butane and extracted THC and is then filtered multiple times threw superfine #6 coffee filters before entering the purging stage.  The addition of the second solvent “alcohol” will remove any left over THC from the casings as well as provide a more viscus liquid to filter that will not be as sticky, theirfor loosing less extracted THC oil.

3.  CBD Oil Dabs

CBD oil is the easiest to make once the THC is removed from the plant.  See THC removal for more information.  CBD oils is extracted from the marijuana flowers with pure alcohol “grain alcohol is best”.  The marijuana flowers are ground up and soaked in alcohol for a period of 24hrs.  The plant material is filtered out  and the alcohol is evaporated off leaving behind the CBD oils.

4.  Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is usually made from the clippings from the marijuana plants.  Mature marijuana buds have their haircuts done over a clean sheet or tarp to ensure they don’t hit the ground.  The clippings are mixed in a bucked of ice cubes and cold water to remove the trichomes from the plant matter.  The trichomes are then collected usually using bubble bags and are compressed to make bubble hash.  Different sized bubble bags give you different quality hash depending on the mesh sizes.  Smaller mesh sizes leave behind smaller trichomes that are filled to the brim with THC while the larger trichomes can have little to no THC inside them if the marijuana grower wasn’t doing his job correctly. Click here to buy the best bubble hash dabs you have ever smoked.

5.  Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson oil is made exactly the same way CBD oil is made.  The only difference is that you use dried marijuana flowers that still have THC on them.  In fact, the higher the THC level the better for these types of dabs. Basically, Rick Simpson oil is a branded name for Marijuana Bud Oil.  Its simply marijuana oil made only from the best quality buds instead of the typical weed oil that is only made with clippings.  Weed oil is not usually powerful though still contains lots of CBD and is a good substitute for CBD oil if you don’t mind a little THC.

Visual and Physical Differences

All THC extracts look, smell and taste quite different.  They all have their own distinct differences in look, smell, taste, and physical effects.  Some are more powerful and good for falling a sleep while others are better for altering your physiological and/or neurological state. “I am not a Dr.  These views are from my own personal experiences with these extracts”

1. 98% THC Weed Wax
THC Weed Wax
This blue NoGoo container is about twice the size of a toonie.  Its holding 21 grams of THC weed wax.

THC weed wax should look like a dark honey on a piece of parchment paper.  It will be much less viscous with a constancy of soft caramel.  You will break off little pieces and either roll it up in a little ball and put in your vapor pen, or take a piece off with your dabber for a nice hoot in your nail system dabbing rig.  If you do not have a nail system dabbing rig you can buy a good one for about $50.

2.  99% Weed Shatter

Sativa Weed ShatterWeed shatter is basically the same thing as weed wax but has more clarity and a sweeter taste.  Properly made weed shatter will be like a piece of colored glass that will shatter when pressed on with your dabber tool.  Its taste will be almost citrus like, the taste of pure THC.  Most of you have not experienced the true taste of pure THC.  Those of you who do not live in Vancouver or Toronto are probably only thinking they had  the real thing.  But I can 99.9% guarantee you have not.  Try it and tell me, what did you taste?  Did you taste citrus?  That’s the natural taste of pure THC.  No solvents, red hairs, or crystal casings to alter the purity of the weed shatter.

3.  CBD Oil

CBD oil is a dark black oil.  It will no viscosity and will have a deep weed smell to it but unlike the marijuana it was stripped from if that makes any sense.

4.  Bubble Hash
Buy Hash Online
Pure unprocessed bubble hash of the highest quality humanly possible to make.
Buy Hash Online
This is the same type of bubble hash as above but is worked. I don’t like this simply because someone was squishing it in their hands for along time to get it this way… What’s the point unless your trying to hide keif inside?

Bubble hash can look a few different ways.  The best bubble hash will be unworked and very rough looking.  Its basically just a bunch of high oil content THC crystals stuck together. Some people will work the crystals like doe to create a more appealing looking product that will take on a shiny look and more of a softer feel to it.  The difference is in production.  In my personal opinion, less process is better with hash.  The more its worked the less potent it is and can also mean that their is dust, dirt, and epithelial.  I prefer not to have this in my hash if possible.

5.  Rick Simpson Oil
Rick Simpson in his green house in Nova Scotia drying out his marijuana getting ready to make into oil.

Rick Simpson oil is a very dark oil.  It will smell like what ever bud you have made it from and is basically concentrated bud.  This branded name oil has been associated with adding in the treatment of cancer and in many personal cases have make cancer go into remission with a specific Rick Simpson Oil oral regiment lasting anywhere form 90 -180 days and increasing your dosage as much as possible ongoing.  This is also used for dabbing as it’s highly concentrated THC and CBD oil together.

Types Of Dabbing Rigs

Their are many types of dabbing rigs for doing you dabs.  Some of these methods are much better then others.  The below methods are the ones I know of and personally use on a regular basis.

