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Free Marijuana For Skilled Writers

Free Marijuana For Skilled Writers

Get free marijuana for skilled writers who want to help the McChronalds mail order marijuana family grow with mature adults and helping the youngsters stay focused on getting into University and College where they will surely experience their fair share :).

About My Writing Skills

As you all know, I’m about the most unskilled and terrible writer the English language has seen, especially with spelling and punctuation.  I’m trying something here to get more content, at the same time, allow anyone in the McChronalds family who is skilled to earn some free weed :).

What I’m Looking For

I’m looking for people to write good content about Canadian marijuana.  The content CAN NOT be political AT ALL!

Anyone that writes an article 500 words + that has it approved and published here on will receive 5 points.  Write a maximum of 3 articles per week.  This number can be increased depending on the quality of your content.

 Please submit your article in the comments section below.

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    Earn marijuana for free when you help McChronalds mail order marijuana service expose our moral obligation to keep kids safe and any adult still living at home should not be ordering weed online.

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