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I am a loyal customer, me and Ron have a love hate relationship, I love him, he hates me. That’s Ok, Live and let live, Its the weed I want. And he delivers, I can count on this hard working pioneer entrepreneur (and his hard working ladies) who will be in the history books one day, you watch.
You might have questions how your order is packaged when shipped. I took a video to prove once and for all to my unbelieving sister that Yes !!! See!!! Now do you believe ???
Her response, “Oh, OMG, my frikin God, wtf!!!!!! How can they do that ??? I smoked a spliff of this top shelf, AAAA grade Kush of much notoriety, and yes, the deal was closed, she is now a believer and was fucked up for 4 hours. Another convert, my mission..

Your order is packaged professionally, involving among other things, vacuum sealing, no one will know what’s in the package, no odor. or traces, no-one will know what came in the mail. This outfit, McChronalds can give lessons on customer service, operations, quality control, artistic packaging and timely shipping guaranteed, you will like, and you will come back, I did, I am a loyal customer, why go anywhere else? This is an authentic McChronalds package being reverently opened for my sisters sake, flew across Canada (5490 km) from order time to mailbox, 3 days.(fuck you Amazon)
It is sent by Canada Post Xpresspost, it takes 2 to 3 days, Canada wide. A tracking number was emailed so that I can track the shipment and know the delivery date, and no signature is required, left in my mailbox.
It’s very discreet, no one will know what is in the package!!
****GOOD NEWS PROSPECTIVE FUTURE LOYAL CUSTOMERS, inside information !!! Free delivery, yes, gratis, on your first order, use promo code 72162 at checkout. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)