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King Kush comes in 7 gram packages for $120.
Order a maximum of 4 package per order.

It seams like the best batches of bud never come back repeatedly.  This is one of the nicest looking batches of King Kush ive had to date.  Its the first time in almost a year that ive been able to make this available to you.   McChronalds King Kush is by far the best Kush you can order online and arguable the highest quality Indica in Canada that is available for sale to the general public.

King Kush derives from OG Kush and Grape Ape and contains flavors of citrus, pine and kush. With gradual but powerful effects, King Kush is famous for its potency and shiny trichromes during flowering. This strain comes across as sweet and sour with a powerful and tangy grape scent, as well as some hints of lavender.

The flowering time for King Kush is approximately 9 weeks, at which point purple and blue veins will appear on the plant. King Kush’s THC content can be up to 20%.

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Type:  Indica
Strength:  9.5  out of 10
High:  Ultra Kushy and super THC’ey
Taste:  Fruity, Smooth
Amount Per Package: 7 Grams

King Kush has a very distinctive look as its so loaded with crystal when looking at it up close in a picture its hard to see any plant matter.  The THC content on this Kush is threw the roof, and it burns like a dream.  This is the type of kush you can light once and do the hanging joing out of the mouth with a puff here and their and it more then likely wont go out.  Its cured to perfection and smokes like a dream.  If you would like to know what the strongest kush is, this is one of the top 5 for sure.

4 reviews for King Kush

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    matthew.b.close (verified owner)

    Hey all, I’m reviewing the King Kush I purchased about two weeks ago. It’s really fine stuff. The order was in my hands within 2 days (amazing) and I’ve been enjoying the product a little bit each day. I highly(!) recommend. Really result in good sleeps too (after a few hours of nice buzz).

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    shanedeweerd (verified owner)

    Very good! Strong smell, and good taste.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff (verified owner)

    I recall the first time I was lucky enough to find some real Kush, unlikely as it may be, in the frozen prairie. No doubt it came from BC. The beautiful incense taste, or rather, Kush taste as I would later come to know and love, would become one of my favourite go-to herbs. The variety of Kush’s that are available is fantastic, how does one pick? The description of this one intrigued me ,” of the best in Canada..”. I had never sampled this so-called King’s Kush, NOTHING has let me down from Ron, let the chips fall where they may! Upon arrival, it looked small, the buds were med-large, green, red, & golden, and very fragrant & dense. (I’ve never even thought to question a weight I’ve received from this service, for a laugh I emptied the bag and it was 7.2g’s for the record). It looked just like the pics, full of trichomes, and cured to perfection. Vaping brings out some great Kush flavours, you can roll the most impeccably burning joints thanks to a perfect curing job. It is a bit of a creeper, and I really like the ride in general, initially providing a nice, slightly mellower high that builds gently to full intensity, depending on the amount consumed. Overall, a beautiful Kush that is manageable, tasty, and not stupefying if consumed in smaller quantities, or capable of reaching orbit when desired.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    unity76 (verified owner)

    Wow. Just wow. AAAA. Depending on dosing, one could treat so many things with this. Unfortunately (b/c it’s pricey), this is superior to most offerings from the two dispensaries in town.
    Well done! Nice relaxing warm blanket indica with spacey intensity. Oh.. btw.. Green House Seeds called this one “King’s Kush” (not King). All good. Thanks! Will be back 🙂

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