Fentanyl Laced Weed

Fentanyl Laced Weed

Fentynal, the man-made murdering opiate added to street weed!!  Why?!!?

Can you believe people are lacing weed with fentanyl to make it more potent.  This is a potential killer, and is killing people.  This is a real problem that is just starting.

That man-made crap is a killer if you haven’t been reading, listening to or watching the news lately.  50 to 100 times more powerful than heroin street pushers and dealers use it to sell to add to whatever they are selling because its cheap and they can charge the real item’s (heroin etc) retail-street price.

1. What kind of human decides to sell anything that kills its buyer?

2. This is an important reason to use us, buyweedonline.ca SAFETY.  In the world of The street just gets more dangerous.

Because our professional farmers, who produce powerful THC yielding weed do not add anything to what is already the most powerful in the world whereas, creeps and nasty hateful greedy dealers and their street pushers will—for money. Sick sick sick subhumans.

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