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Buy MK Ultra Marijuana from Canada’s leader in recreational mail order marijuana.  McChronalds specializes in high grade Kush and heavy hitting Indica’s grown by BC’s top marijuana farmers.

Type: Indica
Strength: 105 out of 10
High: Heavy Duty With A Big Booty
Taste: Smooshey, Kushy, & Ultra Dank
Amount Per Package: 7 Grams

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MK Ultra Marijuana

MK Ultra Marijuana from McChronalds mail order marijuana service is helping mature Canadian adults get direct access to BC’s finest high grade marijuana with the ease and convenience of mail order.

The MK Ultra strain is named after a program run by the CIA that was looking to control the minds of the test subjects. While it will not subject you to mind control, this powerful strain of marijuana will leave you in a daze. The interesting sharing of the namesake aside, this is simply a potent form of marijuana that is getting a lot of attention in the medical community. Let’s take a look at what this unique strain has to offer.

MK Ultra Composition

This strain is noteworthy because it is an indica strain that that embodies just about all of the most powerful effects associated with that type of marijuana. This strain is a hybrid of the G-13 and the OG Kush strains. It takes a lot of its effects directly from the G-13 strain. This blend is well-known around the world for being ranked as the top indica in the world back in 2003.

What Does MK Ultra Look Like?

Buy MK UltraThe looks of this strain are nothing short of beautiful. Each plant comes with stratified with tri-combs that give it a thick, stacked appearance. When you buy MK Ultra  you will find thi strain has rich green with lighter green along the edges of the plant. While there is slight beading on the leaves, it is not substantial, and only adds to the rich look of the plant. While there are not always hairs on the plant, the ones that are on the plant are sparse and tend to be various tones of red.

The Effects You Can Expect

Being named after a secret program to control a person’s mind can give you some degree of expectation for the effects that you will feel. The most common effect that you will feel from using this particular strain is an extreme amount of lethargy and utter laziness. You may also feel extremely sleepy when using this strain, followed by a moderate sense of euphoria. In many ways, this strain is the stereotypical giggles and munchies inducing marijuana that will confine you to a couch for a few hours. The high is said to last between three and five hours.

The bottom line is that you can expect to feel relaxed to the point where you can drift off to sleep and have no desire to get up for hours at a time.

Medical Usages When You Buy MK Ultra Marijuana

Being such a powerful sedative, buy MK Ultra as it’s a valued form of medical marijuana all over North America. The first thing that this strain is used to treat is pain. If you are an individual that suffers from chronic pain or soreness, this is a very good choice for reducing the amount and intensity of pain that is felt. Since this strain is also good at creating a relaxing feeling, it is also used to treat stress as well as insomnia in sufferers of these conditions.

Taste And Smell

When it comes to the tastes offered by this strain, you can expect to get pine and a very earthy taste. Some people have reported variances on this taste that can include citrus at some points. The smells that are common in the MK Ultra strain are a pungent earth and usually a skunk smell.

There are not many sweet flavour variants on this strain of marijuana, but many people do not choose to mix this strain because it will reduce its potency; its most valued feature. The smoke that is produced by MK Ultra is very pleasant, giving the user a feeling of tingling on their tongue as the smoke is leaving.

Growth Information

The fact that MK Ultra does not grow very high makes it a favourite for growing indoors. One of the benefits that are attached to growing this strain is that it has a relatively low flowering period that only lasts about 55 days. This is up to two weeks faster than most other strains, allowing you to harvest this crop sooner than later. The strain only requires a moderate amount of fertilizer to get started, and is rather difficult to mess up. Overall, this is a powerful form of marijuana that is perfect for relaxation and plenty of medical uses.

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    andy (verified owner)

    M k is da bomb

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    The MK Ultra is a fantastic strain. Easy to smoke and it hits so nice. Especially great for after work/before bed. Thanks guys!

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