How Marijuana Can Improve The Quality of Your Life

How Marijuana Can Improve The Quality of Your Life

We are going to show you some ways marijuana can make your life better or greatly improve the quality of  your life.


  • It will make you happy (many users will admit that after smoking or consuming marijuana they feel happier and less stressed about trivial things or issues that would normally consume most of the mental energy or head space)


  • Cannabis will heighten your sense of awareness. (Some people who aren’t regular users may consider this anxiety or paranoia, however it is actually a rushed sense of self-awareness – meditating helps!)


  • Increase introspection – this ties in with self-awareness however goes an extra step and can help with soul searching or true inner awareness.


  • Weed will relax you – if you can overcome the rush or truly accept the “rushed sense of self awareness” you will actually be able to slow down time “mentally” at least – and in turn be truly in a state of bliss


  • Marijuana teaches you more about yourself and about the world. With things slowed down – you will find more time to appreciate the small yet beautiful things in life. The leaves, the sky, the air and all the animals and people that co-exist on this wonderfully amazing planet we all call home!


  • The herb will keep you out of trouble – as opposed to alcohol which will probably get you into trouble, people who use marijuana are generally hungry, happy, sleepy … no trouble in that, now is there?


  • Weed makes orgasms more intense, increases sexual stamina, it’s a natural aphrodisiac, and it’s generally better for your relationship..then let’s say alcohol.


  • The ganja will increase and boost creativity! A study by Psychology Today shows that marijuana can help increase abstract ideas and thinking! How’s that for a mental boost?


  • It helps you to listen and follow your instincts and stay true to your life path. Marijuana simplifies alot of things and when you get in better touch with yourself you are truly able to listen to your heart!


  • It will help you stay fit! While you would need to do more then just smoke weed to be really fit. A 2013 study by the American Journal of Medicine found that pot users were skinnier than the average individual, had healthier metabolisms, and their bodies would react better to sugar when placed on an irregular eating schedule!


  • Pot will help you with feeling better -overall. Marijuana has shown to greatly reduce the symptoms associated with almost every single sickness or ailment you could think of! From Chron’s, to Cancer to Epilepsy marijuana seems to be a one-herb-cures all!

Sleep aahhh beautiful, beautiful sleep


  • Weed will improve your sleep. Though it may slightly take away from deep-REM sleep in which you have vivid dreams. It will lengthen and increase the amount of true rest you get and you will generally feel well rested all the time!


  • It will improve how you deal or cope with society. We all know that dealing with people can be exhausting or frustrating at time. Smoke a little weed, and it will make these people much more bearable. Finally you can cope!


  • It will keep you younger for longer. There are several cannabinoids which are also powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants eliminate free radicals which do harm to your cells and DNA and greatly speed up the ageing process.  YAY for THC!


  • Marijuana nourishes your body and keeps you healthy! Cannabis can stimulate your body to produce its own endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are essentially chemicals which help your body regulate the cells contained within it. This also helps with overall better sleep, increased appetite, better coordination and also strengthens the immune system!

  • It PREVENTS disease and CANCER!! Marijuana contains certain cannabinoids which decrease inflammation. The cannabinoids basically tell your body to calm down and in turn this can be a huge preventative, as inflammation is usually a precursor to things much worse!


  • Weed eliminates pain! It is a natural analgesic. (Basically painkiller). The cannabinoids calm the secretion of pain-signalling chemicals, in turn, greatly reducing pain!


  • IT helps protect you brain! THC and CBD are two of the most researched compounds contained within marijuana. However these amongst several others are antioxidants. This makes them also neuroprotective. Helping to prevent cellular damage and degeneration within the brain. This is why many researchers are looking at cannabis as a means to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and MS.


Well there you have it guys! And the list still carries on! There are countless amounts of testimonials and first hand experiences which will back up all the claims above! These are all facts which can be proven! So if you find the quality of your life isn’t truly up to your standard or liking. Take some time alone with the magical herb and see how it changes and improves your life!



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    How Marijuana Can Improve The Quality of Your Life We are going to show you some ways marijuana can make your life better or greatly improve the quali
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