New License Fees For Marijuana Growers

New License Fees For Marijuana Growers in Mississauga Ontario

With the federal court ruling of the case regarding the elimination of small-scale producers looming.
Medical Marijuana Grow op in Mississauga Ontaro

Medical Marijuana grow ops in Mississauga will be forced to pay a new licensing fee to ensure all grow ops are inspected regularly to ensure public safety concerns are taken seriously.

Municipalities are cracking down on these private grow-ops. Residents and businesses neighbouring these types of operations are sending in complaints to their city councils about the smell emitting from these locations. Although the owners of these legal operations were not directly contacted, it is believed that they are operating in accordance to laws in place. Residents and business owners are not arguing the legality/existence of the operations, just that they be relocated to rural or industrial areas.

Are Small Time Grow Ops Going To Suffer?

These concerns are what originally sparked the move towards large, commercial operations in the first place. Canadians are looking to legislation in hopes that the government will step in to make sure that these grow-ops are not affecting the overall well-being of the community. A reasonable solution to this issue needs to be reached in order to keep these small-scale producers in business.  In recent news in Mississauga, Ontario, a neighbouring business filed complaints regarding the smell and how it is affecting business operations. The Mississauga City Council responded to numerous complaints by creating a new by-law that requires these small-scale producers to obtain a license at a fee of $250 ($200 annual renewal fee). Part of the licensing process will include an inspection by both the city’s fire department and electrical safety authority. In addition, a revision of the ventilation requirements could be an easy fix for this particular issue. Other municipalities are hoping to start adopting this type of system for keeping residents and business owners happy.

Making Marijuana Growing Safer

The implementation of these regular inspections will ensure that the growing conditions are compliant and safe. Lowering the risk of electrical fires, product contamination and potential health risks. Overall safety for all parties involved is the main concern for municipalities and police across Canada. This will help to weed out the unsafe, make-shift producers that are the ones giving the courts ammunition to take away from small-scale producers. Hopefully this will mean better, safer weed for customers across Canada. As well these policies could help keep the small, private operations running.


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