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Mail Order Marijuana

How to Safely Buy Weed Online And Get The Best Quality Available

With legalized marijuana use in two states in America and Vancouver leading the charge for Canada, more states & provinces will surely follow suit in the next few years. Progress happens slowly but it is good for the average pot smoker not to have to rely on shady drug dealers for their use of a plant. Cannabis has many medicinal qualities in addition to the mellow high it produces with no ill effects in most users.

Buy Weed Online
Because there are a great many people who do not live in either Colorado or California who need to find a safe way to get their weed without having to worry about drug dealers or getting ripped off, it is important to do your research and find out what mail order marijuana services are safe to buy from and who to avoid. A few quick Google searches should set you on the right path. Safety also has to do with financial security rather than just physical security of ordering pure product free of additives and free of other substances ie: sticks, seeds, stems.

(1) What To Look For When Finding Internet Weed
(2) The Online Black Market & Bitcoin Transactions
(3) What Can Getting Laced Weed Do To Me?
(4) Research Online Weed Sites Before Buying
(4.1) Rules & Guidelines Should Be Followed
(4.2) Staying Safe & Keeping Safe
(5) A Few More Things To Look For When Buying Weed Online

What To Look For When Finding Internet Weed


mail order marijuanaThere are some things to look for when you go online to search for legitimate mail order marijuana companies like McChronalds. One, it is a good idea to find out whether the sites you are searching ask you to download another type of browser called Tor. Tor is free to upload and supposedly disguises your IP address in addition to other information in order to keep pesky authorities out, and encrypts your transactions to make it supposedly impossible for someone else to see what you are doing or buying. It is all very cloak and dagger. Why?

Another red flag is the insistence on buying the digital currency bit coin with which to pay. So, you're uploading a browster which is encrypted and keeps your business top secret in addition to using real money to buy digital money to buy pot. If you're going to do all that, you may as well buy pot from some shady whispering figure at the nearest street corner. That is not progress. It's also a big risk.

As well as ordering Tor, you will also need to create a virtual wallet in which to keep your virtual anonymous currency, and then order marijuana online from any site that has onion at the end of it. If the site you are looking at has onion at the end of it, you do not want to order from them.

The Online Black Market & Bitcoin Transactions


Keep in mind that legitimate business people are not the only people who are cashing in on the new emerging Black Market and Gray bitcoin logoMarket on mail order marijuana in legalized and non legalized areas. There will be the population of criminals to contend with as well. Criminals who know how to cover their tracks and make not only themselves but their potential victims, anonymous and untraceable.

bitcoin walletOnce you buy weed online, that's it, there is no refund. If you buy bitcoin and then use your virtual wallet to buy online marijuana from a site that is anonymous and untraceable using your new encrypted Tor browser, whatever transaction you make is anonymous and untraceable. You just spent $100 for Mango Kush. Okay, great. Possibility number one is that you may never get what you just spent all that money for. They may not send anything to you at all. Possibility number two is that they may send you sub par product that you could have grown yourself in your window box and then pass it off as Kush.

The point is that if you are not careful about the mail order marijuana site or sites you use to purchase your weed, there is no recourse. There is no going back and asking for a refund. There is no customer service department to harass into getting your money back. Once they have your money, that's it. That is the sunny possibility.

The other possiblity is that your weed, that you just spent $100 on, comes to you laced with something else. You won't know until you put it into your body. That is the real danger. You could have been smoking pot for the last twenty years and be an expert on every kind of pot there is on Earth and how it's grown and under what conditions and what it smells like etc, and you won't know you've been poisoned until its too late. That is the real risk, but trust me. The law is 100% deligent in finding and dealing with these people. So i wouldnt be too worried about getting poisoned, Just use your head.

Getting ripped off is nothing compared to putting something in your body that you thought was safe and benign and then having hallucinations and tripping because you ordered weed from someone who is unethical and apathetic and really could care less what happens to you after you smoke their product. They just want your money. Think about all the hoops you just had to jump through just to become anonymous enough for them to sell to you. Is that normal? Um, not really dude.

What Can Getting Laced Weed Do To Me?


Picture this: You're at a friend's house toking through a big fat carrot because he dropped his bong on the tile floor the other day and it broke. That's okay, because we can always find something to smoke weed out of can't we? So we drill a hole in the top of the carrot down to the mid point and then we cut the tip off and drill the second hole right through the tip. Then we drop in a little Diesel and puff, puff pass, dude because its 420.

Now you stop smiling and you jump up and tear madly at your clothes and strip off everything you've got on and run to the bathroom because now you're convinced you're bleeding to death through every orifice in your body. Your heart is thundering in your chest, you're shaking like a wet leaf in a thunderstorm and your palms are clammy as you look at the pale flesh of your ass in the bathroom mirror looking for the sure sign you're dying from the inside.

