Sativa CBD Capsules

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Sativa CBD pills

Type:  Sativa CBD pills
Strength:  9 out of 10
High:  {non-pyschoactive}
Taste:  n/a
Amount Per Package: 10 pills

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CBD Pills

CBD is non-psychoactive however there may be a small amount of THC in these as well. They are meant to be ingested to assure that the medicinal properties cross through to the blood-brain barrier. The pills benefits are countless and have cured and helped many suffering from such debilitating illnesses such as cancer, epilespy, and much more!

On the internet a simple Google.CA search will show you many results all pointing to how CBD and THC have tremendous benefits! Cannabis oil or CBD/THC oil possess the ability to drive cancer cells to death. This is due to how ceramide synthesis increases due to the presence of THC/CBD when introduced to cancer cells.

Cancer cannot survive as well in an oxygenated environment or an alkaline environment. So if you get copious amounts of fresh air and eat a healthy “green” diet, introduce some CBD and THC into your life and you should be good to go.

Oil can be added to other oils as well. Some add it to olive oil or coconut oil. Others add a bit of freshly ground black pepper and turmeric. IN DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS such as these certain qualities of the cannibinoids can be greatly magnified!

(Try organic maple syrup with turmeric and THC/CBD oil perhaps)?

Cancer cells love sugar – and they thrive in an environment that’s pH (potential of hydrogen) is acidic. So you could warm organic maple syrup with baking soda and the two bind together beautifully. Cancer cells love the sugar but the alkalinity eradicates the cells – consider it a “trojan” horse remedy!

IF you don’t believe simply look up the benefits of any of the articles I have mentioned above;

Look up …

And remember Cancer is a man made disease! Do your research! Be aware! And most importantly…ENJOY!


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  1. CBD Capsules are for treating various ailments CBD has no psycho-active effects, there is no HIGH from CBD capsules!

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