Marijuana and Cancer

Marijuana and Cancer

Marijuana and Cancer now go hand in hand.  If you have Cancer, you should potentially be using marijuana as a treatment.  Its working for many people all around the world.

Treating Cancer With Marijuana

Marijuana can be an effective treatment for cancer symptoms and a good alternative to many drugs currently being used. It can help with prostate cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, brain cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer and more. It helps in alleviating symptoms that are associated with traditional cancer treatment such as nausea and vomiting. However, many people do not know this because the medical benefits of marijuana are overshadowed by its stigma.

Cannabinoids helping Cancer Patents

It’s not news that marijuana helps cancer patients when they undergo radiation or chemotherapy, there are a wide range of benefits that a cancer patient can obtain when using marijuana. One of these is that it helps them regain their appetite. but marijuana can play a role in curing aggressive cancer. A marijuana compound “can stop metastasis in some kinds of aggressive cancer.” How does it work? Marijuana turns off the gene and in turn, stops cancer. Cannabinoids, the active components of marijuana, inhibit tumor growth and also kill cancer cells. Cannabinol has the capability to switch off the gene that is responsible for the metastasis in many aggressive forms of cancer.

Various cannabinoids have a wide range of effects on cancer, including:

-Triggering cell death, through a mechanism called apoptosis.

-Stopping cells from dividing.

-Preventing new blood vessels from growing into tumours.

-Reducing the chances of cancer cells spreading through the body, by stopping cells from moving or invading neighbouring tissue.

-Speeding up the cell’s internal ‘waste disposal machine’ – a process known as autophagy – which can lead to cell death.

Marijuana and Cancer

Pain Is A War In The Body

The majority of patients experience severe pain while their body is waging a war against the disease. Using marijuana can help ease that pain. Marijuana also helps cancer patients to relax and who have trouble in getting sleep. In cancer patients, typically, pain is not an early symptom of cancer, except in some cancer types like those that spread to the bone. Pain generally occurs when cancer spread and begins to affect nerves and organs. Lower back pain is a strong cancer symptom that is associated with ovarian cancer and colon cancer. Shoulder pain can also be a symptom of lung cancer. Pain in the form of headaches can be associated with brain tumours in some cases. Stomach pains can be related to types of cancer, like stomach and pancreatic cancer. Stomach pain is not a good judgement tool since many illnesses can cause stomach pain. Cannabis can provide relief and control nausea associated with managing pain with other opiates. Inhaled cannabis provides almost immediate relief. The majority of people with cancer will experience pain at some time or another. The pain can result from the cancer itself, or from the cancer’s treatment. In addition, some people who have been cured of their cancer can continue to suffer from pain. The discomfort that stems from cancer and its treatments can be controlled most of the time using marijuana. Chronic pain treatment and management are challenging for patients and doctors, but marijuana provides chronic pain relief where many traditional chronic pain medications do not. Cannabis has therapeutic properties not replicated by other available medications – and side effects of cannabis are typically less severe than ones associated with common prescription medications. Cannabinoids have well-documented analgesic properties that make marijuana an effective medicine to treat many cases of chronic pain syndrome. Marijuana as a chronic pain management tool can reduce patients’ pain and improve quality of life, without the same serious side effects associated with use of some pharmaceutical pain relievers.

Helping Your Sleep With Cannabis

Cannabis helps patients deal with trouble in getting sleep. Whether they are not responding to treatment or dealing with the important fact that they have been diagnosed with the disease, insomnia is not fun for anyone. The cannabinol found in marijuana has often been shown to help relax a patient who is dealing with being diagnosed with cancer and assists them in falling asleep easier and faster. Sleep is a vital part in any recovery process. If the human body cannot sleep, it will often have a much harder time curing itself. At the same time, medical marijuana helps in dealing with dizziness. Once again, this is a cancer treatment problem.

Potential Benefits Are Unknown Of Marijuana

The potential benefits from research into the medical uses for cannabis know no bounds. We could quite possibly be at the precipice of one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of our collective lives. If only the federal government would get out of the way and allow science to study this potential cure for cancer.

A profound medical revolution is taking place before our eyes.


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    Marijuana and Cancer Marijuana and Cancer now go hand in hand.  If you have Cancer, you should potentially be using marijuana as a treatment.  Its wor
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