Marijuana Tax Coming To A Town Near You!!

Marijuana Tax Coming To A Town Near You!!

The Canadian Government has recently come to a realization that you can attempt to fight the population and shut down their every desire. You can run campaigns and wars against their every whim and want. But in the end you’ll only be left, with a bigger problem on your hands not to mention the millions if not billions you’ll waste in doing so. They banned alcohol for some time and it only increased the amount of people smuggling the stuff and it also increased the consumption as well. Now you have illegal home made alcohols entering the market, and that in turn will kill people because of it’s impurities or toxins. Clearly the war on alcohol failed. So the government took the necessary steps to legalize it and make money off of it’s consumption rather then spending millions trying to fight it.


The War on Alcohol Clearly Failed..

Currently you see the same problem with the war on drugs. Billions have been spent on trying to keep the public away from or to deter them from using drugs. Now you’re left with a huge over-expenditure on the war, more illegal drugs then ever before, and thousands dying from impurities or toxins in the drugs they are consuming. (Take fentanyl in cocaine for instance!)


Though it may have taken a very long time for the government to change it’s stance or approach when dealing with marijuana, things finally seem to be changing! They’ve finally come to the realization that they can make more money by regulating it than by fighting it. In the past you may have witnessed (if you were alive over a hundred years ago), that a similar approach was taken with gas powered engines. Over a hundred years ago, water or steam based engines were quite common, electrical engines were being created as well! However the government partnered up with oil companies who wanted to push the sale of their “creations” over the steam based engines. The government realized that water is readily available to almost every citizen in the country. There wouldn’t be much to profit from once every person drove a vehicle. Hence, they partnered up with oil companies who-in turn promised to share profits or let the government tax oil! This way every time a person had to fill up their vehicle with “fuel” the government would make a pretty penny. This practice continues to this very day! The same thing happened with paper (mill) companies and hemp!


War on Drugs has Made TONS of MONEY for POLICE, BANKS AND CROOKS


The Government Has Always Sought To Profit Off The Private Sectors

The government now realizes that such a huge percentage of the population smokes marijuana mostly acquired from illegal sources (containing impurities and toxins, once again!). For many years they have been losing the war on drugs and marijuana has been classified as one of the drugs this war has been waged on! They now want to get their own hands on it, so that they too can benefit from this major cash cow, just as they did with oil/gas, alcohol and tobacco!

Recently, there have also been many raids on several dispensaries nationwide. Many of these raids are occurring simply due to the fact that some of these dispensaries were procuring their marijuana from illegal sources (those who don’t pay tax vs. those that do). Buy Weed Online has accounted for this tax in their prices, and has always paid the tax for each of their employees as well. This was done from day one, to ensure the most ethical standard of doing business in Canada!


Soon however, we will be adding tax in a way that is visible to our customers so that they too have this peace of mind (in knowing that we practice ethical business practices to abide by the laws of Canada). In order to offset this 6% tax we will be offering sales and discounts on more of a regular basis! Enjoy!


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    Marijuana Tax Coming To A Town Near You!! The Canadian Government has recently come to a realization that you can attempt to fight the population and
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