What Giveaways Do You Want From Us?

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    Subscribe to this conversation and you could win 3 free $5 chips in our new Marry Jane’s roulette game coming soon!

    As you all know, we love our customers.  We are a community of good people.  Please take this opportunity to tell us what you would like of us by the way of give away and service.

    NOTICE [Anyone who wants to discus pricing will be deleted from the thread]  This is meant to make your service better, not cheaper.




    Charles Olson

    I think product giveaways are the best seeing as that is what we are here for. The best product I have found and have tried most of the online services. Great products would be a great contest giveaway. I will be happy to take anything that others don’t want, lol.


    nicole belanger

    I love the concept of product giveaways but only as it pertains to weed or your concentrates. I personally would rather receive an extra or “surprise” shatter or try one your moon rocks (they look so good!) than receive any of the products you have offerd to date: medical gismos etc.
    The free shipping promos are always very appreciated as well as your point system. You are doing great!!!
    Your products are fabulous and the quality control is outstanding.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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