NFL May Allow The Use Of Marijuana

NFL May Allow The Use Of Marijuana

NFL May Allow The Use Of Marijuana and other cannabis products under a doctors close eye.  What does this mean for other professional sports and marijuana?  Here are some facts.

Marijuana and Neurological Damage

There is research suggesting that marijuana has neuroprotective qualities. What does this mean? Consuming marijuana can limit neurological damage after a stroke or trauma. Rumor has it that the NFL may introduce marijuana to combat concussions in athletes. It might protect the brain from concussions and trauma. Marijuana lessens the bruising of the brain and helps with healing mechanisms after a traumatic injury.

Already, many doctors and researchers believe that marijuana has incredibly powerful neuroprotective properties, an understanding based on both laboratory and clinical data.

CBD “Cannabinoids” Reducing Inflammation

Cannabinoid compounds have the potential for therapeutic benefit in a number of neurological diseases. Compounds isolated from marijuana can be used to regulate inflammation to protect the nervous system and its functions. Nerve fibers do not like inflammation.

The presence of CBD or THC restrains the immune cells from triggering the production of inflammatory molecules, and limits the molecules’ ability to reach and damage the brain, spinal cord, nerves. Weed is a great anti-inflammatory, and inflammation can damage the nervous system. inflammation can burst nerve fibers, cause damaging bruising, weed avoids this.

Yes, soon NFL players can smoke weed because it helps a lot in avoiding brain damage due to concussions. I am sure they can’t spark up a reefer during a game, but they will be allowed to test positive for Cannabis. Expect a lot of fumbles man.


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