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High Grade Weed

High Grade Weed

High grade marijuana  comes in many different strains.  Kush is the most popular type of high grade marijuana for its narcotic physiological effects.

Definition of High Grade Marijuana

The definition of high grade marijuana will have a very different meaning to the user depending on where in the country you are, and of what age group.

High Grade Marijuana in Eastern Canada

I’m not even touching the subject about kids so moving on to adults I have found that the farther East you go in Canada the more Indica is smoked. High grade Indica marijuana’s most popular strain is Kush.  Kush is very high in THC and can also be very high in CBD as well.  High grade Kush is usually very oily, and has a heavy pungent smell.  In Eastern Canada, most of the Kush smokers will tell you that Sativa is no good and a lot will even get extremely angry if they purchase Sativa when they are Indica smokers.  In simple terms, most people in Eastern Canada will say that heavy duty Indica’s that knock you on your ass are high grade.

High Grade Marijuana in Western Canada

In Western Canada high grade marijuana is usually something that is uplifting, energetic and fruity smelling and tasting.  This will usually be a Sativa or Hybrid strain.

Regardless of where you go in Canada, everyone wants a nice buzz that is enjoyable and fun.  People enjoy smooth burning weed that doesn’t burn out constantly and white ashes.  Light grey or even White ashes are one of the keys in true professionally grown high grade marijuana.  The colour of the ash will tell  you how much nutrients and salts are still present in the weed.  Salt burns black.  The more salts in your weed, the blacker it burns and this shit is not good for you at all.  One of the other major factors that have to do with the way your joint burns is the curing process done right after the weed is chopped.  This is a closely guarded secret for most true professional growers.  This is the process that takes the growing plant, and turns it into a flower worth smoking.  This process can take from 2 weeks all the way up to 3 months or more depending on how the grower wants the bud to come out once finished.  Leaving the bud cure slowly take the moisture out of the bud very slowly giving it a very different consistency then if you were to just dry it quickly in the sun or with some other type of dehumidification device.


Our most popular strains of  high grade marijuana Kush strains are as follows:


Leading High Grade Weed Kush Strains

  • Black Tuna Kush | Buy Now!

    bigshadyray (verified owner):

    This kush knocked me out on my ass, its super strong and perfect for bedtime, I havent tried this in the day yet. The taste is amazing, full of flavor. I think this is the strongest kush I ever had, great strain again from here. I’d rate this kush 10/10.

    Leah (verified owner):

    After a nice conversion with Ron on the phone, he advised me trying the Black Tuna. I suffer from insomnia. Boy oh boy, it helped me greatly! I was out for the night for the first time in years. Tasted like lemon with a hint of pine. Very earthy. I can’t thank Ron enough for this service. Super fast shipping and very discreet packaging.

    eddiebust (verified owner):

    It has a very strong body numbing high, very smelly (not a great smell but an incredibly strong smell). It’s great for pain relieve and any sleep problems. Don’t smoke too much or kiss the day goodbye.

  • UBC Chemo | Buy Now!

    Charlie (verified owner):

    Easily the best herb I have smoked. I smoked half of what I usually would and it floored my ass. Smells so good I want to live in the bag. The best quality of herb I’ve come across. Took care of any stress/anxiety I have like nothing before. I highly recommend this. Thanks again Ron!

    Richard Head (verified owner):

    I have to say, having had more time with this I’m really appreciating the great high. It deserves better than 4 stars, this is a 5 for sure.

    Richard Head (verified owner):

    Just had to try this product from my alma matter. The folk legend is that David Suzuki developed this in the 70s. True or not it makes for a good story. This product delivers a heavy punch that will knock you out and onto the couch. This will be my medicine for insomnia as I have had two of my best sleeps in a long time on nights I’ve used it. If insomnia and serious pain relief are the reasons you smoke, this one is for you. This is not the kind of medicine to take before working out or going out and being social. But there are other things for that.

This entire website started on high grade BC bud and will continue to be its main focus.  We have never had medium grade, and would not even think about a low grade “What’s the point?”.’

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    High Grade Marijuana High grade marijuana  comes in many different strains.  Kush is the most popular type of high grade marijuana for its narcotic ph
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