Cannabinoids in Medical Marijuana

Cannabinoids in Medical Marijuana

Cannabinoids are now being widely researched by scientists all around the world because of its amazing healing properties.  The term medical marijuana or medical cannabis refers to how cannabis as well as its cannabinoids constituent like the cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for medical or therapeutic purposes such that of to alleviate symptoms and to treat certain diseases. Contrary to what others knew and believed, the cannabis plant actually has a long history of medical use since ancient times all over many cultures. However, these past years it is not a secret that marijuana is the most abused illegal drugs, not only in the US but as well as across the world.



Phyto–cannabinoids, also known as cannabinoids or exo–cannabinoids, are differentiated from endo-cannabinoids due to their production from enzymes in a plant opposed to being manufactured in a human, or better yet, a mammal. Cannabinoids come in many shapes and functions. Today, there are many known unique phytocannnabinoids and synthetic cannabinoids. Laboratories, like Montana Biotech, are currently assisting in cannabinoid testing. This service can help patients get the most from this ancient plant, cannabis. Read Full Post…

Modern Use For Marijuana

For that reason, marijuana’ modern use is very much controversial. With that being the fact, many medical organizations and concerned individuals are opposed with the usage of medical marijuana. However, it cannot be denied that cannabis is beneficial in alleviating symptoms and treating specific medical conditions if only it is properly used. Reason for this is that even though marijuana indeed has medical benefits, it should not be administered until further research is done to ensure its safe use.

There are also some misconceptions that relate to marijuana and which confuses people even more when it comes to how it can actually benefit them. With the being the case, here are some quick facts about marijuana that will help you get how exactly medical cannabinoids help you. You can learn all about marijuana with these.

Is Marijuana Medicine or Not?

A lot of people don’t believe that marijuana has medicinal benefits. The thing here is that these people believe that the marijuana in question is the kind of marijuana that is often abused. The marijuana in question is actually termed as “medical marijuana” which refers wholly to the unprocessed plant or perhaps the basic extracts of the plant.

The marijuana plant itself is not approved to be a medicine. However there are chemicals inside of marijuana that are approved for their medicinal and therapeutic effects. This thus means that there could be more medications if there research is continued. Street marijuana and medicinal marijuana contains the same quality which means they both carry the same risks.

For the reason that certain canabinoids are effective in treating certain diseases, scientists therefore specifically breed the best strains of marijuana for medical purposes and making medical marijuana oil so as they are not confused with street marijuana. Marijuana oils are also less desirable to users of recreational marijuana as it isn’t exactly intoxicating.

Why it is that Marijuana is not FDA Approved?

The reason why marijuana is not approved is because the FDA requests for more research to know more about the effects of marijuana as well as its risks. More studies and research will also help in establishing the benefits of marijuana and what medical conditions it will be effective. It is only that there are not enough large scale research and clinical trials that can successfully show the benefits of marijuana that will outweigh the risks that comes with it.

What is Medicinal Marijuana or Cannabinoids?

Medicinal marijuana or specifically the cannabinoids is a chemical related to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which the main mind-altering ingredient inside of marijuana. There are actually more than 100 other cannabinoids inside of marijuana. Some of these cannabinoids are extremely dangerous and can lead to adverse health effects if they are abused. For these reason that is it’s hard to find legalized marijuana in USA or other countries before. The body actually contains and produces its own cannabinoids which are what regulates memory, thinking, pleasure, appetite, pain, concentration, body movement, and even the senses.

In What Way are Medicinal Marijuana Helpful?

As of the recent there are only two cannabinoids that are approved for their medicinal benefits. These two are the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and the CBD or cannabidiol. It is known that THC is able to increase the appetite as well as reduce nausea. THC-based medications that are approved by the FDA are then used for these purposes.

Moreover, THC is able as well too decrease pain and inflammation – that is redness and swelling symptoms. It can also be used for problems in muscle control. On the other hand, CBD is known to be a cannabinoid that does not have relative effect to the mind nor someone’s behavior. It is mainly used for pain and inflammation as well as in controlling of seizures of people suffering from epilepsy. It is possible as well that CBD may be able to cure addictions and mental illness.


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    Cannabinoids in Medical Marijuana Cannabinoids are now being widely researched by scientists all around the world because of its amazing healing prope
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