Marijuana is Running Out in Canada…

Marijuana is Running Out in Canada…

It is surprisingly becoming harder and harder to find high-quality marijuana in Canada. Recently with the surge of new consumers
the market is being thrown out of balance. As of last year there were already 170,000 registered medical marijuana users in Canada.
With marijuana legalization just around the corner, another 900,000 Canadians say they will begin smoking once legalization occurs. Canadians
seem to be hitting the blunt a little too hard and it has resulted in the demand greatly outweighing the supply. There are currently
a limited amount of registered and licensed growers, definitely not enough to keep up with the ever-growing demand by users.



Many individuals are attempting to turn a profit with the lack of greens available. Individuals who are seeing opportunities at every
turn are beginning to grow in the rooms, basements, and abandoned warehouses and homes. The weed these individuals are pumping out
at super fast rates usually contain pesticides, herbicides and mildews and mold along with mites and other pests! These can be quite
damaging to one’s health and many people buying weed from shady dealers or illegal pot shops are completely unaware of the risks!


In more recent days, the government has begun to crack down on many of these illegal pot shops with daily raids and arrests. This is
due to the fact that many of these business are running without licenses, or selling marijuana that is illegally sourced (stuff grown
in people’s closets/basements, abandoned illegal grow-ops). This is good in the sense that it is protected many individuals from potentially
hazardous materials or elements.


At the time of legalization there may be many looking to light up, however many will be left with nothing to light. Many who rely
on marijuana as their medicine may be left with no medicine, and this might result in individuals turning to other harder substances/drugs
or returning to pharmaceuticals.

As unfortunate as this is, we at BUY WEED ONLINE and taking further steps and making a conscious effort to ensure all of our ten’s of thousands
of customers receive all that they truly need and never be left in the dark. We want to ensure that our customers are always looked after and
taken care of!


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    Marijuana is Running Out in Canada… It is surprisingly becoming harder and harder to find high-quality marijuana in Canada. Recently with the surge
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