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    Call us if you have any questions! We would be glad to help!


    Sharon Davis

    Hey got my Black Afghan Hash late last week and tried it over the weekend. It was amazing!! Shared some with a couple of friends and we all couldn’t believe the smoothness. GREAT product. Highly suggest



    Black Afghan Hash I got sure wasn’t like the old days. I did love the smell which was close to the same but I got a medium high at best. Nice smooth tokes though. Then there is the THC pills. I got 10 of them and even doing 4 all at once, I did not feel a thing on them. Even after 3 hours still nothing. I phoned customer service and they basically blamed it on me. The pills were only 25% filled at best which customer service said is normal.



    Need help for make me to eat and painful back


    Daniel Fox

    What if you don’t have a working phone??



    Ordered black afghan hash (10gr. in the bag; very good stuff !!!): a little ball (size of a pea) and you will feel relax with a smooth buzz for many hours.

    Always an excellent service with the team of Ronald MC !

    Thanks a lot BuyWeedOnline !



    I am looking to quit a pain pill addiction and understand the san fernando valley strain (OG Kush) or san bernardino strain (bubba kush) are the best strains to help with this. Do you offer these strains or can make a recommendation of something similar.




    Hello freedomrose65,
    I was wondering if you have been to the website? If not please go and see how Rick Simpson has helped cure people from cancer with cannabis oil. In fact he says it’s a cure all that has been used for thousands of yrs. I don’t want to type forever when you can learn more at the website. I wish your husband and you much luck. I have lived with a spinal cord injury for 25 yrs and am sick of the poison from doctors. Pain is my way of life and I hope to cure it with cannabis oil myself. God bless you.



    Daniel Fox

    I need link to banners


    Simon Vernerey

    RE: Completed My E-transfer at 03:56pm last sunday the 28th – Order Number 78334
    Life Line
    Buy Weed Online 1-888-314-5827 (

    INTERAC e-Transfer: Ron accepted your money transfer.

    Hi Ron, my money payment transfer was made: 05/28/17 around 4:00pm
    can you send me a confirmation email when you’ll post the goods


    RBC Royal Bank <>
    dim. 05-28, 15:56Vous
    Ce message provient d’un expéditeur approuvé.

    The money transfer you sent to Ron for the amount of $150.00 (CAD) was accepted.

    Ron ‘s Message:

    Thank you for using the INTERAC e-Transfer® Service.

    Please do not reply to this email.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    This email was sent to you by Acxsys Corporation, the owner of the INTERAC e-Transfer® service, on behalf of RBC Royal Bank .
    Acxsys Corporation
    Royal Bank Plaza, North Tower
    200 Bay Street, Suite 2400
    P.O. Box 45, Toronto, ON M5J 2J1

    ® Trade-mark of Interac Inc. Used under license.

    De : Buy Weed Online 1-888-314-5827 <>
    Envoyé : 29 mai 2017 20:06
    À :
    Objet : Please Complete Your E-transfer

    Buy Weed Online 1-888-314-5827
    Please Complete Your E-transfer
    We’re Getting You Order Packed As We Speak!

    We have received your order and are working quickly to put it together for you. Please send your e-transfer right away to make sure your package is not put to the bottom of the pile causing delays in shipping.

    To Sign Up for Auto-Ship via Credit Card : CLICK HERE

    Remember, if you pay with BitCoin you can take another 10% off any other discounts or deals. Pay to BitCoin address: 19nWPeTJ7yh2ChYBpWizUQvhsyGtYuqjbC
    Or Scan McChronald’s QR Code




    Are You A First Time Customer?

    Click Here For Order Release Instructions

    We can get very busy with marketing, emails, orders. So sometimes picking up the phone to call new subscribers is put at the end of our To Do List. So it is suggested to call us directly after registering.

    We never usually let the calls go past 72 hrs, and sometimes we call back right away. This is an alternative option for you if you want to get the ball rolling now.

    Feel free to send your order in with your e-transfer payment. Make sure to user your order number as the password to your e-transfer…. Does that make sense? If not refer here for further details please.

    Buy Weed Online at McChronalds (888) 314-5827 – Powered by Canadians just like you and me.


    2/3 days every time whit me (Toronto)


    2/3 days every time whit me (Toronto)


    This is my third order very satisfied always delivered in a few days and I haven’t tried their weed but I tried all the shatter and I love it thanks guys



    Can I order for any state and still receive it?



    it refuses to accept my address… not sure what do now?

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