Marijuana, Yoga, & Meditation

Marijuana, Yoga, & Meditation

How Can Marijuana effect your daily yoga or meditation routines? – Marijuana is a powerful psychoactive herb that when used in conjunction with daily rituals such as yoga or meditation can have profound effects on the human body. Yoga can become more uplifting when combined with this herb and meditation can become more enlightening. When you smoke prior to performing your yoga you may learn that you can reach to new heights and accomplish and learn new moves.


Some people afflicted with ADD or ADHD can greatly benefit from combining marijuana with yoga or meditation. Those afflicted by anxiety or ADD/ADHD usually have an over-active mind which causes them to have shorter attention spans (for focusing on particular tasks). The mind can become silent with greater ease with the accompaniment of marijuana!

The best way to use marijuana in conjunction with your daily routines of yoga or meditation is usually by vaporizing or smoking from a bong or bowl. This eliminates the use or burning of paper which may carry harmful by-products! Once the pure marijuana enter your blood stream it quickly makes it’s way past the blood-brain barrier and enters the mind. Once the cannabinoids bind with the right receptors in the brain the effects are noticeable almost instantaneously!

The body relaxes and the mind is put at ease. All worries subside and residual stresses are eliminated. This is usually the first and hardest step for those suffering from anxiety or ADD/ADHD. Many of those suffering from the aforementioned ailments find that quietening the mind and training it to be silent is generally the hardest task. Once this is attained NIRVANA doesn’t look so quite out of reach as it did prior to this silencing. Those looking to benefit from the healing effects of yoga and meditation will find that marijuana only helps them on their path-and makes the road a lot easier to travel!


The “Flower of Life” as pictured with Marijuana Leaves

Yoga and meditation are both ancient arts and disciplines – which can teach one many secrets not only of and about themselves but also provide greater insights to the hidden truths of the universe. These disciplines can help one align themselves to the true path of their lives -which the universe truly desires for them!  With the help of marijuana these insights can be more pronounced however one has to be cautious to ensure that they use the herb as a supplement or gift to themselves (body and mind). One must not ABUSE marijuana and treat it with the respect it deserves!

One must be sure to consume copious amounts of water to stay hydrated – this is even more so the case when consuming marijuana. Breathing is ALSO very IMPORTANT!! Certain marijuana strains that possess Alpha-Pinene can greatly help with breathing! It is probably best when consuming marijuana and practicing yoga or meditation to consume a hybrid plant which won’t have the extreme sedative effects of an indica but will balance out the high with a less cerebral sativa high. Cannabis or marijuana has been used for spiritual purposes for many eons and will hopefully make a come back in yoga and meditation facilities around the world!




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