It's not fun, realizing that you've been smoking weed laced with something else. No one is going to tell you they added something "extra special" to your Crippie. It will just be a nice surprise for you as you sputter and cough and your face turns red and you're still naked in the bathroom or maybe back in the living room trying to figure out why you turn your head and your vision follows three to five seconds later on a time release delay.

The point is that if you're lucky, you'll survive this bad trip and probably it will take 6-8 hours to come down from a grand mal panic attack brought on by whatever special ingredient your mysterious benefactor added to your stash. If you're not lucky, whatever they added could react badly with whatever other medications you may be taking and you may have time in the emergency room ahead of you; again, if you're lucky.

Research Mail Order Marijuana Sites Before Buying


researchWe're adults. We don't get do overs, especially on mail order marijuana. So this is why its important that you take the time to do the research and make sure your online weed purchasing experience is pleasant and safe the first time you buy. Buying marijuana online should be enjoyable as in "Oh boy I'm getting a bag of weed in the mail, how cool is that?" rather than "Oh my god, what if I don't get it at all or what if its tainted or tastes like cilantro?"

Another thing to look for is the amount of information about what kinds of weed and associated products are available on the weed site. If the site is set up like a store or an online pharmaceutical company with a plethora of information on all the different kinds of weed that you can purchase and what they smell like and what the high feels like and what other things you can do with the weed rather than just smoke it.

A mail order marijuana website sells weed online, so if the site doesn't specifically say that it will not sell to children or that you have to be 21 to order, than you will want to avoid that site as well. Again, we're adults. If we want to smoke pot, that is our prerogative, but who among us would give or sell pot to kids? Kids are curious little creatures and they do have internet access and its not hard to get mom's credit card out of her purse while she takes a nap on the couch or goes to the bathroom, or leaves it on the counter.

Rules & Guidelines Should Be Followed


(a) There should be some ethical guidelines for what we expect from other people even if they are selling weed online, it doesn't matter. It gives us a sense of security to order products from people who play by the rules. For a retailer to show integrity in their business practices creates a level of comfort and security among its consumers. If they break one rule, such as selling to children, what other rules might they break? Who wants to give money to someone already sliding down the slippery slope of ethics? Buyer beware indeed.

(b) The best way to be aware is to be armed with knowledge about your online weed purchasing options and how it is supposed to work. Does the site specify the time delay between ordering and receiving product? Does the site have any consumer recourse if the product is not received or if its the wrong product or the wrong amount?

Staying Safe & Keeping Safe


Buying Marijuana online is not like buying shoes on Google unless you get access to McChronalds. Again, you're putting this IN your body, either by inhaling or by ingesting and if you plan to share yours stash with others, like most people do (pot smokers tend to be very generous people), you also have a responsibility to those you plan to share the product with that it be free of additives, for your safety and theirs.

A Few More Things To Look For When Buying Weed Online


There are several mail order marijuana websites where contacting the distributor is only a matter of the click of the mouse to the chat button or the contact us button so that if you have any questions or concerns, there is a safe platform for you to do so. Distributors who care not only for their reputation in the community but the welfare of their clientele will want to make you feel safe and confortable. These sites are legitimate and will address your questions and concerns to make the purchasing of your lovely weed a pleasant and interesting experience.

Then, all you have to do is wait for the mailman to show up at your house either scrunching his nose at your mail or asking to come in to take a few hits off your carrot. Dude, that would rock!

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List Of Mail Order Marijuana Sites

1. McChronalds

1) Buyweedonline.ca- this site is run by one man, McChronalds who has an extensive website with a wide variety of product offerings, including Sour Diesel, Old School OG Kush, Blueberry Kush, Bubble Hash, and Master Kush. The site is relatively new but he adds different concepts to his site on a regular basis.

Also, he indicates several times throughout the site that Mail Order Marijuana is for ADULTS ONLY. He will not deal with anyone under the age of 21, period end of story. He will also not deal with any one not in Canada.

How the site works: You fill out the form completely including your name, your address and your telephone number. Once you register on the site, you will be in the Call Queue. He will call you to A) screen you to verify the information you put on your form and B) find out what your preferences are. Really this is excellent customer service, and it makes sense for him to verify your bonafides before doing business.

In addition to the order form and the info section about the man behind the site, there are also chat forums, awesome weed songs (songs you can listen to while toking or eating cookies) that will help produce the kind of mood you are looking for.

There are different tabs for territories that you will need to pay attention to as well as Canada is a very large country and depending what province you live in, there are specific parameters for how things will need to be done. Everything is straight up and direct. No guess work. I like that in a website, two thumbs up.

2. Budbuddy

3) budbuddy.biz- This site has an extensive product offering as well as similar pricing schedules for the two sites listed above for their mail order marijuana. Budbuddy also offers advice on dosage for each product for those not used to marijuana products, what the effects are on the body, and what the product is made of. I found that quite impressive.

