Why Do My Friends Buy Weed online At BuyWeedOnline.ca?

Why do all my friends and I buy our weed online at BuyWeedOnline.ca? Here are 20 valid reasons…


1. BuyWeedOnline.ca caters to recreational users, no need for a medical Marijuana card or prescription from a doctor. No I.D. required.

2. We ALWAYS receive the best quality bud., sativa’s, indica’s, popular hybrid’s, top quality hash, and extremely potent extracts.

3. The shipment is guaranteed.

4. We get a selection! We choose what we want that is available, and get it, EVERY TIME!!!

5. The order process is very straight forward, done entirely online.

6. Our order is packaged professionally, involving among other things, vacuum sealing, no one will ever know what’s in the package, absolutely no odor.

7. We do not get ripped off!

8. We get a solid count.

9. Our order is delivered by courier, bonded mail carriers, who are paid very well to deliver our package 100 per cent the way it was intended, on time, right to our mail box, by express post. The weed is shipped and packaged exactly the same way medical marijuana is shipped, as stipulated by the federal government,

10. The weed is grown and cured by professional growers, the best in the industry, in fact, some of these experienced growers also provide for the medical marijuana industry as well, so they are in fact licensed, regulated by the federal government and must follow strict guidelines.

11. It is very discreet. No more face to face dealings with sometimes shady people we really don’t want to know, people who assume we are a friend now. No more bad experiences past dealing with sketchy characters downtown

12. The bud is natural, clean, there is no remnants of fertilizers or grow nutrients, mold, fungus, mildew, lacings, pesticides or tampering of any sort.

13. We get exotic bud strains we can’t get elsewhere. Triple A grade, top shelf quality stuff. The best. Your friends will be amazed.

14. The tracking code is emailed to us so we can track our package online, and know the exact delivery date, with no signature required.

15. People who use BuyWeedOnline.ca service have never had a legal problem, ever. Don’t worry, you won’t get busted! Their is a lot of weed going through the mail system, in fact, medical marijuana must be sent through the mail.

16. Excellent customer service, Fast response to emails, They are available by phone, always willing to answer any concerns you might have.

17. This website is professionally designed, constantly updated, The site not only lists what products are available, but written and video reviews and great pic’s on the different strains of weed. Interesting articles that will inform and educate, the latest news relevant to weed, and has forums and customer feed back.

18. New customers receive free deliver on their order, use coupon code “72162” at checkout.

19. They are the BEST online, the most RELIABLE source for bud.

20. They are very responsible, unlike the other sites online, BuyWeedOnline.ca uses diligence, their customers must be 21 and over. They are customer oriented and do there best to get your order to you fast.

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