Ronald McChronald
Ronald McChronald is the Founder if McChronalds mail order marijuana Canada. McChronalds provides recreational marijuana to mature Canadian adults delivered directly to their door.

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Toll Free:  888-314-5827

Skype:  ronald.mcchronald



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242 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. You guys accepted my money but have not sent me a email with my tracking number. my order is #51424. please send my order as soon as you read this message thanks.

  2. I also was a constant client. I have also tried to use coupon codes in the past with them always being expired so I gave up on ordering online. Figured I would give it another shot as I get tired of standing in line at our dispensaries. Tried to buy 500.00 worth and used the code that was good until Dec 1st to no avail again. Time to get in line again

    1. We just made a change to the coupon. I think its a timezone issue. The date and time of our server is synced to PST. I’m not 100% sure if this is the issue, but i changed the date of the coupon till the 2nd so it should work now. Sorry for the inconvenience. 🙁

  3. Hi, i’ve receive many of your “PROMOTION” recently, however, your coupon has code never worked out on me. Today I received another e-mail promotion as usual, at 4pm Today, and when i tried to place order online at night, the coupon code is already expired. Is this a joke? I am also a repeated customer, help me out. This is getting frastrating.


  4. Your web and phone communications are totally screwed up… I’ve done a lot of previous business with you… but you seem to find new ways to suck at basic IT infrastructure… This evening I tried to order some weed only to have it tripled without rhyme or reason… I love the service but you need to get your shit together… By the way… I’m not going to pay for your inflated order…

    1. Canada Post has increased the cost of shipping by making us use the large bubble mailers in stead of the old letter type. Shipping charges are crazy now. We do eat a bit of of the shipping costs still. If your order was tripled, you must have pressed something by accident. It wouldn’t just change to three orders for no reason. Also, if you want to delete stuff from your cart you can not do it from inside the cart or checkout pages. You must go to any other page on the site, just the homepage works and you will see a new widget that allows you to remove products from you cart. Darcy, how can I make you not mad at me anymore? RM>

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