Creating the Ideal Soil for Cannabis to Grow

Ideal Soil for Cannabis to Grow

Growing cannabis using organic methodologies allows you to raise high quality yield without letting chemical nutrients to burn or kill your plants. In order to create ideal soil for cannabis to grow that provide the perfect ambiance for your plants, you will need a basic primer on what nutrients are essential for your plants to thrive.

And you do not need to ask Napoleon Dynamite what this is since you do not need his opinion on this topic. Now if you want to know how to make a steak, he could probably help you out with that!

Read on to understand what makes ideal soil for cannabis to grow and also how to create these soils in your backyard.

Know What’s in Your Soil

To build quality soil, you first need to understand what it is composed of. When buying soil for your garden, be sure to check the ingredients and other information on what nutrients they are made of.

If you intend on using soil already in your garden or plan to bring in soil, from another source, it can be next to impossible to know what is already in the soil. However, you can remedy this, by submitting your soil for testing which will give you a basic understanding of what nutrients it contains.

You can also work your hands through the soil in your backyard to understand what it is made of. Does the soil feel compact or fluffy? It is dry or slightly moist? Do you see worms and insects in the soil? These will help you know your soil better. Worms are good, scorpions are not!

Find the Right Soil Amendments

Once you know the texture and nutrient levels in your soil, you can work towards bettering it by adding necessary soil amendments. The building blocks for all green vegetation is based around Nitrogen- Phosphorus- and Potassium. In order to build healthy soil for your hemp, it should have all these three nutrients in the right balance readily available for your marijuana plants to absorb.

Listed below are some of the nutrients you can add to soil to make it ideal soil for cannabis to grow and a rich and healthy base for your cannabis plants, to give you the ideal soil for your cannabis to grow.

Nitrogen-Rich Nutrients:

  1. Worm castings: Worm castings contain several micronutrients depending on where you sourced it from. This is a quick way to introduce healthy bacteria and nitrogen into the soil for your plants to grow well.
  2. Crustacean meal: This adds phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, and chitin to the soil you wish to grow marijuana. Chitin will attract microbes that help keep pesky nematodes at bay.
  3. Bat guano: This addition of Bat Guano, enriches the soil with phosphorus and nitrogen. It also helps diversify the microbes and bacteria in the soil.

Phosphorus-Rich Nutrients:

  1. Bone meal: This soil amendment comes from cattle bones and helps keep the phosphorus levels in the soil up. Remember that your soil needs to be below pH 7 for bone meal to be able to do its wonders.
  2. Chicken manure: Adding chicken manure to your soil is a great way to increase the levels of nitrogen as well as phosphorus. However, be sure to pick a high quality manure that is well processed and amend it in your soil properly giving enough time for hot manure to cool off.
  3. Rock dust: This is a slow releasing source of phosphorus that can work its magic for several years. However, like bone meal it works best in soils that have a pH level below 7. If you do not know what pH means then you to research that. It is not that hard, you will figure it out. Some basic sense of chemistry is needed. You certainly do not want to ask Harry Solomon from the 3rd Rock from the Sun what that means or stands for since you may not receive an intelligent response back!

Potassium-Rich Nutrients:

  1. Kelp meal: Use kelp meal to promote growth and microbial activity in your soil. This is a water soluble amendment and can be easily incorporated into the soil using your hands. If you do not want to get your hands dirty, where gloves!
  2. Compost: The compost bin in your garden, can help improve the potassium levels in your soil. Be sure to throw in fruits rinds and banana peels into your compost and not your trash.

These basic amendments can help your soil get better and also boost the growth of cannabis greatly, hence giving you the ideal soil for cannabis to grow. You will be surprised at how these nutrients can improvise the flavor, aroma, and effects in your end product.

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    Growing cannabis using organic methodologies allows you to raise high quality yield without letting chemical nutrients to burn or kill your plants. In
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