OG God Kush

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OG God Kush

This batch of OG God Kush is not the same as you have all had previously.  This is the best quality and most expensive weed #McChronalds has ever had in stock.  Order 7 grams for $150  The smell and taste of this Kush is something NO ONE in this Country other then #McChronalds Customers have the opportunity to enjoy.

Type:  Indica
Strength: 10  out of 10
High:  Powerful, Relaxing, Uplifting, Level
Taste: An amazing Kush Smell you have yet to try!
Amount Per Package: 7 Grams

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Buy OG God Kush Before Its Too Late!

Buy OG God Kush which is by far an iconic Kush strain.  It sets the stage for all other Kush strains in existence.   Origins goes back so far that no one can exactly pin point where it came from.

View The OG God Kush Magnification Video Below

As you can see by the video this flower is unexplainably bombarded with fully mature THC resin glands that act as antennas to focus any light from any angle to the plant.  The bud is hard as a dried reishi mushroom and smells nothing like it.  When you open your bag of OG God Kush to try for the first time you will notice an amazingly strong odor of dank ass bud; almost a hash smell is what I would classify that as.  My blunt was even more flavorful then the Ghost Train Haze I smoked previously.  I just feel a lot more relaxed now.  I think this would be an amazing weed salad combination for you to try.  Mix OG God Kush and Ghost Train Haze together in the same joint.  That’s what I’m doing next!

Characteristics Of OGK

This particular strain is an Indica Hybrid mix which will provide euphoric and happy effects and is great at battling stress and anxiety, popular for its earthy/pine scent with woody undertones.

Veterans will instinct recognize this strain and will think of the “good ol’ days”.  OGK will give leave you euphoric and relaxed no doubt, if you have any aches and pains, this will relieve them as well.  Put on your favorite mellow music and have a great smoke with OG God Kush.

Prepared for the munchies because this strain will make you want to eat everything in sight.  OGK will also help you sleep, relax you and make you happy and social.  Head and body high is a must.

We have OG God Kush in stock and will delivery it to your door step in Canada.

40 reviews for OG God Kush

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    quentinrae (verified owner)

    This stuff was great loved the dank smell, the look of the buds and the high, I also loved the taste

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sean (verified owner)

    Love this. Welll get again!!!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    shaneg1978 (verified owner)

    I placed my first order and tried this 1. Its great! It was vacuum sealed in a couple bags. I couldnt smell through the bag which was great! This stuffs strong I only had 1/2 a bowl and felt a nice rush that lasted a while. Its def a high grade+. Thanks for the speedy service! Well done!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    ashleydpierre (verified owner)

    og god kush has to be Mcchronalds signature bud. the smell was so good even if it didnt have that dank smell . the way the bud looked made up for it. light green and dark green to dark purple buds n nugs just sounds exquisite but to see it for yourself oh god its definitely the type of bud that i’d share with anyone just because they would have to see how lovely it is. it wasnt a resiny strain but the smoke was ultra smooth almost like a creamy taste to it. it burns white. not to mention it gets you high af. this bud is part of the reason why i made good memories this christmas. my family enjoyed this some not as much as i do but who cares they dont smoke as much as i do and i dont smoke as much as yall since you been blessing me with trying bud like this out but I know good weed when I have it. this site by far has the best recreational marijuana because the quality is outstanding those trichomes seeing how they just glisten i know i got good bud. i had medical marijuana that looked as good as this sites bud and trust me i was so mad at myself for not spending my money here and getting the best quality. i learned my lesson. idc what the price is but i do hope it lowers some day but id still say even then the quality should be set for 20 a gram just because its so compact and filled with crystals. the bud seems dry but when u break it up its this flowery packed thc goodness . Thank you all for making my holidays…. i use this bud for medical purposes… being a bitch is a medical condition right? lol
    anyways point being
    the weed i ordered
    made my days lol. every strain ive tried so far just keeps getting better than the last time i ordered. so now i just have to ask myself if the bud on here and that costs mre than othersites is the best …should i try their shatter? i think so
    thnx ron

  5. Rated 4 out of 5

    california124 (verified owner)

    without a doubt. good product, good smoke, good high !

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