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Donate $2.75 And Ill Give You A Free Weed Point

For every $2.75 you donate to this charity Ron will give you 1 weed point.  And for those of you who are paying attention to this, we will be revealing a coupon code this Friday that will be good for 1 week and will blow your mind!  We are taking a percentage of our sales every day and adding it to the $5000 goal thermometer, but for every donation you give 100% will go on the thermometer and grow over $5000 if we work together.

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To our Valued Customers:


We would like to thank you for your continuous and utmost support. You are all an inspiration to us and we value you as our customers.

We all know that part of Ron’s advocacy is to raise fund and help our community. We already donated $15, 000 to the Ronald McDonald House Charity and we are happy that we are able to help sick children by providing them comfort through the Ronald McDonald House.

This will not be possible without the help of you, our customers, so we really appreciate and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

In connection to this, as we always strive to make our jobs more meaningful, we would like to introduce you to another project, the Weed Donation for a Cause. We will be collecting different stories from various medical marijuana users, we will publish their stories on our media sites and in return, we will give the “story teller” $2, 500 worth of marijuana products. We will be doing this in partnership with Budding Media.

The goal of this cause is:

  1. To reach out to those people who need medical marijuana but does not have enough resources to purchase weed.
  2. To create public awareness on the different medical conditions that marijuana is used for.
  3. To emphasize marijuana’s positive effect in people’s lives.

Once again, we would like to ask for your help in making this project successful. You can help us raise funds by purchasing weed points, valued at $2.75 in which you can use in return to purchase weed from us! Isn’t that amazing! We will also be giving a token of appreciation to those people who are buying 50 weed points and above.

We would like you to take part of this project so it is our rule to exclude any of our customers on our “Tell Me Your Story” (BWO Weed Donation for a Cause) project but we will be very happy to accept referrals from you guys! So please, if you happen to know someone who lacks resources to buy marijuana for his/her medical condition, then you may ask them to send us an email and tell us their stories.

We are sending the mechanics and instruction along with this letter. You may also send us an email anytime you want if you have any question about this. The stories of those people selected will be sent to all of you through email and will also be published on our media sites. We hope that we get different stories and may these stories inspire us.

All the best and God bless you all!

Donate To Sick Kids Now

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