Marijuana Crusaders

Marijuana Crusaders

McChronalds Marijuana Super Hero Team

The below is 100% Roger!  I love this guy!

I am spreading the good news, fighting the Evil lies and deceptions, the ‘Father of Lies’, who ultimately controls Big Corporations, Banks, Institutions of law enforcement who want the funding, the big chunk of funding for their budgets, ‘supposedly’ to police illegal marijuana, and the privatized Prisons which profit from all those unjustly incarcerated marijuana drug offenders, and all those private hospitals, that make profit off the sick that they want to stay sick, who could be greatly helped by weed.
Recent medical report findings, recent studies, profound discoveries, amazing laboratory findings, medical statistics, latest research, and the areas of medicine researchers are targeting their studies and research, it is all very exciting what is being discovered my friends, I am following it all, and will share it all with you.

We, the Pot heads of the world, are vindicated.

Be aware my brothers (and sister’s, I’m single, hint) that the fight is against the huge corporations, all the big pharma’s whose products (pills and potions), patents, their unethically overpriced synthetic products, that really cause more harm than good in the long run, these corporations, and the huge financial institutions that back them and profit from there growth, the big Wall street banks, banks that depend on healthy profitable corporations, and all the big industries , the Multinationals (that cause most war’s over resources) (clothing, paper, forestry, food, liquor, oil, beer, private prison’s, private hospital’s, even the fucking opium fields man, etc, etc, etc) all is threatened, Sacred to them, ‘profit, at whatever cost, Money is their God, will be affected negatively, even as far as bankruptcy, by all the amazing uses of hemp, it’s oil, the cannabinoids in bud, These huge institutions that run the world, those players in the so called ‘new world order’, they are threatened, and scared big time, like never before, by their anti-Christ, their historical enemy, foe and soon destroyer, the almighty, sacred Bud. They are afraid, and rightly so, for they are losing their grip, Reefer madness propaganda has back fired, the truth is coming out, and believed, the ‘official’ government and corporate communications to the public that were designed to influence negative opinion about weed, false information carefully selected to keep the great marijuana truths secret, The truth, what God said, during creation,

Genesis 1 (KJV)
“And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.”

Yes my friends, God created herb for good, and herb must be very special for our Creator to use it as a metaphor for what is holy, sacred, divine, and good, ‘before’ evil and selfishness came into the world to corrupt, and ultimately to attack weed with a vengeance. It is the devil’s work.
They must keep weed as an illegal, evil, poisonous, toxic, harmful substance that destroys life and lives and relationship’s, yes, so they can stop, stifle the research that is bringing out very profound medical truth’s, they tried to stifle all the truths about herb, spreading untruths, deceiving, and paying off as many American politicians as they can, whatever it took, to keep weed illegal, evil, and for so long this prohibition has ultimately killed more people than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined, because the masses were denied effective medicine in there worship of the almighty dollar, profit by suppressing the profound healing powers of the Bud plant and all the uses of hemp, hemp oil, all the diseases that weed will treat and cure, all the good hemp will do for the environment, the spiritual powers of Herb must also be mentioned for I know, myself, I get ‘spiritual’ after smoking weed. Philosophical, creative, artistically inclined, and think deep in an almost inspired spiritual way. I must share I had just partaken in some of Ron’s ‘Grape Ape’ just before writing this, so draw your own conclusion, this email response I decided to post in the Forum, unedited. Speaking about unedited, flying by the seat of your pants and post, I once did with a YouTube video I shot with a cheap webcam the opening of an ExpressPost package of weed to prove to my sister, once and for all, that you CAN get recreational weed off the net w/o getting ripped off. It was one take, uncut, uploaded, and went viral. It convinced my sister, and apparently, many others. Until one of those big corporation’s ‘Google’ pulled it, it was a threat to them I guess. But i re-uploaded it again it, I had a backup. If your interested,


I write this for my friends, who are, in a small way, fighting the good fight. I have chosen, by whatever medium I can to plant the seeds of truth, to fight the evil that controls the world who hates weed with a passion for it has the ability to destroy them. I am taking advantage of the modern information technologies and medium’s in which I am highly experienced and educated in, proficient. It is my weapon, and Ron, has offered a part of his baby, he will share his site with me, and his trust in me is not only very flattering, but shows the man is a friend.