Also, there was a list of FAQs, a Payment tab, indicating payment through email money transfer, money orders, or cash. Most of the sites that accept cash suggest either rolling it up in tinfoil and mailing it that way, if that is the route you plan to travel, or putting it in between heavy card stock papers and putting it in an envelope and mailing it that way Canadian xpress post, rather than regular mail. Bud

Like the other two sites I mentioned above, Budbuddy will ship 1-2 business days after payment is received and you can expect your shipment to arrive in around 3-6 business days, provided you gave them the right information for shipping.

This site also has guarantees and this section of the site says that if you do not receive your product, they will generally replace all or part of it ONCE. Keep in mind, this whole process is on the honor system, so if you pay for something and they ship it to you and it does not get there, they will re ship ONE TIME. If they re ship a second time, for free this time and you say you did not get it, they will not believe you.

Budbuddy does not specify an age restriction although it does specify that it will not do business with anyone outside of Canada. All five websites I researched for this article specified Canada only.

Rating: One Thumb up and one thumb a third of the way up. I would give it two thumbs up if it specified an age restriction tending towards adults.

3. Budmail

5) BCbudmail.biz- this site has the least information for someone who wants to find out about the product offerings, the company policy regarding any refunds or guarantees, and there is literally no actual information on this site. The information given is the website address, a photo logo, a gmail email address (at least its not encrypted), and form of payment accepted, which, of course, is email money transfer.

BCbudmail does indicate that they have a minimum order requirement of $40.00 Canadian and only operates within the confines of the Country of Canada, like all of the other sites rated for this article. The three informational tabs at the top of the page are as follows: Main page, Instructions, and order now.

If you have any questions, you can direct those questions to the gmail address shown on the main page. That's it. No Cool weed songs, no photos of Cannabis cookies, no photos of Kush, no FAQ's, no age restriction listed, um.....what's wrong with this picture?

Rating: Really needs to work on his website and make it more buyer friendly. I will not rate the service as I have not used the service, but I will point out that the purpose of a company having a website is that its an online storefront. If you're walking through a mall in person and you stop to look into a store and it does not seem to have anything in it, are you going to stay there?

4. Mom

2) momcanada.ca- this site is also fairly extensive with a list of product offerings from edibles to oils. This site also has an age warning but its 19, not 21. This site also specifies that it will not do business with anyone outside the Canadian borders, it says it right in the website and also offers a disclaimer for lost product due to post office mishap including damage, loss due to mail to the wrong address, etc. This site also specifically tells the potential buyer that there are NO REFUNDS.

The payment method is email transfer from a Canadian Bank. The payment method is not unusual as all of the sites rated in this article accept email transfer method. Some sites also accept either money orders or cash. This site does not accept cash or money order. Only email transfer.

In the FAQ section, it is shown that Health Canada patients with the proper documentation are the ones who are growing and putting together all the orders so that no one receiving the orders in their special non descript envelopes securely vacuum sealed get in trouble.

There is also a large disclaimer at the bottom of the page that indicates that use of marijuana products aside from medical marijuana usage is illegal in Canada. This seems a little strange because they go out of their way to indicate in another section that all of the growers are Health Canada patients with proper documents.

This site is direct about how it does business but it gives a definite impression that its willing to sell to people who are not using the marijuana for medical reasons but insists that is the only purpose the site is for. Definitely a contradiction in terms.

5. MerryJane Mail

4) Merryjanemail.biz- This site has less information on it than the first three, and also this is the first mention I have seen of a request by a company that a potential buyer find themselves an encrypted email. (Rikes!) There are no refunds and no guarantees. That is honest, but troubling.

The product offering is about the same as the other sites, as is the pricing schedule, but the disclaimer is that the email transfers are picked up using fake names and there is no contact information on the website except the encrypted email address you use to order and ask questions. There is not as much information on this site as there is on the first three I mentioned and I find that troubling.

The questions answered on the FAQ section are more about whether or not you will get in trouble for using the site and how to pay and how long it takes to get but there is no recourse if something happens and there is no information about who runs the site or why they opened up the site (ie happy tokers). There is nothing personal or interesting about the site. The impression I got was send me an encrpted email with what you want, send me the money and buyer beware.

No thank you.....

Rating: Both thumbs off to the side

In conclusion, there are a lot of online mail order marijuana websites, most of which operate only in Canada. That is one of the few things all five sites had in common. Two sites had age restrictions, all five seem to have similar pricing. Do your research prior to ordering marijuana products online.

Be careful who you are dealing with. Before ordering mail order marijuana, think about who you would be comfortable dealing with in person. Peruse the whole site before making a decision. Ask questions. If the questions you are asking are not on the FAQ page, ask the seller using the email address on the site.


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