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You can purchase Nuken Marijuana for $120 or 7 grams

Type:  Indica
Strength:  10  out of 10
High:  Relaxed I Happy I Eurphoric
Taste:  Earthy | Pine | Wood
Amount Per Package: 7 Grams

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The mostly indica Nuken is a Canadian strain bred by combining genetics from Kish (a cross of two Shishkaberry parents) and God Bud. Her even-keeled effects are delivered alongside a sweet, earthy aroma of fresh herbs and grass.

While undeniably strong, Nuken typically leaves you functional enough to still enjoy hobbies and the company of friends. Nuken blooms with rounded, dense buds covered in a blanket of crystal resin veiling its sage hues.

Nuken starts off with a nice relaxed high which fill let you kick back and enjoy. Which then turns into a happy and euphoric feeling that is addiciting.

The strain is very popular when it comes to medical patients as doctors have been known to prescribe it. I feel that it helps when feeling the worst case of your depression. Let that instant happy high kick in your body and get away from negative thoughts. Always giving a nice and not annoying buzz throughout.

Let the smoke hover throughout your body and mind as it tingles the muscles and helps with easing the pain. Pain in the back and sides are where Nuken does its best.

Big fan of this that it doesn’t completely put you out and knock you on your feet. It can keep the conversation go in a social setting. Zoning out while someone is speaking to you is very difficult LOL. Always remembering what the last word is that they said so you can repeat it. I know all the tricks of the trade 😉

I found this strain very helpful on all levels. Perfect for the smoker who wants to be energized but in a sativa form where you wont be doing jumping jacks or pushups.

I liked this strain in a vape forsure. went down very nice and smooth. Have try and let me know what you think.


3 reviews for Nuken

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    StraightOuttaNu (verified owner)

    Nuken is good dope man, and this batch is perfect man, glad I grabbed some of this

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Matthew (verified owner)

    Good feel, good taste. This bag was extra dry.

    • admin

      The dry issue again OMG! This issue is going away! We purchased a unit to keep everything the proper humidity. I can pass all the blame I want and im still the owner so it ultimately falls back on me. But i realized recently that someone was not closing bags properly in a rush to get to what ever she picked up a few weeks ago… I think its a guy…. lol but anyway, this problem will be no more.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    rick4 (verified owner)

    Great for relaxing in the evening. Liked the interesting taste.

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