Why I’d Rather Get Buds Then Flowers on my Birthday

Why I’d Rather Get Buds Then Flowers on my Birthday ..

The reason why I’d rather get buds then flowers on my birthday is because

A.) I’m a guy (and I don’t get as giddy over flowers in comparison to the average woman)

B.) I’m way more fond of buds then I am of flowers

But when it all comes down to it flowers can be pretty amazing, they smell good, they’re pleasing to look at; but at the end of the day they go bad after a couple days! Buds on the other hand are also pretty amazing, they also smell really good. Also if you keep them air-tight to prevent oxidization then could virtually last a really long time.

Now when you get flowers on your birthday and that’s all you get you might wonder to yourself if there’s perhaps a card or a gift of some sort. A surprise party, perhaps? You’re on the edge of your seat pretty much the entire day. But then as the day draws to a close you start to give up hope. You accept it, as it is, and that’s it!

Now lets say the same thing were to happen if you got some buds early in the morning! You would accept it as your “flowers” your “card”, and your “gift” all in one. After all it’s the thought that counts.

Not to say, that actual flowers aren’t thoughtful. They totally are! But buds, well that’s going the extra mile. If you really consider the processes involved in receiving either one “pot” comes out on top!

Simply because

A.) Bud will get you high

B.) Bud helps with various ailments

C.) Bud allows you to have fun

D.) Bud allows you to RELAX on your most important day!

E.) Flowers look pretty then die; Simply reminding you of the fact that your getting older 😐

So if you want to get something for someone you love on their birthday; and you think flowers, think again, and think buds!



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