Pack of 5 Pre Rolled Joints

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Pack of 5 Pre Rolled Joints

Pack of 5 Pre Rolled Joints for $50!!!

Type:  Indica
Strength: 6  out of 10
High:  Mellow – Relaxed
Taste:  Natural | Earth |
Amount Per : 1 Gram each joint

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Pack of 5 Pre Rolled Joints

Pack of 5 Pre Rolled Joints 1 Gram is a new product to the Buy Weed Online family. We have these joints for those who have not been long time smokers like myself. This is for you who still has trouble rolling the joint all the way up. The new smoker who looks at a bud of weed and rolling papers and thinks, hmmmmm…..what do i do now.

These joints are perfectly rolled with a filter. The joint is rolled with weed that is not the most potent, so again another for the beginner. The weed is okay still but not as strong as the stuff we carry here. However it is rolled and dipped in a pile Kief (THC) which is very potent and that gives the kick it needs. The THC adds that little spice when smoking it.

Having said that the joint is not the strongest i think its perfect for the beginner or even if your giving to someone for a gift. HAving this joint as a back is not a bad idea either. That time when you run out of your weed and your scrambling to find some more. Then all of a sudden you find the joint that will save your life.

A 1 Gram joint is actually pretty large. The average joint depending on how big or small you roll it has 0.5 to .08 gram of joint. So having a 1 gram joint is considered a FATTY!

I’ve smoked about 3 of them and got SUPER HIGH!! But you tell me what you think of them.

Order this now, have a smoke of it and tell me your honest opinion. Then please comment below and ill give you 3 free weed points. It is that easy. 3 weed points = $8.25 towards your next purchase. Just for typing 4-5 words. That means im paying you $2 a word!

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1 review for Pack of 5 Pre Rolled Joints

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Just received my 2 5pack of Pre Rolled Joints , these are awesome, very handy and convenient for people on the go. They don’t get you completely ripped but still a nice buzz. They are perfect for when a buddy stops by ( the guy that never seems to have anything) but you still want to smoke a joint but not bring out the good stuff. They are great for when you want to smoke 2 joints before you smoke 2 joints so you can smoke 2 more ….now you’re completely ripped!!!

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