What to Look For in Your Local Cannabis Dispensary

Before the system of licensed producers was introduced by Health Canada, it was estimated that 450,000 people in Canada would be signed up for medical marijuana by 2024. Additionally, thousands of people are purchasing marijuana at illegal dispensaries across Canada – over 300,000 Canadians are estimated to shop at them. Canada is as backward on this as America. The most dangerous drug is alcohol which can be seen in all the domestic abuse cases and road rage issues pertaining to it. Yet, marijuana which does not provoke or incite this type of behavior is still illegal despite millions of dollars going to suspicious sellers. Makes no sense!

Until you can legally buy marijuana online or expect a marijuana delivery service, you need to get your weed from the local recreational or medical cannabis dispensary. If you are going to shop at dispensaries, there are certain things you should know, such as rules that you need to follow. There are also certain things you should look for in your local cannabis dispensary to make sure that you shop from a legitimate and reliable one, including:

  • Ambiance: One of the problems that local cannabis dispensaries face is finding fantastic real estate. This is why most times, you find dispensaries in neighborhoods that you would not normally go to. However, newer dispensaries are trying to rise above the problems they face and setting up shop in respectable areas of cities. These stores have a strong ambience and focus on providing their patrons with quality products and services, whether they are in need of medical or recreational marijuana.
  • Security: Many dispensaries are worried about being scrutinized so you can expect to find heavy security. Regardless of your age, they will ask for proof of age. Your local cannabis dispensary will likely do business only in cash as the laws prevent banks from dealing with them otherwise – so you can be sure that an armed guard will ask for an official approved I.D. card. You will also see a lot of security cameras because dispensaries are required by law to record who buys and sells.
  • Etiquette: There are certain social behaviors expected by marijuana dispensaries. For example, you need to respect other people’s space while waiting. Keep in mind that some customers do not want anyone listening in on their medical issues or their interests. Loitering is also discouraged as it can draw suspicion and discourage potential customers. An astute cannabis dispensary will always make sure that their staff and customers practice proper etiquette so that everyone has a much more enjoyable experience. Something like this would not be managed by someone like Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Budtenders: When you visit a good cannabis dispensary, you will find budtenders to take care of your needs and queries. These are well-trained professionals who know just about everything there is to know about cannabis. Budtenders can advise you on strains, concentrates, edibles, etc. If you find the budtenders at your dispensary unprofessional, uninformed, etc. it means that you need to go to another, better dispensary.

If you need high-quality cannabis, recreational, or medical, your best bet is to visit a local marijuana dispensary. You will have to pay more than you would when buying from a street dealer, but it is worth it. Cutting edge dispensaries make sure that they offer only the best quality cannabis with all the proper labels and instructions. Find the best dispensary in your area and obtain outstanding weed for you to enjoy.

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