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    Please Send Your Bitcoin Payments To The Wallet Address Below   19nWPeTJ7yh2ChYBpWizUQvhsyGtYuqjbC Make sure you notify us about your Bitcoin pay
    [See the full post at: Bitcoin]


    Hillary Wright

    I have placed an order, which has been accepted. However, I can’t get your banking details to complete the payment.
    Please advise.


    did this ever get resolved?


    Yes it did…. I sent the $450 back thew western union. Im sorry it took so long to get your money to you but over the holidays was very busy and not my best time of year to be honest.




    are you asking how to send a bitcoin payment?



    hey set up a wallet how do i get the funds in my wallet


    a bitcoin wallet? use and they will give you everything to hook your wallet up to your bank for deposits and withdrawals.



    Am i able to send you the bitcoin and ask you to email me so i can tell you what i ordered? or like how do you know what we order?


    We know who you are by your bitcoin address. Everyone has a unique address. You can create as many wallets as you like and use the only once if you want. Most ppl who have bitcoins gained legally, are not going to go threw all the trouble of setting up and deleting wallets just because they are trying to be sneaky or something. We are pretty diligent here so you wont have any issues using your BTC for payment of your weed. You get it cheaper too!

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