weed for 10 bucks

Mail Order Marijuana: 410 Bucks BuyWeedOnline.ca

Mail Order Marijuana 410 Bucks

10 Bucks!

weed for 10 bucks

All orders over $100 will be $10 per gram for as much as you want to order. You must include extra for Xpress Post or 1st Class Priority.


All 4 strains below are $10 bucks.  Just complete your order and send 10 bucks for every gram over $100 + Xpress Post Doe.  $12 For BC and AB, and $18 for the rest of the country.

When you order your marijuana from BuyWeedOnline.ca its properly packaged for the mail and sent to you the next day if not that day.  All orders are weighed, packaged, and delivered to Canada Post by Ron Don his self and has not help at all.  Please be patient if you require any additional customer service requests.

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