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Online Weed ReviewsPlease leave comments and reviews for McChronalds and Ronald McChronald his self.  We want you to tell everyone  about other peoples online reviews.  We want others to know your experiences both positive and negative so more people like you self will stop buying street weed and start buying weed from the leader in mail order marijuana, McChronalds man!


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  1. Just made my first purchase from here. I was so surprised about how fast and efficient the whole process was! I ordered Northern Lights, great quality product! Definetly going to be a recurring customer!

  2. Just received my fourth order. The salad was incredible definitely going to stock up next time. Had a small issue this time but there customer service was fantastic as always, they had the issue resolved within 30 min. Thanks again guys!!!

  3. Not what I thought it would be! Moroccan Hash was dry crumble with some gold foil rubbed on it. Just wasted 300.00$. Delivery was fast and the person I spoke to was very friendly, but the quality was 2 out of 10 and looked nothing like the picture. Been smoking hash for long time, but I would not even call this hash. 300.00 into the garbage. Not smoking this. Very sad thought I had a new connection.

    1. Wow, im sad to hear this comment, and even more sad that I have to approve it. Im not trying to make any excuses but you have been one of two customers who were not 100% satisfied with their hash, but to give it a two…. Was that an honest review, and if so please make the comment on the product page. You can only make comments on the product page if you have actually purchased the product. I don’t like bad reviews obviously, but if given one, it should go in the correct place no? What can I do to make you a happy customer?

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