1.  Vape Pens

G-Pen Dabbing Rig Vape Pens are the most discrete type of dabbing rig and is also the most versatile.  Unfortunately its the least efficient way of getting high from your THC extracts unless you have some crazy $300+ super charged vape pen with a  turbo charger in it.  Some of you will get lucky and find cheap ones that rock, like mine here I bought for $120 in Mark Emery’s weed shop on Hastings St in Vancouver.

2.  The Nail And Torch System

Dirty Dabbing Rig The nail and torch dabbing rig system is by far the best way to get the most out of your dabs.  This system uses a nail that is heated to over 500° Celsius and then has a special dabbing water bong that it fits into.  A glass dome is placed over the red hot nail to keep the bellowing smoke in the chamber.  Once Dabber Rig With Domethe dome is places over the nail you put your dabber laced with extract into the red hot nail burning the extract and giving you your hoot.  This is basically a water bong with a conversion kit you put into it, or you can buy specifically made dabbing rigs just for the job.

Effects Of Dabbing With THC Extracts

Dabbing with THC extracts is by far the most efficient and effective way of absorbing THC or  CBD into your body.  In stead of the traditional flower smoking, the essential THC and CBD oils are stripped from the plant throwing away the most unhealthy part of the plant.  The actual plant matter creates harmful chemicals you breathe in just as if you were to stand in front of a camp fire inhaling smoke.  The fact are that  dabbing is less harmful way to absorb large amounts of THC and CBD without having to smoke the actual marijuana flower its self.

How Much Do Dabs Cost?

Dabs are by far the most expensive marijuana product.  Costing as much as an expensive bottle of wine, this product is ultra powerful and will impress the most experienced of marijuana smoking connoisseurs, and heavy duty ultra stoners.  Dabs range anywhere from $50 per gram to over $100 depending on how they were made and of what quality they are.  Some dabs are made very crudely and have barely no purging if any done at all.  This will result in a very harsh product that has solvent residue and will have a less expensive price then the more expensive professionally made THC extracts.  Professionally made THC extracts such as weed wax and shatter need to be purged using equipment such as displayed here.

Where Do You Buy Dabs?

Before you buy dabs online from just anyone you need to take a few things into consideration. Can the person you are purchasing from honestly tell you what they were made from and what solvent and purging method was used.  Next time ask these four questions to your current dab dealer.

a) Is the dab wax made from Sativa or Indica
b) Is it made with alcohol, propane, butane, or a combination
c) Is it filtered or not
d) How is it purged and what is it purged with

You should only buy dabs online from reputable weed wax extract dealers such as McChornalds mail order marijuana.  McChronalds purchases its dabs from a British Columbia’s leading commercial dab lab.

McChronald’s High Quality Dabs

Our dabs are of the highest quality and do not contain any solvents in a level that is high enough to consider harmful as of todays health standards.  Dabs are fairly simple to make, but extremely technical and difficult to make properly.  You must have a production line like process to ensure you are doing it safely.  You also need very expensive equipment including a vacuum chamber, electric purge vacuum, filters, pure grain alcohol, and special equipment if using propane to get the propane out of the bottle safely.  BHO butane hash oil dabs are the most commonly made simply because you don’t have to use propane.  Propane is the most volatile solvent to use and simply a scary way to make THC weed wax.

Do Not Try Unprofessionally Made Dabs!

The main health information to give you regarding unpurged BHO or propane extracts is that if they are not professionally purged with the proper equipment you will be inhaling burning butane and propane vapor.  This I can assure you is not only bad for your health, no one really knows the long term effects of inhaling such solvents, but I can guarantee you 100% it isn’t good!  So before you cheap out or don’t want to sped the high price of $100 per gram from for professionally made dabs think about this.  Yes, the cheap stuff will get you high as heck, but think about what those solvents your smoking is doing to your brain?  Its 1000% times worse to smoke improperly made BHO then you can imagine.  Please, for health effects yet to be known, only purchase your professionally purged dabs from a reputable dab distributor like McChronald’s mail order marijuana.

Dangers Of Trying To Make Your Own Dabs

DO NOT try to make your own dabs.  BHO or formally known as “butane hash oil” is made from an extremely flammable gas that can ignite without warning with a simple static electric charge.  The same spark in your cell phone that can make gas pumps blow up can also make your BHO blow up in your face as well.  This is a guaranteed way to go to jail and probably involve not only the police, but the fire department, ambulance, insurance companies, and whole lot of grief.

Making BHO dabs produces a butane gas cloud.  If a spark or anything gets close enough you are going to blow up along with everything around you.  The other major health issue with making dabs is the solvent residue left over from the boiling off process.  Purging the solvent has many steps and required speciality equipment to properly purge the solvent from the extracted THC oil.  The actual process to making high grade professionally made dabs is a closely kept industry secret.  You can find recipes, but just save your self the trouble, risk, and embarrassment of trying to make your own dabs.