The Best Weed Smoking Songs

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    The Best Weed Smoking Songs

    You may not agree with me, but these are what I feel are the best weed smoking songs of all time “In my opinion”.

    Please share your favourite weed smoking songs with the community below.

    Wiz Khalifa – Mezmorized  WATCH NOW

     Wiz Khalifa – The Thrill – WATCH NOW



    Richard Head

    I have a playlist of songs I like when I get high too. I know music tastes vary etc, so.. here are a couple I enjoy when buzzed, hope you enjoy them too:

    The Blue Wrath, by: I Monster

    Nero (has a lot to think about), by White Fence w/ Jack Name

    Phir Teri Yaad, by Hemant Bhosie



    Yellowknife,Niagara falls///Got the medical and the recreational..Delivery the same day//Delivery in 2-3 days any where else in Canada

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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