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    jay souter

    Pink Kush is a great ‘knock you out’ indica that has taken over for my sleeping pills. It helps me call it a night without the same groggy troll-like feeling of my previous pharmacy medication. Good taste and appealing smell. amazing strain 😛



    The grape fruit and og wax/shatter unbelievable received my first order today wow just can’t believe the quality for you all no believers in Ronald let me tell you better give it a shot. Great medicine brotha 1 happy customer from Ontario cheers.



    Black Tuna Kush: Received my Tuna yesterday very potent smoke! Very pleased with what I received. I have sleeping issues, the Tuna had me in dreamland within 1hr. Only smoked a little joint of this fine herb.
    Great service and will order again.



    Top notch stuff, absolutely worth the price, I will shop here again. It’s nice to know that there is a real, down to earth, person behind the website. The site is real, the weed is real, the Canadian accent is real 😉 . Packaging is fantastic and I got it in just 2 days! This is going to be great for my hand pain(ski accident) and sleeping problems. Absolutely top shelf!!!

    I ordered the Black Tuna Kush.


    jay souter

    ubc chemo have to say hands down best tasting smoke I’ve had in awhile it has the earthy but still pungent flavours that soothe over ur tounge, I choose this because of the medical values it possesses for chrones and that it’s truly a canadian strain for sure mcchonalds, will continue using this strain for years to come, waiting on some amazing gsc to come in the mail today and positive it will be as great if not better


    Barrie Murdock

    I am totally impressed with your business model and the service is unbelievable. I hope you get to a “million served” and wish you and all your customers a wonderful spring.




    True excellence in business. Personable, responsible, quality product and super efficient service (2 days) Blow me away!!
    Received your excellent quality product and what a wonderful an experience it was. I am recommending to my close and dear friends who find it so hard to get quality and service like yours. We all deserve to have the right to chose what we want for pain relief or stress release or to relax. At my age (57) I feel I deserve it. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. I am responsible and like to associate with the same.
    So thank you from the bottom of my heart you have made me more happy than words can describe.



    MK ULTRA- Received last week! This is awesome smoke. Very pleased with the purchase. Very hard hitting and heavy stone (for me anyway) Enjoy!!


    Manny Kudlak

    As someone who has been smoking for 20+ years, I find it hard to find stuff that can make me get right blasted. I have tried at least 7 strains since I’ve made the phone call. With Ron and his fine products, I get to leave big roaches. Just because 1/2 to 2/3 of a stogie is all it takes, even with a friend. Lotta of my smoking buddies have to tap-out on some of these joints. Good work Ron. Now if I can only order a few seeds…… lol.


    Manny Kudlak

    But seriously, by the law of averages I should have seen a few seeds by now. Sign of a true Dank Master. Even if I have them I could not make a product like this. (now how about them seeds?lol)


    lol, ya I found a seed the other day and was SOOOO fn happy… Then i misplaced it :(. ffs!


    Shelagh Slamen

    Impressive reviews, perhaps I should have read all these before sending my nervous email regarding the delivery of my first order.

    I did tell Ron that smoking bud helps me deal with this crazy menopause
    ……..sorry to bug
    waiting patiently in Ontario



    All i got to say is i had my doubts, when i sent the transfer i sneaked in a little crossed-fingers under my desk! Well, two orders received and exactly as was promised, i am now a believe and grateful client! Thx Ron, about time this industry got out of the gutters! I will order again for sure.

    Ron answered questions and assisted in my first few picks which was also appreciated.

    Well Done Ronald!



    Received My first order in 4 days. (over the weekend)
    Great service , very professional.
    The Black Diamond is great stuff.
    Will definitely order again

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