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Buy weed Ontario residents, even if you dont have a medical card.  This is 100% guilt free recreational marijuana delivery for the hard working Ontario adult.

300 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario
Straight Across the street from Much Music

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How To Order Internet Weed In Ontario

If you are sick of walking or driving the streets of your local city or town in Ontario Canada just to find a joint now is the time to stop.  Order you high grade marijuana directly from some of British Columbia’s most technologically advanced grow ops producing the countries finest smokable flower and extracts.

Get your weed delivered by the safety of a bonded professional delivery driver who takes your privacy serious.  We guarantee the highest grade product delivered directly from Vancouver BC straight to your door.  Don’t waist another minute if you live in Ontario Canada and are smoking that outdoor crap weed grown by armatures.  Get some of the countries finest herb right now!

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Buy Weed Ontario Adults

If you are a resident of Ontario and have a Canadian bank account you can order high grade BC weed.  Our marijuana flowers are of all types and flavors.  We have them delivered directly to your door as long as you are a mature adult with your own home address.  Ontario appreciates BC marijuana more then anyone else in Canada other then people from BC.

We have been growing our marijuana flowers with the best practices and techniques for many decades.  Ever since the HPS was invented, the best weed has been grown using the same techniques.  All growers have their own technique, some are better then others.  What matters most is consistency with a process that works better then most.

McChronalds offers Ontario residents the highest quality controlled marijuana available for sale in the Province.  In order to get your first order mailed out asap, please complete then form below and follow the registration process.  The registration process takes some time so we make sure we are accepting a good client.  Or have a good reason why we deny request.

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