White Cheese


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Type:  Indica/Hybrid
Strength:  10  out of 10
High:  Warm | Relaxed | Focused
Taste:  Skunky | Cheese | Earthy
Amount Per Package: 7 Grams

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White Cheese

White Cheese is an out-of-this-world flower. It is sure to satisfy the palette of any true weed connoisseur.  User’s of this specific cannabis strain have reported general feelings of calmness, relaxation, and focus.  Others have reported feeling up-lifted, happy and euphoric.  The taste is reminiscent of cheese with a skunky and somewhat spicy yet earthy-like pungent aroma.

The Genes

White Cheese in an indica-dominant hybrid that combines the genes of Super Skunk, White Widow and certain Afghani strains. The flowers are coated in a copious amount of THC that will definitely be quite noticeable to the naked eye. The pungent aroma of white cheese comes from the Skunk strain genes.  There is about a 16% THC and 4% CBD concentration in this particular strain.


When it comes to medicinal benefits this White Cheese strain has many. Some of these benefits may include but are not limited to;

(Alleviation of):

  1. -Stress               
  2. -Headaches
  3. -Inflammation
  4. -Nausea
  5. -ADD/ADHD
  6. -Anxiety
  7. -Chronic Pain
  8. -Chron’s Disease
  9. -Depression
  10. -Eye Pressure
Effects and Reports

The creamy cheesy flavour has been known to quickly turn to a skunky flavour upon exhaling. Some particular user’s may experience drowsiness or feeling relaxed to the point of falling into a deep-sleep. Therefore it is mostly recommended to be smoked at night or before going to sleep. However it depends on the individual user as some have also reported smoking it during the day and been perfectly awake and able to focus on the task at hand with relief of stress or anxiety.

If we could, we would give this particular strain 15 out of 10 points simply because of its strong and satisfying high.  As well as it’s amazing taste and aroma.

If you have never tried this strain of cannabis, I couldn’t recommend this anymore. By far one of our personal favorites – and a must try, for any cannabis lover!

If white cheese marijuana was the only cannabis on earth I would not be upset or disappointed but thrilled ive been left with this strain.  The high you get off this strain is outstanding and until i heard about this smoking blue cheese im smoking.  I thought blue cheese was good but after trying this white cheese im totally not impressed with blue cheese any more.  In face blue cheese probably wont be on the menu here anymore.



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