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McChronalds review time baby… Hit me up… What’s happening?  Also check out the Reviews here for tones more comments

Ronald McChronaldPlease leave comments and reviews for McChronalds and Ronald McChronald his self.  We want you to tell everyone your experiences both positive and negative so more people like you self will stop buying street weed and start buying weed from the leader in mail order marijuana, McChronalds man!

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  1. Ron today I placed an order and I thought I would get in on the Coupon Code discount, not to be. I tried entering the code several times, each time it indicated that the code had expired. I even tried once again after I received a second email from you to use the code today. My order was well within the time even factoring in the time zone difference. My order was based on the premise that a discount was in effect, I’m sorry but I had to cut my order in half, I could not afford the whole amount without the discount, so I just purchased a sale item. I know codes don’t apply to sale items, the items I cancelled were not sale items. Usually very satisfied now a bit disappointed. Hopefully you can rectify the problem with your coupon codes maybe a credit for those who tried but failed to receive the advertised deal? Thank you for your consideration and keep up your otherwise excellent service. I look forward to reviewing my latest order.

    1. For future reference, its only a hand full of people that ever have issues, I have no idea what the issue would be other then maybe its time for a new upgraded website back end. None the less, for next time please just pay what the discount would have been and explain to us in an email what happened. The only issue with this is that you would not be entered into any deals or discounts we have.

      Also for those of you who still refuse to set up an account and just order over the phone or threw emails…. YOU CAN NOT BE ENTERED INTO DRAWS, DISCOUNTS OR DEALS WITHOUT USING YOUR CODE, SO YOU NEED AN ACCOUNT. Best regards, RM> 🙂

  2. Hey so I placed my first order on Monday…1oz of the UBC Chemo…was shocked and amazed that it showed up Thursday! Wasn’t expecting that type of expedience from a dope slanger. I haven’t tried the product yet, but it looks and smells like the real deal. Thanks!

  3. My 100 weedpoint review, ‘The Shake deal’ you had 40, @$5gram!!! WTF!!! OMFG!!! This was NOT leaf people!!!! ALL minibuds, trichomes, crystal/sparkling THC, hash crumbs, weed wax, shatter dust, THC!!! FIVE BUCKS, the best deal I ever got in my f’n life, I am baked, fried. If your new to the Online Bud game, check these videos, you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED shopping here, #1.

    How to order here first time, free shipping coupon!

    How it is packaged/ Discretion love, professional!

    How your package will look, I count 7 layers, the best in any industry!

    How they ship ONE GRAM WEED WAX accross the country, 2 days, Amazing Care!!!

  4. My review of Donald Trump Shatter:
    Not as good as Amnesia Haze or Cinderella 99 or Duke Nukem. Too mild and boring. Tastes fine. I’d give it a 3/5.
    In related news: Ron, can you please get some more sativa shatter types?

      1. Ron,
        Thanks for the heads up about more sativa shatter strains coming in.
        I ordered two: Aussie Blue and Diesel.
        The Aussie Blue is excellent: powerful, uplifting high, with a great flavour. This is my favourite of all of the items I have ordered from you. I was back on the site today to order more and see that it’s gone.
        I haven’t tried the Diesel yet but will review it shortly.

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