Fuck the Banks, Fuck the Corporations, Fuck corrupt government, Fuck them all, the fed’s, the politicians who prostituted there responsibilities, to do not what is best for the people, but for cash from big business to do their will and bidding, they are nothing but selfish, greedy, whores.. All corrupt, murderers and evil in my eyes, a lot of them. Those politicians who try to be honest, well, they can’t compete, the Corps and Pharma’s will not donate to there campaign funds, so they get vetted, I will spread the truth, fearlessly, under my own name, no fear, those want truth muted. I want, in my way, to destroy big business whom has raped creation and kills my brethren, the evil banking system, the corrupt governments, I will do this, by proclaiming the living profound truth about marijuana’s benefits, and how greatly, sacredly good it is.
My motive in writing this is to introduce a soon to be feature on this site coming soon, “Roger the dodger’s”, ‘Medical Stuff’. Articles with information that will educate and inform others on the latest info on the benefits of Cannabinoids on common diseases, medical ailments, symptom’s, some of which I am sure you all will identify with at least one article or two, some will be relevant to a friend or loved one, and you will be helped.
Genesis 1;29 (KJV)
‘And God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.’

Yes, time for some more Grape Ape ‘meat’, it is food in a metaphorical way.

I want to also mention that I have great confidence of the potential of this site, and what it stands for, and what it does, I want to be a part of what could be history in some ways, and Ron graciously is giving me a part, and I thank him, for there are very few in this business, and even fewer who operate as responsible, passionate, ‘a modern day bootlegger’ as Ronny. I respect Ron’s passion for the service he is providing our Canadian brethren, he is an entrepreneur and priest of sorts in the holy church of recreational marijuana in a somewhat hostile environment, I mean, it is illegal, and Ron could, if the coppers so chose to make an effort, put Ron in prison, so have respect for the risk he is taking to offer us a service we really can’t get anywhere else, offering the most potent ‘sacrament’ that i have ever partaken in, and I have been toking since 1976, Grade 9, my first joint, columbian Gold, and you know what, this is weird, it took me over a year to start getting a buzz off of weed, others were getting baked, but me, nothing? that’s 40 years I have been toking, (I am 53) through all the evolution of the potency of THC (my favorite cannaboid, but I am coming to see CBD’s as a miracle drug in its own right, and also THCV, another cannaboid that researchers are finding have quite profound medical benefits as well, and keep this in mind brothers and sisters, Cannabinoids will blow the big Pharma’s out of the frickin waters and make there synthetic garbage they call medication, unsaleable, obsolete, and in retrospect we will see the bs of most pharmaceuticals.
I will share something, I spent about a total of 2 years for ‘marijuana crimes’, ‘marijuana crimes against humanity’ in several prison’s, having been myself an entrepreneur of sorts, in a very risky time and place, in the business this site represents, although not online, not a very good business man obviously, but Ron, he has business acumen, is protected I believe by the angels themselves, to do his righteous, honorable calling, for I know his passion is real, it emanates off his emails to me, phone calls, and in his work and articles and video’s and reviews. An enthusiasm that shows me we are both from the same school (the school of hard knocks but we gained a special wisdom), we are the same generation and his dedication, it shows also in his care and tweaking of his baby, ‘the site’ (I notice all those changes Ron, the tweaks, keep it up man!), it shows in his due diligence that kids do not get the sacrament yet, for they are too young for it does harm the young in some ways, and will cause problems, they are just too immature, emotionally, physically, spiritually to handle such a substance, and that it must be handled with respect and maturity, unless, in such a special case, you are an 8 yr old child with an epileptic neurological disease causing a hundred awful seizures a day neurological disease with no medicine that works, but hope was put in CBD’s effect on seizure disorders. where neuronal activity goes nuts, The now famous strain, Charlotte’s Web is named after Charlotte Figi, born October 18, 2006 (age 8), whose story has led to her being described as “the girl who is changing medical marijuana laws across America”. She needed a strain very low in THC for obvious reasons because of its psychoactive effects , she is a child, (we can’t get the kid baked, can we), but high in CBD’s. When she started taking medical marijuana, and there parents had to move accross the country to a legal state, miraculously, her seizures basically stopped, she now could have a life, God bless her.

So my friends, no worries, be happy toking /vaping /dabbing /super toking /topical ointmenting /eating / your wee pipe /drinking ‘tea’/butt toking / the bong /The blunt /Gas masking /Hot knifing / bottle toking and don’t forget the Hot boxing ritual, that yes, it is similar to like a native Indian sweat lodge, yet we afterwards just ended up being ‘heat scores’ or ‘heat bags’, stinking of weed in a cloud for all the world to know, LMAO.

So my friends, soon, articles on the benefits of marijuana, specifically cannabinoids and endocannabinoids in our bodies, relevant to a specific disease or medical ailments, will show you the amazing profound benefits of medicinal usage of marijuana.


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