Black Afghan Hash

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Black Afghan Hash

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Black Afghan Hash

(Black Afghan Hash) -This amazing and highly aromatic hashish is made from only the highest grade and premium indica plants.

Only small and bushy high quality plants are selected to be chosen to become this lovely and out of this world hash. Then the Genuine FINE BLACK AFGHAN HASH is finely crafted and hand pressed. Very small amounts of tea and water are added and used when pressing the hashish to make it malleable and highly aromatic.

A customer favourite can be smoked and inhaled alone however is many times more effective and much better when smoked together with dry herbs.

If you want the ultimate bang smoke it combined with moonrocks, marijuana, and shatter and get lifted like you never have before! Excellent for night time use! We CAN not tell you enough how good this stuff is! This is an excellent deal AND WILL BE SOLD OUT VERY QUICKLY SO GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!  It’s sticky icky and ooey gooey & I guarantee you guys will love it! Very high in THC and other cannabinoids including CBD and others!

Users may feel the sedative effects to be calming and very relaxing. MANY USERS have reported heightened senses, feeling of euphoria, dream-like fuzzy feelings, sense of well-being; and feelings of tranquility. There are many, many more amazing reviews on this stuff! Loads of people use this stuff for their many ailments and conditions. But no matter why you smoke this stuff you know how good it is so we don’t even have to try and sell it to you because this stuff sells itself. Excellent for any one who needs a little extra buzz in their joints! Many requests for this stuff and we have limited amounts in stock! Lots of people calling in for the past couple weeks asking for this stuff! So there you go guys! Enjoy 🙂

13 reviews for Black Afghan Hash

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Buddy Steeves (verified owner)

    Beautiful, ty! 48 hours to cross the continent, very happy customer 🙂

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    redsash (verified owner)

    Excellent classic hash. This batch didn’t seem as potent as the last time I bought it, but still head and shoulders above anything I have found commercially or on the street. Softer than Ron’s Moroccan and harder than the bubble hash (and again: a little less potent than either).

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tim Boles (verified owner)

    Great black hash. Very pliable and easy to work with. Great for my chronic pain. I have RSD a very painful condition. This black hash is wonderful for night time. It helps me sleep very soundly. It also does wonders for my pain especially when mixed with some buds. I have ordered this product several times now. Each time 100% satisfaction. As always excellent customer service. I know i can depend on Ron and Crew! Thanks for making such quality hash available at reasonable prices. All the best TSB

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tim Boles (verified owner)

    As usual this black hash is excellent quality. Nice and pliable, easy to work with. Love the heavy effect on my chronic pain when mixed with buds, Indica preferred at night time for some deep sleep. This really is old school hash and is a great value. As they say a little goes a long way. Thanks for access to such quality product. I have RSD a very nasty chronic pain issue and have lived on pain medications for years. In the last year i have drastically reduced the amount of dangerous prescription medications i need to take. Your quality products have helped make this reduction possible. Soon to be totally free of big pharma. Thanks to Ron and Crew for making that possible. Your great black hash has been a wonderful addition to my pain control regime. Plus it gets you really baked. Keep up the great customer service and have a great day! Peace TSB

  5. Rated 4 out of 5

    mrbruce57 (verified owner)

    Nice to be able to smell this hash again. I could breath this smell all day. I didn’t get as high on it as I though I would but it was moderately nice.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    debracdavis (verified owner)

    Arrived today, I watched the mailbox like a kid this morning. Totally awesome as usual.

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